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  1. there aren't to many heatsins that you need to lap nemore. if you're putting on top of the line thermal paste, then that should infer that you have atleast a moderately good heatsink. production standards have incresead and the worst finish i've seen on any heatsink i've worked with has made my reflection blured.
  2. i like rum better with the coke, but i use an exacto blade to get the thick off, and then i use alchol to clean it the rest of the way.
  3. many check in, but have started there own forums too.
  4. GT definently since ur on the agp, just like my 66gt is.
  5. check the back of the preinstalled 40 gig also to make sure the jumper is set to master with slave, not just master only. i found that secret out when adding a HD to a brand new HP this month. EDIT>>this may or may not apply to your drive though. some have this jumper setting, some don't. also, if you use the jumpers and select master/slave, it doesn't matter the location on the IDE cable. that only comes into play when using cable select :beer:
  6. dual channel will DEF help once you start using it heavy
  7. especially with them not doing anything
  8. yes, don't use ms update for any hardware beyond like a modem or NIC. every single time i've let windows update my sound drivers, they change it from say intel to via, and all sound simply doesn't work 'till i roll it back.
  9. 2 things, on my win2k box, windows update tells me that it has ended support for it, lol second, where do i get the iis extensions??? i'd love to play with them and compare it to apache. i've only been able to find them for server2k
  10. my g/f is a telemarketer. they only call other businesses though
  11. lol, well that's good, 'cause i've had 3 cdrom failures this week along at home, lmao. i think i'm gonna hack bruces linux server and install windows in the apache folder while he sleeps MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. you could be waiting a very long time unless someone scans you as a dump. on the other hand though, since you're on a router, that means that your one ip is using the interent and traffic could simply get re/mis directed to the servers w/out even using them. to truely do it you'd need them on 2 seperate ips. but as for wagers, hell, with aboslutely nothing running or being served, and no requests for that server, i have no idea honestly.
  13. lucky, the raid i tried to install didn't support the card, nor can i find support, lol. good luck with the raid!!!!!
  14. how is a 6600gt priced the same as a x800gt?
  15. they all go almost about the same, but the msi (agp version) does have the best stock heatsink for the lot available. also have the vivo chip which i really like.
  16. i love gaming on my svideo, just can't read ANY of the text
  17. HOLY , number 48 lets bow down to you
  18. you're gonna run into a lot of little problems like no pci locks and such, also, like on my p3 unit, ya hafta manually change the fsb using jumpers on the board. the multi is lock'd on these units.
  19. my 20 dollar koss set is better than that.
  20. if u need one for online gaming w/ a mic, i have and personally LOVE this one http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products...,CONTENTID=9523 takes some getting used to, but after about an hour, u dun wanna take it off. if not for online, i own and recomend this unit koss headset they may look cheap, but i've had them for a long while and i can say they honestly play LOUD and GOOD. every sound detail is crisp and the bass is extrodinary. best, they're really damn comfy and they're hard to break also. they're designed for studio/dj use. and if you research the unit, you'll find out why it's so good for such a low price. the speaker design/tech and the impressive 100 ohm impediance make this almost comparable to 100+ dollar units
  21. i simply can't play ut on that damn thing
  22. i have all the RE games, i'm addicted to that line. read the books too. i HATE the controller though
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