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  1. whatever is cheapest? i picked up my x2 3600+ from newegg at the production cut for under 50.... runin it at 2.5 now
  2. u had an expensive christmas danielos
  3. clothes and books, and a nice rolling tool chest w/ bearing drawers
  4. dell does this. forget what the service is called, something like Backup Locker *shrugz* also comes with every new pc purchase
  5. windows will also tell you that your devices are running at usb 1/1.1 if they are indeed usb1/1.1 and not usb 2
  6. There's no place like Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script Bow before me, for I am root SELECT * FROM users WHERE clue > 0 some of my favorite shirt quotes
  7. is it tomorow or next sunday they play the undefeated??
  8. it's about praying that the amount of power you pump into your cpu doesn't leave you w/ a multi-thousand dollar paper weight!! oh, and it's about hoping your signigant other will put up w/ it also!!! LOL
  9. what are your drive models? several drives are known to have fualty firmware that will brick the unit from certain media when you put a scratched disc in and it can't read it.
  10. having adhd myself, pills along won't really fix this. i would recomend taking them, but also seek therapy. counseling and learning how to handle your inability to pay attention is priceless honestly.
  11. it can, yes, just don't abuse it. also be aware that a daily perscription will trip drug tests
  12. you're going to need to sell that system for 1100 or more on ebay to really clear any money. you have shipping fees, plus the dang'd listing and closing fees that will kill you. sold a laptop for like 1600 on ebay and i think i had over 100 in fees and what not.
  13. that's intresting bruce, maybe i've been printing very balanced photos, but my ip4300 w/ 5 tanks ran out of all the tanks at the same time, lol i think i'll get on tigerdirect and get the epson all in one on there then since it's 25 after rebate. need one cause my business inkjet 1200 can't do borderless prints and doesn't spray a small enough droplet to make photos look like a real photo, they're blurry, lol
  14. maybe ram and HD would be backwards then!! LOL 32 gig drive would be fine for an o/s disk i feel. i mean it is appealing to thoose that have stupid money to spend on benching and such. but still, it's in it's infancy. look forward to the next couple years on this stuff.
  15. priorities? not everyone gets on here and camps, lol
  16. here's the thing, i don't want to drop a boat load and i don't need absolute lab quality. I basically use it for christmas cards and then just sporadically through the year for photo prints. I have a network printer for my everyday use. i don't want to spend a bucnh of money though and my current ip4200 has sat for maybe half a year unused so i don't want to get ink for it and have the print head cloged and need replaced costing more money. CD/dvd printing is a nice plus, but most units that i can find for sale that have this use like 6 ink tanks and that will simply cost a boat load to replace inks. any help???
  17. ok, raid1 w/ an external drive, lol or could setup a home server *shrugz* there's numerous options for automated file backups.
  18. horror stories ya, lol, time warner took over the comcast service here and we've just started getting our service back to normal now after like nearly a year. comcast had some serious issues
  19. thanks for the clarification bruce! i'd have rather errored on the side of legality, lol that said, it is a good program *winkz*
  20. we can't legally use that program in the us due to its ability to defeat copy protection.
  21. it's called raid1 redundant copies of every single file on your pc so if you hd TOTALLY crashes, you'll still be going untill you replace your bad drive.
  22. virtual cd might help you, though i'm not exactly sure if copying your dvd's to HD is in breach of anti-piracy laws here in the US, so i'm not going to suggest anything else 'till we get an ok.....
  23. ya, i'm gonna go w/ toasted vid memory on this card. ran the ati tool and the core went up a slight bit, but when we hit to find highest memory clock, it crashed the pc. since this card doesn't have an extra power slot on it, does this mean the 300 watt stock psu is ok?
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