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  1. just wondering why you would say his ram is at 333 when he stated it's at 400? being that it's a difference 'tween 1.75 and 2.0 gigs, i'd go with the 400 meg setup over 300. if you really want, try each out with benchmarks. you'll see.
  2. oh, sorry, misread the post. i'd go for the 400mhz in single channel over the dual channel at 300
  3. if your bios says you're running at 300mhz, then no sticks are at their rated speed of 400, so right now it really doesn't matter you're at the rated speed of your slowest stick, but you're still using 4 sticks which several boards have issues with.
  4. you're ping to here doesn't look to aweful bad, but you may want to lower your tcp window a bit. 512k on a 1.5 meg connection is a bit much and can slow you down actually. what servers are you running to? get an IP and manually run a ping using the command line "ping" or a program like UO Trace. when you switched providers, you switched the virtual path you take also. sure one company resells the internet of another company, but that can mean as little as they share the line on the power pole to your house. i'd be willing to bet that early on you have a 'hop' that is pinging you bad and slowing down everything else. as a reference, ping google.com and yahoo.com also and finally, follow the recomendations in your test to fix a couple issues with your computer. think about shuting off some of thoose running processes and you'll notice a lot more speed. and also I'd look into uninstalling your current nvidia video driver, running Driver Cleaner, and then installing the latest one (they posted w/in the last month a newer driver for the gt/gto)
  5. kinda hard to make your own decision on the whole mars issue though. nasa and other satelite owners are in control of the photos and if they don't want to share, and/or edit the photos to look one way or the other, it'd be hard to come to a conclusive ansewr on anything. i wouldnt' be surprised one way or the other if there was or not, life on mars. whenever the results come out, they'll be intresting to read over to say the least.
  6. either way you'll n eed a gigabit switch. so at a 1 gig connection, why do you need two of them? you'll be getting requests for transfer at speeds faster than your HD can serve it up, and that's w/ ur pc at 100% idle. and a bridged transfer is only one way to set it up, you can load the two nics to two ip's, but that's onlyusefull if you know how to share different sets across certain ip's
  7. go into the folder properties and find out the path of each of these folders. to my knowledge, windows won't allow you to have any 2 files in the same location be named exactly the same. odd indeed.
  8. it's a shame that there aren't any free merging tools available, least that i have found yet
  9. dunno if it would technically help, 32bit just doesn't see above that ~3 gig barrier.
  10. or you could get the board that you really want, and then an sata controller card
  11. looks like it would just fine it's called the OpenX http://www.myopenx.com/home.htm
  12. there's a "safety" blade out that will open that pack type easily. kinda looks like a box cutter
  13. if you don't pay for static, they won't give it to you. it's likely that your area has been upgraded lately, or that their "router" has simply not expired your lease of the IP yet. mine has been the same for close to the last year, but it'll pop around if they put in new hardware or whatnot at the office.
  14. working now, server was prolly down or something
  15. Ok, i get the newsletter and every link goes through echo4.bluehornet.com i assume this is to generate revenue, that's fine, but every link brings up a http500 error code.
  16. i agree w/ win2k. was based off the nt core, not the "i look pretty but can't keep running" core
  17. i feel ya. my office/computer room hovers around 90 or so when it's warm out. gets about 80 in the main area of the house. i HATE these 1960 erect-a-houses, no wall or cieling insulation, landlord won't put it in.
  18. 80 today, 87 tomorow, mid 70s rest of week. woho labor day!
  19. i get the pit ads, but they never have bothered me. i simply.... SCROLL DOWN a bit, LMAO
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