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  1. 5 mill, ya i woulda taken it and gone. he tried to do the right thing but they refused to even look at it. sad he's in jail now, lol
  2. KK and DD also started out as little one store shops. the krispy kreme glazed doughnut is actually still made exactly the same, though on an assembly line, as it was originally made. be kinda hard to say that they aren't that good when it was the taste alone that made KK what it is today......
  3. they're EVERYWHERE here. sadly though they are half crunchy even at 6 am
  4. loved 'em on national geographic channel! who really cares though if we shoot down a satelite?
  5. if it's your first time trying out raid, make sure you have something in place for backing up data.
  6. windows created vista so their next release will look all that much beter when they finally create something that works,,,, which.. means,,,, they're probably going to be building a new dos interface!!!
  7. autopatcher rules!!! basically, it's a tool that puts all the windows update into one package for ease of use
  8. thought u were talking about wearing a linux distro, LOL
  9. in the meantime, we'll need you to run a pit test just for starters. the link is right below my post in my signature. the explanation point in the device manager is telling you that something is wrong with the device. possibly one of your drivers is being read wrong ... corrupted file or what not. another suggestion is to go to the homepage www.pcpitstop.com and run the driver alert that can be found on the right side. that'll show you drivers for devices you have that should be updated
  10. yup, try reseting the modem and router first. Always the first step in trying to diagnos internet issues with broadband. that said, you mentioned that you are using free wireless internet in your APARTMENT...... have you thought about talking with your landlord/manager about this issue? since it's not actually your connection and you don't have access to anything beyond your own pc,,,,, that limits what we could suggest to help you out at all. since it is an apartment though, stop by a couple neighbors and ask them if they are having the same issue with the wireless network. if they are then you need to call landlord. if not then atleast we know it's your pc that's having issues.
  11. as far as i'm aware, that's a DSL connection, so that means pretty much any router will work aslong as your DSL modem has an ethernet port and not a usb port. best ones out there, well, depends on what you want your router to do really, and what wireless standards you want. D-Link DIR-655 right now is looking like one of the better pre-N products, but i'm personally waiting for the dual-band routers to come out before going N. using the G standard,,,,, i'd say any really. it's been around long enough that you basically just need to look at the features you need/want to pic which one. WRT54G(s) models are cheap, ~50usd, and get the job done from Linksys.
  12. you can get them WAY more expensive. I about fell over when i seen a laptop bag for 200+ LOL
  13. enough of us on extension cords and we could warm up the beaches and play!
  14. you need to enable file and print sharing on the desktop if nothing is showing up there.
  15. you have to go into the desktop name and the printer will be in there.
  16. well, if i could get paid to drive myself on my normal routes, i would do it, lol. reminds me last year near election time, a pickup had a lighted billboard straped into the bed and was driving around w/ it, LOL
  17. i believe it is usually done to a company car and u get to drive it around, i haven't really inquired though.
  18. i've seen 2 of these types of cars here in akron area. one is for diversified transportation and it's every day on my way to work, lol. if you aren't a young kid looking to be all cool, then it's a great option in my opinion.
  19. my 66gt overheated once (i'm assuming) and melted the fan right out of the heatsink, it was dangling by the wires. i was having unexplained game issues also, LOL
  20. well, it did have my name, in caps, in the letter. but it just had a blank spot where it should have said what service i owed, lol. and i tried looking on MS for spam reporting, but gave up after 15 miniutes of being taken to a FAQ section for spam, lol
  21. /sarcasm but thanks. was just thrown off a bit as i've never seen a MS email like this.
  22. ok, so i got an email from billing.microsoft.com saying that my "credit card for _ had been declined". they want me to login and update my info or ignore if the problem is already solved. well, i don't have an account under my email address for microsoft and i have no idea what product i could have bought from them online that would require my credit card...... any ideas here?
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