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  1. You can't connect that monitor to the PS2. But I think you could use the monitor if your pc had a TV card.
  2. I see this as expected "behavior". A guest account can't do much. If I recall correctly, I could not get online with a guest account when I played with it some years ago. (Maybe I didn't try hard enough.) I'm not 100% sure it really is impossible. And I'll leave the explaining part to someone else.
  3. I can't tell a decent GPU from a weak GPU from looking at the names - if it got 512 MB then I just assume it's a good one. I wouldn't recommend watercooling if it is on the expense of a decent hardware. I said "go for liquid cooling if you can". I'm thinking about building a pc myself, and I always wanted watercooling. You say it's difficult to build? I don't know much about this, I just know that I don't like the noise from fans.
  4. Depends if you got the extra $50, and how much you care about noise. Some pc's with traditional air cooling are somewhat quiet, others make a lot of fan noise. Maybe a high quality air cooling makes it quiet enough. Is the extra $50 for liquid cooling well spent money? In my opinion it is, but those $50 could also be used somewhere else. Go for liquid cooling, if you can.
  5. Another way is WinPatrol. It's not only capable of managing startup, it's a security tool as well. It's free, but you gain a couple extra features if you pay. http://www.winpatrol.com/
  6. How strange. So it says that when you click on it in the Control Panel. Have you tried Windows safe mode? I think you should run a pit test, it can help with the diagnosis. Click on the yellow "TechExpress help" in the upper left corner.
  7. Perhaps the disc is bad. Tried another one? A DVD/+R disc can only be recorded one time (I think?). Did you write something onto that disc before?
  8. I am about to install a program called Visual IP Trace. Here is a part of the eula that I don't fully understand. I'm not so good at the English language, perhaps I would understand if it was put in a different way. Does this sound a bit questionable? Are they going to monitor me?
  9. Perhaps "rate" was wrong word to use, I mean evaluate. Now it lets me evaluate the music that I just ripped. And I found out why it won't let me rate some music I: Windows Media Player have lost track of where the file is stored. I correct the error, but a bit later WMP have again forgotten where it is stored.
  10. I found something here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mp3 Is the encoder in the music player? If so, I have not much to fear. My hardware is old, but my WMP10 is not that old.
  11. Some types of music is harder to compress without quality loss. I forgot which, but I wonder if it was for music with much bass.
  12. I just found out, WMP10 has 160 kbps as option if I change from mp3 to WAV. I guess WAV and MP3 are equally good(?).
  13. Thanks for the input. Isn't WMP10 good for ripping? I like the WMP GUI. (The GUI is what I dislike with the Creative player.) Win Amp I have heard about, but I have not tried it.
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