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  1. i'm looking at the cable company here pricing the "ultra fast" 5 meg tier w/ 512 up at 78.xx per month, LMAO same town, dsl is offering 10 megs for 50 and 3 megs for 40. i'll NEVER understand marketing and price schemes.
  2. NO modem speeds are in Megabits, network speeds are in MegaBytes. counting the overhead and all, you have roughly 10 Megabits per 1 MegaByte. so your 10Mb cable connection is not close to maxing your 10/100MB network. EDIT>>> oh ya, if you're on the 15 meg package, shouldn't you be getting 1 meg up, or is this different regionally? what i had before i moved, lol
  3. knowing if the disc drive works while in windows (with a music/movie/program install) is important. if it DOES, then i'd think a bios issue
  4. there is no doubt that human mind and behavior is molded, but we are ALL born as animals are, with basic instincts to survive. so naturally, we are tuaght against greed and agression, some people it just doesn't take in.
  5. we have numerous sections that aren't all based on support. game and gear is just that general discusion political desc.
  6. i completely agree that several things need to change, though the Venus Project is unrealistic. BUT, you say you can't always get what you want. the venus project is designed around the idea that EVERYTHING is available to EVERYONE. if we remove all aspects of "trouble making" (we'll call it), then your wife would be just a baby producing resource freely available to anyone. and i wasn't talking about your budy picking the hot girl making you mad enough to commit a crime, simply pointing out that the desire and jealousy will STILL be there no matter what time frame in the future we're talking about. "love crimes" are commited out of emotions, desire and jealousy. material desire is not trying to be changed in the Venus Project, how we go about obtaining what we want is being changed. all resources are shared globally for free. and you may not have SAID emotion will be eliminated, but to get to the ends that you are talking about, removing crimes based on emotions, you would HAVE to get rid of emotion, the core element of these crimes. this you have said "So you think there is no emotion or reasoning behind any crime? People just do illegal things just to do them?"
  7. ok, first off there's still countries that have practically NO power grid and they survive. energy crisis isn't the biggest issue on the book. but you seem to be arguing yourself almost on this. if there's emotion behind crime, then for the venus project to work, we must get rid of emotion.... which WILL never happen. but lets take crime aside and go to the basics. you see a hot girl and a not so hot girl side by side. your budy picks the hot one to marry, tell me that you wouldn't have wanted the hot one? you'll never be able to nix desire, which is key role in adultry/affairs. and if this doesn't upset you, then you aren't living in the real world. lol
  8. pork, by that notion, genocide would be cuased by jealousy? rape and incest are out of necesity? arson is out of desire? i just don't buy it as viable, or even a logical argument that this world system could ever be established as it's viewed in that project
  9. i really doubt it could happen due to human nature the project seems to assume that violence will just "go away"
  10. sounds like socialism to me... isn't that what russia or ussr (whatever) had tried and it failed horribly? if thoose that are exceeding expectations are aloted the same compensation as thoose that are doing nothing..... why would the achiever continue to excel?
  11. i'm having what sounds like the same problem, and i've put 3sets on now (on the 3rd set), can't figure it out, lol. but my problem comes and goes from day to day, or even during the same hour long drive to work. this is what's really throwing a wrench in figuring out what the problem is. at each change though, my rotors do not "appear" to be warped, don't have any sure fire way of seeing if there is minor warping going on. and my brake pads have all looked nearly new. calipers slide moderately easy by hand and the rubber boots all look ok. but it sure acts like warped discs when i brake at slow speeds i get a "lurching" effect. i too am to the point of taking it to a brake shop to get it worked on, but i need to save up some dough first. can't wait to get the quote for replacing everything like always happens,,, BLAH
  12. none of the above with the provided information. i've had out of hour collections calls, but stop once i've informed them of the time zone. i've had threats and false creditors, claiming to be lawyers and wage garnishments. heard most all of it just in the last year. biggest thing is that if you submit in writing that they are to NO LONGER to contact you about the debt, they won't, except to notify you of legal action. at which time you must find out if their contracted lawyer/attorney is licensed to practice in your state. if they are not then you don't even need to respond to the lawyer/attorney. if they ARE, then you need to be getting your in gear. just don't give out financial details to collectors, don't provide any information about your situation beyond the fact that you are sorry but you don't have the money right now and you will contact them when you are able to pay, and to please no longer contact you. further violations will be reported to the ftc this is the part where a writen phone log comes in handy containing date, time, company name, caller name, and brief description comes into play for EVERY call. this will be used as proff w/ the ftc
  13. fcc doesn't regulate the use of automated dialers for debt collections, just telemarketing. big difference. though a harasment can be filed witht he fcc and a penalty will be placed upon the company, but only if you file and can prove it, such as a recorded phone call. reason you hear a load about these harasing phone calls is that people just complain about them instead of doing something about them. i do have a bit of experience with this as i'm going through some things myself and have signed on with a reputable company to help me along and handle the calls portion. (checked out w/ the bbb and other consumer watch agencies, VERY important when dealing with deliquency helping agencies)
  14. that's what i was trying to say bruce, lol. the wait isn't on sp2, it's waiting on sp2 to be compatible with other software (vice versa maybe) for whatever reason, ever program i've used has waited untill public release to start patching. some programs aren't effected by the sp which is nice, but most my stuff glitches up due to security patching, so i have to wait on sp installs for a few weeks untill software patches. hence my comment about it being backwards, huh? lol
  15. very true, people wait on the other programs to patch compatability with service packs though backwards o/s huh?
  16. personally, i stick to the allowed medium when doing projects. could it be that you were not intrested and missed that announcement, LOL you should have said ok, hold on, and printed it out from PP and turned it in.
  17. running it on vista home premium 32 right now
  18. i don't personally know any of the admins really, lol as to the quality of the forum, i'd say it's good or i'd go elsewhere. would put money on you feeling the same?
  19. guests aren't members, so shouldn't count towards the number of people that are part of the forum 4 MEMBERS online right now...
  20. can we have an admin pull stats records? i can't remember a time where we've ever come close to 289 MEMBERS online at once 17 MEMBERS online now....
  21. never used either, but i've had lightscribe on my drives for a few years now. i think they'll need to devise even basic multi-colored dye on a single disc (not a pack of different colored discs) befire this technology will really explode. i'd be willing to pay double or triple for a disc i could etch in even 8 bit color.
  22. i have NEVER heard of 289 members being online at once. be intrested to see if 289 unique members log on in the course of a day. what you seen was "active users", and the VAST majority of that number are guests or bots just browsing through. as far as big, there are a large number of registers, but we are small as in there are not that many that post more than say a dozen posts or visit even weekly. if the google bots and other search engings didn't provide search links to the forum, we'd have a very small core group, much like at the raptor pit. but comparing this forum to a forum of only 10 members is comparing apples to oranges.
  23. we just start earlier, open shop at about 4 am, head home at noon. don't want to exert to much during thoose temps
  24. this should be under the sad but true column what would 2k be with sp4? lol
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