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  1. or just hook the usb between both units and skip the bluetooth dongle since you'll have to plug something in anyways...
  2. yup. you'll get the option of reboot now or later, but it's not effective 'till after reboot. like always, clean up your machine first, then make data backups, then do the service pack.
  3. 50 something, dunno what a tree is, but a score is 20 years
  4. ya know why such design firms exist? because our population is exploding. we're not turning rural and suburb areas into urban zones because we feel like it, we're simply running out of space and are being forced to do so. but let me get this right, you're suggesting that we plop train tracks all over the damn place to get people to work? most businesses of even a decently small size emply 500 people in a single building. are we going to put up trainstations to every location?
  5. you're 17, maybe 18, citing only wiki as your source material, and making assumptions on a scale that you are simply incapable of even comprehending..... when you have to work and support your family, and realize that to do so you need to get a job that happens to be 40-50 miles away, like mine is, then you'll realize that public transportation WILL NOT WORK. that hour drive would turn into a multiple bus jumping, toll eating, 2-3 hour ride w/out a guarantee that you'll even get to work on time. we're also ignoring the fact that if public transportation catered to everyone, we'd be burning MORE fuels than what we do driving our own cars. and trains????? to get trains everywhere we'd need to lay more track, which requires steel/iron, which requires it to be produced. so you're burning an exponentially larger amount of fuel to do this solution than simply using what is already in place. but hey, you say we should all rebel against cars and driving, then remember the next time your internet goes out, the tech has to drive to the problem to fix it. unless maybe it was a train that ran over the lines.... or the public transit system made acounting late so your bill never got paid and was shut off. making a claim like what you have made is flat out idiotic. and with your briliant idea to urbanize all the suburbs, that would mean a far greater density of people all over the place, but with longer huals inbetween them. so.... you're still burning the same amount of fuel to get between the cities, and it's going to cost a hell of alot more to truck more consumables in on a far larger basis. then you'll be complaining about food prices since it has to be trucked in on vehicles that we have boycoted from way out in the country. and ya know, i challenge you to go just one week w/out ANYTHING that was transported or created with, or by the aid of, a vehicle and fuel.
  6. ...what?! lets see, just for basic's, you can use windows ICS with like two clicks and it's working..... besodes that, every router IS a computer. the likely reason that only one of your ports is working with the cable/dsl modem is that your ISP uses your MAC address of the network port as a sort of identification. switching the cable to the other port would appear to the ISP that some other computer was trying to connect on your account since your two ports have two different MAC addresses.
  7. well, i can only think that abuse or mis-diagnosis would lead to problems with thw drug. used properly it helps IMMENSELY it really gets me that people want to blame drugs.... really? i don't see the drugs forcing themselves onto anyone. blame people instead. maybe yourself for using them, maybe a prescriber, but drugs really can't be to blame since they can't actually do anything themselves.
  8. our speed test just took an overhual and may have a few bugs still. you can check at sites like speedtest.net also. when you are using google, i assume that you are logged on to the website and using the online client (not using the POP setting with OE)? When you are getting connection errors on the google site, is it an actual Google error, or is your internet browser supplying a standard error such as page not displayed or something
  9. that's exactly what happened to this town i moved into Bruce, just before i got here, the papermill and lumber mill both closed shop. i'm looking at an hour drive for possibly 8.50/hour (hopefully i can work something out in my final interview...) but shouldn't we probably keep the discusion on topic? lol
  10. w/out a solid state HD, it'll never approach the apple killer status. 2gig of memory vs the 8 on the apple..... simply not enough room. you can easily pick up a dozen phones now that have a 2 gig card slot. though the speech 2.0 thing is intrestingly sounding like a MS sync type product
  11. is a girl talking to brandon?!?!?!
  12. glossy screen really isn't everything. i hate the glare i get from the window i never realized was behind me, lol. luckily the brightness is overpowering the glare. also, most 24'' and up screens are using an actual active tft that is far superior to the ln and such screens used in smaller lcd monitors. this is done to keep the cost down, and is the reason why a 22'' can be had for 250-300, and 24'' units are easily 500 and up.
  13. i just picked up my 22'' dell lcd today, LOVE IT, it's so big, lol anyways, you need to set the resolution to your native res on the lcd, probably 1680 x 1050, and the pics will look WAY better. to help the text out, under the advanced settings in the display manager thing, select 120dpi and restart, also you could use a font smoother.
  14. it'll work fine. the extra pins ensure that you can use it on the 'older' version of DVI. no need to find a "precise" match as your tech kid told you. go ahead and pick up your monitor, but before you leave the store, have the clerk double check that a monitor cable IS included, if not you'll want to pick one up also. to cut cost, some manufacturers have been shipping monitors w/out cables. just a good thing to double check. also, XFX is the manufacturer of the card that uses the NVIDIA graphics core. sooooo....... you have an XFX produced GeForce 8400GS installed by ADK. if you want the latest drivers you can simply go to www.nvidia.com and download the driver compatible with the 8400gs. manufacturer branding will usually have nothing to do with the card other than a different heatsink unit, and maybe a different color board or a slight factory overclock.
  15. i'm still running my abit kn9 sli board. gone through 2 cpus on it, and still is nice as hell. stable too, just not being made or sold anymore...
  16. old stuff like that, newegg will just refund the money after a week or two. did that with a brand new motherboard. turns out they changed the model number from XXX to XXX-VISTA to signafy the board was vista compatible. so even though it was EXACTLY the same board, they gave me a refund, lol
  17. oh, i thought there was a clear plastic/rubber on the outside of it. if it's open for stuff to get in, i'm not sure if it'd be a great idea. maybe there's a design feature that expels debris...?
  18. if it can handle rolling pressue good, then that'd be an awesome off road tire for the deformable core.
  19. i like cooking, though it sucks when it's every day 'cause i can't seem to make anything simple. LOVE elaborate dinners
  20. no, i was saying that the windows update site has a new version that uses Silverlight. know how Bruce feels about MS software that runs in the background collecting data, LOL
  21. went to get sp1 here, and MS Download Center BETA pops up http://www.microsoft.com/beta/downloads/About.aspx
  22. u have to graduate to stay up 'till 5am first? lol
  23. your intel might be speed steping. the pit test isn't strenuous enough to kick some systems out of "resting" so it'll report a low score as it's just not using what it doesn't need. could you post the tech express link?
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