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  1. try using the brisbane core w/ it's broken heat sensor. sometimes i hit 11c on my core w/ an overclock!!!
  2. no prob, this is just really agrevating. the bios i'm trying to flash to has a fix in it that redefines the charging alogrithms and gets rid of a bug that permenantly makes your battery unchargeable. current battery is bricked because of this, LOL. takes a week for it to get to ~50% charge and it trips the charger out after about 1 hour of charging.
  3. ubcd didn't boot the usb drive up and going into the bios from windows, the bios program was complaining that it couldn't open the requested com1 port (which i'm assuming would be the floppy drive that isn't here?)
  4. thx miggs///// i'll try the thumb drive thing shortly.
  5. well, when we're blowing trillions of dollars fighting other countries, how could we colonize space fast? LOL
  6. nope, lol, there's no network port onboard, only pcmcia card..... i tried making a bootable cd and then add the files to it, but when i add the files, they don't show up when i boot to dos w/ it and search the directory....
  7. not that'll go into the laptop swap bay. i mean making the floppy on my desktop isn't a problem, i still can't use it though on the laptop....
  8. ok, i have an old dell latitude cpt series. it's running on bios A02 and i've downloaded A14. when i got to install using the hard disk version it tells me that i need to make a floppy so i can update the bios install shield. normally this wouldn't be a problem, but i don't have a floppy drive and it doesn't support booting to usb. so...... what do i do, LOL
  9. look at your ram, possibly reapply new thermal paste, and what power supply are you using? if your psu was at new max draw then a few months would degrade it to putting out less than what's needed to be stable for an o/c also you could have corrupted your windows install if there's no pci locks on your board as it would have increaed your speed to the HDs and they don't usually like being overclocked.
  10. i was an abnormal geekoid and meandered aimlessly about the net just reading stuff about computers there are a LOT of pc forums on the net, lol and ya.... i've called RR national helpdesk and they aparently use the pits speedtest for their whole network *shrugz*
  11. well, w/in the next 20 years we're supposed to have an orbit luanch platform and begin colonizing the moon for luanching. withing 50 i believe we are supposed to have people on mars. the key is the constelation program. we need an orbital platform to stand on before we can look to the rest of the system. and we really have been doing out of our orbital path exploration. 2015 our satelite should intersect Pluto to observe it's near sun atmosphere. it's the fastest moving object we've built, traveling at 45,000 mph. we have another satelite/drone set to luanch 2012 to explore Titan, Jupiter's moon (one of them). it's believed to have some sort of water onthe surface, likely liquid methane though : / there's a load going on, it's just that space is so darn big, LOL
  12. but i thought u weren't sure if you'd see the benefit of a space program, lol *shrugz* it's too early, LOL
  13. you're just turning old enough to drive and you're looking at a ' BMW w/ a 400+ monthly payment?!
  14. actually, NASA has been in the committe stage for a few years and has finalized their plans for the next space "shuttle". It'll be like the apollo missions, kinda. The Ares I and Ares V. 5stage solid booster in 2 versions, one for an orbiter of sorts (the Orion), one for heavy lifting of satelites and such. It's part of their constelation program in which we intend to go back to the moon and start to make a "lunar base" if you will. the contract for the Ares I has already been assigned for development. the next 20 years ought to be very exciting. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/constell...main/index.html just some fun reading stuff and if you're not sure you're seeing the benefits of the space program... Kennedy made it mandatory that NASA technology be implemented into civilian life. sunglasses that actually block the harmful rays, thermal barriers (think thoose aluminum blankets), tempur pedic.... all from NASA along w/ countless other items.
  15. i use vantec iceberq ccb-a1c http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...amp;Tpk=ccb-a1c been running for 6years now? fits perfectly on my nf7-s and even includes extra little stick on sinks that i haven't really found a use for, lol
  16. if the other accident hadn't happened recently, this "missing/damaged tile" wouldn't have even made the news. if you look into it, it doesn't even approach their standard for which it'd be considered for an unsafe re-entry.
  17. that was partially helpful, but i still wonder if 1024x768 in game settings will just stretch automatically to fill the screen, or will the res be preserved onscreen?
  18. miggsy!!!!!!!! woohooo hows it goin, lol, i HATE mornings
  19. i play C&C series, lotr battle for middle earth, still play mohaa, LOL. cod2 might have ws, dunno what happens though when i play a game that loads at 1024x768 on a ws? does it stretch of give me the black bars on the side? and if it stretches, does it look like you're playing w/ short fat guys or is it not to bad?
  20. miggs, if 2kpro wasn't an example of MS never being done w/ fixes with it's FOUR service packs, lol, vista is going to be busy. if you want speed, go xp pro, but that card can use dx10 and if you aren't going to upgrade for a few years, keep in mind that Vista only supports DX10. it'll definently run better on this build than your laptop. the supported ram list is just that, ram that the manufacturer has tested to know it works as it should with the board at the rated speeds. other ram will most likely work with it, but tech support will probably hassle you if u have different ram and are experiencing a problem, lol. i have "unsupported" ram in my rig and it's fine for the price, i'd get the 8800gts w/ 640 megs of gram, but either card will rock
  21. ok, looking at going lcd by christmas. still saving money. just started to wonder though since most, if not all, of my games don't support a WS format, if i should just get a regular square lcd. getting like a 22'' WS lcd would just stretch the hell out of the games, right? are there work arounds to this issue?
  22. res won't even matter, that 8800gts will stomp the hell outta the 86's
  23. i'd atleast recomend getting out of that stock heatsink. that will give you a bit more room to work with. and you will def. want to rework your case cooling if your video card is cuasing heat issues.
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