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  1. I'm wondering if today's ZA update to v7.0.483 addresses just this issue. I, too, was affected by this ZA/MS debacle. Verizon's front line tech scoped it as a bad NIC and the Microsoft tech was nothing short of surly with the attitude that ZA simply did not "comply". The MS tech finally guided me through the procedure to uninstall update KB951748 at which time it was clear sailing. ------------------- ... a more permanent solution >>
  2. We talk here of creating shortcuts but let's not get confused. Alt-Drag to new location: Create shortcut Ctrl-Drag to new location: Copy file or folder NOTE: Both of these actions work with multiple selections.
  3. Here's on that I can attest worked.. at least for me. I was doing a bit of rearranging one day and while moving the portable table on which my external drives sit one of them fell. After that it simply refuse to run. I took it from the external case and reseated it but still no luck. Soon thereafter while telling one of my friends of my situation he suggested that I take my drive out and whack it as he had heard this as a solution. I figured that I had nothing to lose as the drive was about to be buried. So I once again removed the drive from the case, held it firmly against myself, and spanked the side of the drive one good shot. I replaced the drive to the case and viola... working drive! True story!
  4. And for those REALLY BIG rename jobs with complex renaming criteria.... RenameMaster. It's free. Check it here >>> JoeJoe's freeware utilities - [Rename Master]
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