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  1. Try this site. http://support.intel.com/support/graphics/...aphics+845main& http://www.pcpitstop.com/freescan/
  2. Try to update your graphics and run a virus scan.
  3. Well, when I updated my hp for sp2 they had d/ls to install before you installed sp2 but I can't find that at dells site. Sure I see update but I don't know if it's for sp2. HP had D/ls for sp2. I think it eas like 6 or more. So you say clean it up and install and if you have problems look for fix. Thanks all.
  4. I'm getting my Mother internet service for the first time. She has a Dell Dimension with xp. I guess it's somewhere around 3 years old. What I was wonder is about updating the computer. Can I install sp2 and be done with it or should I install sp1 then sp2.
  5. I ran a full test and was told that c drive had poor disk health. Then I went to your disk heath page and ran test and it said it was find. TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=9RXEMW76JHUSZ6AU
  6. Still getting email saying that--You have received this email because a user account password recovery was instigated by you on PC Pitstop Forums. I have not and I think this was a problem a while back. What should I do? Didn't know where to post this. Hope this is a good place.
  7. Thanks guys. Why does adaware scan them?
  8. What should be done with the mru's in adaware?
  9. Ok it says: primary master---- hard drive primary slave -----auto secondary master---- the new dvd drive secondary slave dvd-rom drive Now the new dvd drive is on the end of the ide cable. Does this look correct? I'm getting a dvd end now error when I shutdown. This is why I'm asking. If this is correct there is a firmware update that maybe the problem. Thanks for help
  10. I put in a dvd drive and the sofeware disk said to put drive as slave but the drive I took out was set as master. So I want to go in and look to see if I was right when I put it as master. Seems to me that it should be the same as the one I took out.
  11. Which key do I hit to get in cmos on a hp 7905
  12. What did it cost to build your system?
  13. When I boot my computer the connection is ready.(wireless) When I leave for awhile should I disable it? The modem or radio does not have a on off but I can disable connection in taskbar. Why should modem run 24 hrs. a day.
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