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  1. Full article: http://www.infoworld.com/article/08/01/14/...xp-drive_1.html Direct link to petition. The "Save Windows XP" page: http://weblog.infoworld.com/save-xp/
  2. Are you sure? It was explorer.exe, not iexplorer.exe. By the way... I took a look at my own IE, followed your steps. There is no reset option.
  3. I think it's a bit early to talk about reinstalling. Does it only say SERVER? I wonder if it's a system service that can be deactivated. If you install WinPatrol, you can view all services and disable them you don't need. WinPatrol has many tools. It also offers information about most services, programs etc. Based on the information and advice from WinPatrol, you can decide what to do.
  4. Problem: Ashampoo software cannot be uninstalled. Solution: Get Ashampoo Uninstaller Suite.
  5. Have you tried to shut down from safe mode? If the problem is present from safe mode, then alot can be ruled out. If you had not already trimmed the auto startup, then I assume you haven't got WinPatrol. Some of the best allround tools for security and system configuration. Check it out, the basic version is free. http://www.winpatrol.com
  6. Some advice that Win Update is not the best place to download drivers. The best place is the manufacturer's website.Your pc is not a brand-named one, but doesn't the manufacturer of each part offer drivers? I don't know if "rolling back" a driver actually deletes the new driver, but at least the pc stops using that driver. You don't have to locate and delete it by hand.
  7. I'm referring to all your flags in the test. In particular the "Update outdated device drivers" yellow flag. I'm not saying that anything there has anything to do with the shutdown problem, but the flags should get some attention. I think the test is explaining most of this, and if you need help with your test result, you can post a new thread in this forum: Your PC Pitstop Test Results To avoid confusion, I think it's best to discuss only things that are related to your shutdown problem in this thread.
  8. Yes that's a good idea. And I see you've got a few other issues to sort out too.. Here's what I just found on the reboot issue, take a look if you want: http://www.theeldergeek.com/shutdown_issues_in_xp.htm
  9. Please follow the yellow "TechExpress help" link (top of page), if you are not familiar with sharing your test results. This won't solve the source to the problem, but might prevent the reboot: Open the properties to "My Computer". > Advanced tab > Startup & Restore button. Uncheck the automatic reboot feature in case of system errors.
  10. Laptop or desktop? What's happening if you use the power button to shut down?
  11. What else function is it on the Y key? Could it be that special characters is on? Try and see if something similar happens on some of the other keys.
  12. Congrats with the baby Kylie! My guess could have been worse, I guessed/voted: Girl Arwen May Born the 14'th At least I got the gender right.
  13. Brandon is not a staff member, so he should not have that access. I don't know what web sites he have, but why should I visit them? I don't even know about them. I'm for the most part visiting "boring" web sites, so I believe I am at low risk. And viruses, how can Windows (updated or not) resist them? That's why I have antivirus and firewall! Have you ever heard about a virus that was stopped by the Windows OS?
  14. 10 points to Lou. Traceable for who? People that receive email from me, and webmasters can see my I.P, but that hacker in South Korea or California or Russia that doesn't know me, will he ever look for me? They can ping and scan a range of IP's and ports, but they are not getting any response. (Other than from their own ISP when someone report them.)
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