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  1. Why not just extend the wires on your own? Cut them and splice in the exact length you'll need.
  2. Media creation tool > make iso to recover
  3. running a 4-5-6-7 series card in folding would be FAR more efficient than the older cards. If done 24/7, heat production and power consumption drops would probably pay for the difference in the entry to mid level cards and you'd be getting a TON more units done. Considering the goal of folding, you could view the requirement of newer hardware as a 'going green' sort of thing. Also, $200-300 cards aren't the fancy ones You'd need to step up to the $800-1000 range for fancy, lol.
  4. Well :filtered: ,,, stating the obvious, that blows.
  5. Free would be a relative term after that year sub buyout, lol. Plan on the expansion at all?
  6. Either of you still playing that disaster? Became FAR to much of a grind fest for me
  7. Need to print this thread and frame it! This is starting to be like a HS reunion 8)
  8. In fairness, any virus that doesn't have a definition installed in your AV scanner will slip by.
  9. No it would not. If ALL the files in the original location were the oldest, then it would be fine. If the newest version of the file is mixed between the two locations then you'd end up with some of the newer and some of the older. The basic windows option just simply assumes that you are intending to overwrite ALL the files in the location when you check that box and tell it to do it to all. I don't know of any third party software, but you make look into some backup suites. They should be able to tell if you have a newer version and use that to overwrite an older while keeping the ALREADY new versions in tact. I've never had to deal with such a large number of files at once, lol. My normal setup is to just copy the entire thing once a month to a separate folder, then overwrite that backup monthly with new stuff.
  10. Bruce, the one he is moving is older than the one he is replacing. That's not what he wanted to do. If you are curious and don't know ahead of time which one is newer (the one you want to keep) then I would recommend checking them as you go through them just to be sure.
  11. I believe the auto-detect uses java off the website. Personally I have left Java on and in use. I actually do use it quite often and as irony would have it, a couple game I play use java as well, including Minecraft. I've suffered no ill effects from having Java which leads me to the belief that it isn't having the program that is the problem, but what you do/where you go that IS. My 2 cents
  12. Not DIRECTLY to your problem, but if you did get a card designed for the desktop and you felt up to modding, the antenna could always be removed, rewired, and relocated. But you are more or less dead on, this is a newer standard (I haven't even seen a system using it in person yet). Early adopters will always have the most problems. The Intel forum would indeed be the best place to keep trying to ask questions as they are far more likely to have worked with their own hardware.
  13. I'm not sure about CB's experiences, but I've used windows update for driver updates (excluding graphics and main chipset) for years on dozens of computers with no ill effects. So the external drive does NOT appear in Windows Explorer? Can you take your external drive to another computer and see if it will work? You should not need a manufacturer driver for that drive since (from what I can see) there is no encryption chip.
  14. Never fooled with widi before, but I can say that any hdmi cable should work for hdcp auth. Also, RTSP is Real Time Streaming Player, so I would assume that's just a warning the app crashed on the computer and it's showing it on the tv. After googling this whole thing for awhile and reading over your post again, looks like it boils down to driver/application issues. The net seems full of issues with WiDi just not working properly yet. Hopefully someone actually with this working comes by!
  15. Driver can make a huge difference. I havent used the new 3dmark much yet, but on high end systems, you might mot see a change untill the third test. I'm also still on vacation and posting with this thing is a slight pain, lol
  16. wait, only one of the 2 clips moves? never seen that before O.o
  17. Had a friend who called their ISP about slow internet, they had him disable the touch screen to speed up the internet, LOL Said it was spyware.
  18. Sounds more like you had a bad cable on one of the devices and it shorted out the usb chipset. The board could also be possibly shorting to the case. Could try removing the board and setting it up on a piece of cardboard or something non conductive and seeing if it effects it. You have installed the chipset drivers and any possible usb patches?
  19. Going on vacation tommorow, so if you try and get ahold of me, it might take a few days. Others in here are also more than willing to assist so don't be afraid to post if you run into an issue! Hope you enjoy the new card
  20. because it's not a fully released sku, that's why it is labeled the same as the regular 7870s, lol. And without a seperate sku, it's up to the card manufacturers to decide what they want to build out. Powercolor alone has 4 or 5 cards labeled 7870. Could also be the fact that they are simply made with the bottom binned 7900 chips and I doubt AMD would WANT to nerf a fully functioning chip away from a 7950 for about a hundred bucks less. There was also at least 2 other manufacturers and cards (one being the XFX DoubleD ) with the tahiti LE chip in them. I would honestly be expecting a couple more gems like this to pop up over the remainder of the year as AMD has already pretty much said they have no intention of releasing a fresh line before then. They have also referred to a refresh in existing lines. Not only does this give even more price point wars against Nvidia, but also gives AMD a nifty way to reduce stock of chips that don't fit properly in the lineups. If you want to speak technically though, it basically comes down to a discussion of pitcairn vs tahiti, but that's already been hashed enough online.
  21. I would say a more name brand http://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GeForce-2048MB-Graphics-02G-P3-2639-KR/dp/B008Y8PON8/ref=pd_sim_sbs_e_2 I wasn't really recommending a manufacturer though, just a card type. I'm really not sure what metal bars you are talking about. If you are able to snap a picture of the inside of your case pointing out the issue and the motherboard, that would be immensely helpful. Ofcourse, if you did just get a single slot card, you wouldn't have to worry about it at all! Though you would obviously need an hdmi connector on one, DVI, and then older VGA. Edit> Or the card I linked has 2 dvi and 1 mini hdmi Edit 2> I'm actually starting to see a couple reviews of people claiming they can't get all 3 ports to work at the same time on those cards. I can't confirm or deny this, but if you have the free space below the pci-e x16 slot, i would really recommend a dual slot card that we know will work.
  22. As CB knows, lol, I HATE to recommend the 660ti at it's current price point. Money, power, and performance all put together, the 7870 wins out every time unless you have a need for the cuda cores. if the 660 dropped to 250-275 then it'd be a no brainer. If you go after a 7870, TRY to pick up one based on the Tahiti LE core. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131484 They increase performance a tad, decrease heat and power a tad, and for the same price. Then you can easily throw a small o/c on it to get even more. Basically you're buying a variant of a 7950 if you get the Tahiti LE core. Plus the game bundles aren't bad.
  23. That would depend on what slot the tv tuner card is using and how much space you have. Have a look at this picture and describe which slot the tv tuner card is using. The dedicated graphics cards of today use the PCI-E x16 (the long slot) for almost all of them. It would also be helpfull if you could snap a picture of the inside of the computer showing all the slots on the board. I tried to google what computer you have and it APPEARS to me that you have a PCI-E x16 slot as the highest one, then 2 of the PCI-E x1 slots below it. Most dedicated cards are taking up 2 slots these days, one where it plugs in to the x16 slot, and a second slot over top of any free slot for the fans and heatsinks. We're really looking here to see if you have the space or if you need to look for a single wide graphics card (or possibly moving your tuner card to another slot if physically able). Yes, your usb, audio, graphics, etc right now are all part of the mainboard/motherboard. They are 'integrated' and can't be removed. Beyond addon cards (tv tuner or graphics and such) the only removeable parts tend to be your cpu (under the large heatsink and fan) and the ram (the long, skinny sticks plugged in near the cpu). EDIT>> The card that CB linked is a very good card, but I would not recommend a high end card like that as you stated you do not video game. For tv and youtube only, a card in that range would be a little overkill.
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