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  1. well, looks like the card is doing ok. no more troubles and scores 56xx on 3d05. he has 1.5 gigs ram and an a64 3500+ on hte 939 socket i think in games that cpu is actually limiting his performance now since it only slows down when there's a load of units on screen (ground control 2 and C&C generals) sound about right?
  2. hadn't even thought of that.... i'll check probably in the morning oh, and how do u burn in a gpu?
  3. ok... it's gone again now. ran 3d05 and it started up w/ the funky glitching/artifacting, but i stoped it and it's gone again.....
  4. ok, put in the x1650gt just got today, and it has funny colored lines that move left/right and up/down on it. it went away for like 30 seconds when i went into safe mode, but it's back. fixes? the onboard video is still fine
  5. looks like the onboard video driver and chipset driver are tied together.... so i'll probably just have to leave it there then?
  6. ok, getting this x1650 tommorow, and I was looking on his compaq at the drivers and i'm curious how to go about installing these. he has the a8ae-le in his compaq, and it has the ati chipset and onboard video. well, when i went to find new chipset drivers, it looks like they're the same as the video drivers.... i don't know, first time i've meesed w/ ati.
  7. maybe 400. in our area though, laptops simply aren't selling. you'd get maybe 250 for it in a personal sale here if you wanted it gone, lol
  8. well, u can pick up a pci card dirt cheap, and since it's only for playing poker, LOL at my helpdesk job, we got bored one day and loaded a board w/ an agp card, 5 pci video cards, and the onboard graphics. had about a dozen monitors setup but windows didn't seem to want to play nice, though we did manage to get it to span 5 screens, LOL
  9. would it be better stated as a dual PCI-E slot motherboard?
  10. um, are you talking first gen razr?
  11. there's actually MULTIPLE versions of the razor out right now. get one that's newer than the V3 and you'll be goin' strong the older razors though, including the V3, are indeed slow, but not junky i'll agree that the synch is a good phone, but i wouldn't go as far as best.
  12. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16833998003 u mean this one? you're using this to connect to the cell tower?
  13. online fall pricing is up. good deal on the v3 we even just got our att issue resolved through the "escalation desk".
  14. are you sure they are locking it down, or only implementing the headset standard of bluetooth?
  15. bush decided it would help with our energy demands for some reason...
  16. that'd make for a lovely conversation when he gets back
  17. i've had cingular/att for like 10 years now, counting the time my parents had it before i was old enough, and i'm not sure what you mean by their phones are limited? if you mean you can only use a phone based on sim chip tech/gsm, then yes
  18. set all clocks back last night before i went to sleep, lol
  19. my brother has one and left it on to fold while he joined the army. sadly he's on another team.
  20. what are you talking about? just get a bluetooth headset and bond it with your phone. it's not a carerier specific thing
  21. use the old cingular/new att cell service. got two phones and the rollover minutes. with the text package and internet packages, i pay about 120 have yet to find a spot that i don't get reception
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