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  1. Got CB & Y also? Well damn. I only seem to stumble in here about once/twice a year now. Not a lot of activity anymore. Miss the good days w/ Forum Wars.
  2. Why not just extend the wires on your own? Cut them and splice in the exact length you'll need.
  3. Media creation tool > make iso to recover
  4. running a 4-5-6-7 series card in folding would be FAR more efficient than the older cards. If done 24/7, heat production and power consumption drops would probably pay for the difference in the entry to mid level cards and you'd be getting a TON more units done. Considering the goal of folding, you could view the requirement of newer hardware as a 'going green' sort of thing. Also, $200-300 cards aren't the fancy ones You'd need to step up to the $800-1000 range for fancy, lol.
  5. just shows you can absolutely never trust women and cameras. they will lead you into kissing monkeys every time!!!!! lol
  6. they get the best reviews because their case are the BEST constructed of the best materials, have the BEST airflow and cooling efficiency, and are laid out the best. simply put, you pay for the performance you get. I would honestly stay FAR away from that case. it's a normal metal one w/ plastic as an insulator. it looks like it would be hell on temperatures, not to mention it looks very small w/ crap for drive cages. the bulkiness of the fan holders also worries me
  7. unix is a server admin course i took in college and got totally lost in (maybe 'cause i didn't go to class, but that's not the point! lol) linux is pretty and unix costs money
  8. ok, I'm going to be working a LOT of overtime soon, so i'll finally have the money i need to get some network storage. I used to store network data on my desktop, but i sold it, so i'm looking for a good netwrok device. preferably not fat32, so i can store files larger than 4 gigs on it. MUST be able to work and be accessed w/out any added drivers. can not be a soho usb2.0 hard drive controlling unit that you plug drives into and it controlls the data across the net. i'm looking at less than 200 dollars for now. thank you guys!!
  9. you must do what he suggested, but also if the account you've logged into aol w/ has parental controls of any kind set, you must change it w/ the master account to allow external connections through IE to use the aol connection. i HATE AOL
  10. i had to surfr their driver site, which is a mess, lol, but yes it should be.
  11. the recovery cd's i've found out aren't pacakged w/ crap. they are infact th enormal operating system, tweaked a bit for ease and quickness of final configuration during install. when you reformat, to get the extra crap back, you have to insert the dell software and driver cd, something i DONT recomend doing. hell, the driver cd they gave me doesn't even have the drivers for this laptop on it, lmao
  12. i've never had trouble selecting erase and rewriting to a previously finalized rw...
  13. lol, thanks guys. it's been.... intresting. g/f's family just is kinda..... well,,,,,, ya, lol. didn't get burnt somehow. didn't run 'round the pool 'cause there were fire ants there, lol. just can't wait to get back and figure out the bills and find out the monetary damage, lol
  14. should prolly not smoke then too if i'm using sunscreen to just avoid the cancer, LOL but ya, i love the aloe. it's not to bad a burn, just red and uncomfy, no peelies. guess that's what i get for being a white boy from the north that works midnights, lol
  15. heaven help them is right. windows kicked the HD down to pio mode, drivers were last updated in 2002, usb didn't even have drivers installed, about 12 viruses active, no virus scanner at all, and the HD was so frag'd that it took 6 hours on the first run, and another hour a second time. finally got it all working again after a full day of working on it..... GRRRR. scores almost 1000 in the pit w/ a 2 gig celeron and 256 megs of pc133, and onboard video. ya, for the price i'm payin', the chip better rock, lol, nah it's mostly the price in everything else, like the 2 gigs of ddr2 i got, and the 17'' monitor, and the 76gs and such.... kinda wish it was an xps so i could slap in sli and raid, but that's a bit much for a laptop, i want more than 45 minutes battery, LOL well, still got over half a week of vacation..... got burnt the 1 hour i was outside, lol. swiming pools never felt so good either. who cares it hits 100... wait... i do, LOL
  16. ok, so it's not a conroe, but a core duo, lol, my bad. anyways i made it, 1000+ mile drive straight thru, and BAD rain that you could not see the road at 30mph for about 2 straight hours. i slept since like 5 in the afternoon yesterday, lol. other than that, it's HOT down here in louisiana. like 95 in the morning hot *cries* and a funny thing, i get here and they ask me to fix their pc, LOL
  17. ok, i'm gone for a week, might pop in and out, goin' down to louisianna. will have my new conroe laptop then!!!! woho, lol
  18. we were supposta get hail, had warnings for it and everything. ...it didn't even get cloudy... damn ohio weather, lol
  19. that temp sensor is in the older release 8x also. if he doesn't have a prob, it's pointless likely, very likely, is gpu overheating. to test this, take your side off the case and point a small house fan at your gpu from about 1-2 feet.
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