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  1. sparkling grape juice? but i think i'm going to go ahead and order this pretty good deal. i want to try their cold water lobster and the bacon wrapped filets if this deal turns out to taste as good as i hope
  2. well, one of my credit card perks is that i can get their american package for 50 bux, normally like 120, that's why i'm asking.
  3. well, i don't have local butcher, so compairing Giant Eagle or Walmart steak to Omaha steak, is it worth the premium?
  4. hey there, anyone use this or like services? i love meat, especially steaks, and just wondered if it's a good idea. do these steaks also taste better than your local store?
  5. that's pretty much the biggest part of a low security network, make it harder to get access than thoose nearby. another thing to do, that is a must for any setup i do, is to disable the SSID broadcast. it'll be like putting a star trek cloaking device on your router, lol, kinda.
  6. with wep, your packets can still be relatively easily sniffed and decrypted, wep is flawed, but better than nothing. if you're just worried about someone war driving or trying to ge a quick steal of bandwidth, you're fine.
  7. i feel like that bruce, if you weren't joking. if you get a divorce, there was likely signs LONG before and you shouldn't have been married in the first place. i just don't get it, marriage must just be something that you can try if you want, and if you don't like it, get a divorce. my vows will be a bit more solid than that, and it looks like i'll be sayin' them in under a year (hopefully!)
  8. ok, this is seemingly so simple it's embaressing, but i have looked and can totally not find it. suse 10.1, i click on the background and use configure desktop to get my screensaver and monitor trn off times. where do i go to get the pc to go to sleep after the monitor is off for awhile? i went to power management in yast, i don't believe anything usefull was there for this though
  9. holy crap, you still use sp2 for win2k?! i don't even have a disc old enough to use sp2, lol though i do still have my win95 floppy set!!!
  10. what board, what card, what problem are you actually having? explain this a little better and we'd be more than happy to help
  11. then you're screwed, LMAO, trusting a linksys w/ a pacemaker, nice but ya, i don't do that. i eat sleep and breath these things. prolly doesn't help that i hate doing yard/garden stuff and all my friends have joined the army and are now out of state, LOL guess i'm just not much of a social person. ya know though, i bet this is just a brilliant ploy to free up massive amounts (or not so massive *shrugz*) of bandwidth on the net's backbones for some government agency to scan our *thought to be offline* computers MUWAHAHAHAHAHA now we know why the LAN activity light still flashes on the pc that is turned off
  12. that's a great one, i also like the one where a phone rep calls him up and he has a black man echoing everything he says in "ghetto" (or watever the term would be for the sterotypical speech) and the phone rep just keeps right on going though you can tell she's starting to get highly annoyed with him. it's great how professional she tries to stay.
  13. you bring an edit?! lmao and win2k is nice, but you need alot of drivers if you still use it
  14. i have a cd case that i barely use anymore since i got a jump drive, but it's useful on older computers. other than that i take hardware w/ me specific to the job. always carry a multihead screwdriver and a pair of nedle nose pliers w/ the cutter.
  15. AM2+ in the interm between AM2 and AM3. it's been on the papers for a year atleast. dunno why that reporter got wind of AM2+ and decided it would replace AM3, lol. take note that the AM2+ will support DDR2, not ddr3 which will come on the AM3.
  16. i've never even gone to amazon. i prefer the smaller businesses that carry only a handfull of items but are usually FAR cheaper than anyone else. example, my humidifier filters are of a 4 year old unit. they've stoped selling them in sears, so i have to order from any host of online sellers. the manufactruer wanted like 35 bux for the set of 2 that it uses, i picked them up at a small filter store for 11. also like to use pricegrabber and thoose sites if i don't just search for the product i want on google for a store.
  17. they actually are getting ready to or just did cut the FX prices also. but they will be sticking w/ AM2 until AM3 comes out. this is the nice part though because the new hardware will be able to use the old stuff. your AM3 mobo will be able to use an AM2 or AM3 chip. on paper, AM3 boards are also supposted to support AM2 chips, but with limited functionality on the new features that the AM3 supporting chipsets will bring.
  18. i have found unclaimed funds in the amount of 124 bux from a bank for my fiance, none for me. still waiting to see how the claiming process works
  19. my opinion only, lol, but it's so you don't have the damn'd pins on the molex connectors poping out from sticking to the drive, LOL
  20. but still, we know a battle happened, who was there, and the outcome. hence movies based on historical events will always be predictable.
  21. i didn't say that something like a person being able to fly in a movie wasn't a fairy tale, no. but it is a real event so it simply will be predictable
  22. i was an actual event, not a fairy tale. i haven't seen the movie yet as we gotta find a sitter for the kid. *cries* the one movie i DO want to see over the last 4 or 5 months outta curiousity, was joan of ark also one of them fairy tales based loosely on a real event?
  23. comp[letely predictable you say, well, IT'S A FREAKING HISTORICAL EVENT. ya prolly thought titanic and the alamo was predictable too, LMAO
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