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  1. i'm not sure i agree w/ the rullings either. labeling this action as a felony and sex offense is a bit much. if it's being distributed to multiple phones/emails or for profit i'd say that's a crime then... but most these pics are sent to people they're actively engaged in sexual relations w/ anyways. one thing i want to know is if you're 17 and taking nude pics of yourself it's a crime, but if you turn 18 it suddenly becomes legal and part of a multi-billion dollar industry if you choose?! sex and teens is 100% a kid and teen situation. if cuaght they should be talked to, as i would my boy. when we find a nudy mag in his bedroom, which we mostly likely will eventually, then i suppose we'll have a talk about the whole workings. slaping them w/ a felony is ridiculous. if anything, the parents should get in trouble for supplying the child the means by with to do this, and for not educating them about the issues here. all in all though, far worse than self pics has been going on for a LONG LONG time, why get fussy now?
  2. never heard anyone complain about getting faster speed.... LOL
  3. well, with my tax return i'm finally going to upgrde my 80 gig sata laptop drive. right now i've got a 5400 8meg unit. small and slow. i was looking on newegg and i see the 320gig drives so i assume that them being sata3 would work in my sata laptop? (can't figure out if my inspiron 1520 is sata2) so ig uess that would make it just down to brand between WD, seagate, or the on sale hitatchi(which is currently in my lappy). which do you prefer? and does the ncq from seagate really boost performance?
  4. the normalizing is nice for commercials, but you need to enable dnr, dynamic noise range, to keep the loud explosions in movies from being too loud and the dialogue from being too low
  5. when i was actually still in college, i had a couple unix course for server admin. i know it's different, but close enough. anyways, i never ended up learning anything about server admin and decided to drop it and persue a different path. we spent a whole semester learning how to load a dial in screen to a unix server. once that was done it was basically console 101. my days in DOS were enough to get me through his course w/out a book, LOL. figured out how to make a command do more than one thing, or how to sort search results..... hardest one was how to get that clock program to come up w/ custom graphics. i decided to quit, LOL but i also thought it was extremely silly to be attempting anything linux/unix from a room full of windows computers....
  6. sounds like the previous owner of your house removed the switch or router that was the backbone connecting all the wires if they are all just hanging there in the box? would you be able to provide a picture. as far as the dtv dvr, i don't have one but i believe the internet portion works something along the lines of you log into your accoutn while away from home and just schedule the dvr to record.....
  7. ya, was probably the usb modem adapter thingy you had. routers are so much better than ics anyways. don't forget to turn off ICS now and re run the internet connection wizard to have them all connect to a router
  8. i unplug mine and run it under the fuacet. if juice or beer get spilled in it, then i run it under the fuacet, soak it, then tear each key apart and hit the stickies w/ alchol and qtips. or i'll go buy another one.
  9. i would hope a chip inferior to the i7 would atleast use less power, LOL and at that price point, i don't think it's meant to compare 940 to 940 (ironic naming huh?)
  10. i've seen them get to mars, what i really want to see is for them to return succesfully. i think that's a big step to getting a maned mission. beyond, ya know, getting a craft and the resources to even get there, LOL
  11. coulda been a gama or xray burst that would pretty much tear right on through earth's mag field. mars not having that strong of one just based on size and rotation, would have put up even less of a fight resulting in the flash boiling and evaporation of massive quantities of water and an intense buildup of heat. but i guess it'll always be pure speculation as to the history of mars,,,,, being that no one was around to record it's history, lol
  12. i believe it's chevy that made a new vehicle i seen on the lot next door to work, it's an FJ Cruiser (according to the tag, never seen one before) looks like a pt cruiser, but with sharp corners. far worse than the flex or matrix i like that silverado, but then again i like the bold features, not really one for styling a vehicle to look slip streamed if it isn't meant to do 100+. that said, i seen the rims that the factory is putting on some of the new dodges, WTH. who puts giant rims w/ 1'' tires on a 1500?!?!?!
  13. that's one router, but thoose are all books you need to buy to learn the "secrets". if it's worth 30 or so bux to you, i'd say get it and the worst that'll happen is the xbox will still be broke...
  14. if you are just testing for bandwidth, than most any "speed test" will work for you, just ignore the alarming latency or ping that is returned. these tests just measure how fast your download rate is. now if you run voip or qos tests, you might run into some issue as these test latency and tcp pauses more than just raw speeds. "speed tests" usually don't take this into consideration.
  15. i believe you have 2 desktops, a new laptop and your son's laptop and you are wondering if you can wire 2 desktops to a wireless router? yes you can, as long as you get a wireless router and not a simple wireless access point as these do not have the wired ports you need
  16. 8 gigs of ram??? what on earth for?! anything even mid line will likely perform better than your current system and handle vista or W7
  17. manufacturer will sell you (might send it free) a new retention bracket. have had to do this twice, LOL
  18. thanks guys actually went to work this time on my bday. went bowling after and my fiance got me the Borat shirt!!!!! Glorious Kazhkstan!!!
  19. well, what about that pretty little thing in your picture, gotta leave time for her
  20. superpi was used simply as a quick test to see if there was an increse in anything when i switched the chip out. don't really feel like sitting and waiting on full featured benchmarks...... now that all is said and done, the computer has itself a 1700p4, 512 pc2100, and NO video card (they castrated the mobo of it's agp slot). anyways, it's a load faster in real life noticable performance. bruce, comical you mentioned that 'cause i used a 733 P3 for probably 3-4 years and never needed to upgrade untill i got into gaming years later. them were good little chips.
  21. well, the celeron and p4 are both of the same timeframe, both run at 400 fsb, but the p4 is double the cache at 256, though slower by 300 megs. installing the p4 returned SuperPI 1M results of about 1 min 50 secs while the celeron returned 1M results of about 2 min 15-20 secs. The overall feel is a bit faster, especially once programs are loaded up. today i have found another stick of ddr, so my new total is 512 megs w/ onboard video and the p4. I'm currently reinstalling xp home since it's never been done in 5 years, lol. i will post back super pi results with everything loaded anew. already though the system is far more responsive than any celeron system i've used before from this time frame. looking like p4 vs celeron is much like athlon vs duron, lol
  22. went ahead and done my litle project here. super pi before ran at 2-15 for 1M, the p4 pulled it down to 1-50. nice increase in performance. i suspect adding a half or whole gig will practically double the real life speed of the system though.
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