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  1. 8 gigs of ram??? what on earth for?! anything even mid line will likely perform better than your current system and handle vista or W7
  2. thanks guys actually went to work this time on my bday. went bowling after and my fiance got me the Borat shirt!!!!! Glorious Kazhkstan!!!
  3. well, what about that pretty little thing in your picture, gotta leave time for her
  4. welcome to LA, one bit of advice is that all the people here are not ALL nice in terms. be cautious of your political and religious views in conversation with locals. LOL seafood is good here, but half of everything is fried, so watch out for that if you have a bad heart *grinz* and try not to loose to much at the casinos also, don't get involved in a hand of booray, you can loose some SERIOUS cash there, i'm out quite a bit myself, lol.
  5. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v112/Woods/IKE/ that'll get you to the gallery display of your pics! ya, i was watching the radar all day and bossier/shreve ciry looked like it got hammered. i'm right up 371 and we spent all day w/out rain pretty much, MAYBE 40 mph gusts, maybe. we just lucked out and hit between bands. all in all both gustov and ike were pretty calm storms even where we are, but the luck you have w/ trees must be incredibly bad. hows damage elsewhere in town? i gotta go back in to work at the horseshoe 'moro
  6. thanks i'm just losing my mind trying to get a grip on this debt problem i've buried myself into. parents won't even listen to me when i told them it's taking a tole on me. i mean i realize it's my fualt and all, but that doesn't make it any less rough to go through..... ARGGGGG summons thing just topled me over in half
  7. before this summons, i had received 1 letter in the last 3 years on this account. i did manage to contact my "case worker" though and he said that the program i'm enrolling in will mail out cease and desist letters to all my debtors notifying them of my pending payments to all parties. he told me that this should take care of the summons. should i still make a call in myself, or just let them handle this?
  8. well, i mean more along the lines of, what is this answer they want me to send in?
  9. ok, so i may not have a case against them for sending out my SS number to who knows where. that aside, i was pretty sure that i could have the case dismissed for the time being as the summons couldn't prove that it was indeed me that they wanted to summon. my biggest issue right now though is that i'm in louisiana and the summons is in ohio and there's no way i can go there. the summons saysthat i have 28 days to serve an answer to the complaint to the attorney/plantiff. does this mean that i could pay them and stay out of court? edit>> and i'm not worried about my credit at this point, i've done plenty of damage to it already and have now enrolled in a debt program to work through it. beyond bankruptcy, i can't hurt it much more than it already is. i'm shoting at a 3 year target date now to be debt free and rebuilding credit w/ the help of this agency.
  10. ok, i have an old college loan that got traded so many times that i never received notice of the bill and forgot about it. i'm not arguing that i don't owe it. anyways, the attorney for the bank put in a summons for court apearance on the loan amount. in the certified letter i got the summons w/ court date like usual, and the copies of the promisary note (loan) that i had signed which is standard. the problem here is that the promisary note isn't mine, it's someone elses w/ their social number on it. i looked up my docet on the court system and my case was mailed out letters, so i'm worried about where my social number is!!!! do i have a possible case against the attorney that sent these letters out to who knows where? this has to be a breach of confidentiality at the minimum... i'm worried now that this could affect me far more than a tiny little loan that had disapeared for so long.
  11. using high grades of alchol also kills off remaining good cells, the type that fight off the nasties. so while you get the good, you kill the bad too, leaving your wound wide open to infections if not treated very carefully.
  12. or just hook the usb between both units and skip the bluetooth dongle since you'll have to plug something in anyways...
  13. well, i can only think that abuse or mis-diagnosis would lead to problems with thw drug. used properly it helps IMMENSELY it really gets me that people want to blame drugs.... really? i don't see the drugs forcing themselves onto anyone. blame people instead. maybe yourself for using them, maybe a prescriber, but drugs really can't be to blame since they can't actually do anything themselves.
  14. w/out a solid state HD, it'll never approach the apple killer status. 2gig of memory vs the 8 on the apple..... simply not enough room. you can easily pick up a dozen phones now that have a 2 gig card slot. though the speech 2.0 thing is intrestingly sounding like a MS sync type product
  15. is a girl talking to brandon?!?!?!
  16. oh, i thought there was a clear plastic/rubber on the outside of it. if it's open for stuff to get in, i'm not sure if it'd be a great idea. maybe there's a design feature that expels debris...?
  17. if it can handle rolling pressue good, then that'd be an awesome off road tire for the deformable core.
  18. no, i was saying that the windows update site has a new version that uses Silverlight. know how Bruce feels about MS software that runs in the background collecting data, LOL
  19. went to get sp1 here, and MS Download Center BETA pops up http://www.microsoft.com/beta/downloads/About.aspx
  20. u have to graduate to stay up 'till 5am first? lol
  21. your intel might be speed steping. the pit test isn't strenuous enough to kick some systems out of "resting" so it'll report a low score as it's just not using what it doesn't need. could you post the tech express link?
  22. 300 would sound about right if there are a bunch of computers selling in your area on the classifieds though, you'll have to come down more
  23. need to drop your hypertransport down to x3 to keep it under 1000 and it's not really at 333, that's just the multiplier in disguise. my last 2 boards have done it this way and yes i hate it. 60c should be ok if you have good cooling. mine was running in the mid 60s for awhile untill i figured out that i had actually broken my heat sink mount. wouldn't let it get any higher though, see what you could do to get some better cooling if this is the case also.
  24. sorry, didn't see i guess that you said software, lol, just a guess to since i obviously don't have one of these yes, i'm guessing that would be the back, lol, with the ehternet port. i was just making sure since you can't get it working at all. but you don't have a tv to test with? are you able to maybe move the unit to a tv, or it's probably already mounted in eh? other than trying to see if there is a 'reset' button to get back to defualt, i'm not sure what you could do other than contact tech support for the device. since it's giving you the login prompt, you're obviously connecting ok to the device, just sounds like you don't have the appropiate login/pass. from looking at the manual though, you could try the number passwords in it, and maybe the login name isn't Admin, but installer or operator like was (kinda) suggested in the manual.
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