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  1. Hooked up my landlords 3D tv, 72'' I believe. No problem with the 3D but it did require the active shutter glasses. That was annoying.
  2. i personally put them back in their little plastic case thing and then throw them all in my "tiny user interface parts" drawer. Mice and fan controllers also live there.
  3. my cats got me to looking it up online awhile ago, lol. if you look at your flat screen for what it is, you're just trying to get rid of scratches from a thin layer of plastic. i have successfully used a soft eraser on smaller ones to basically buff it out. takes awhile. on larger scratches, i've seen people use vasoline to fill it, or toothpaste to help buff it. only reason you can see the scratch is becaues when the light comes from the back side through it, hit the uneven surface and changes direction, even if just slightly. get rid of the sharp edges and it's not as noticable. when i did mine, i stoped when i couldn't notice them w/ the screen on. i don't think that you can actually get it completely gone as you'll see it when the screen is off. this also applies to cd/dvd discs that are not working due to a scratch. get a magic eraser pad and take your time, but rub from inside to out to in to out..... where the scratch is. the way the cd player reads, scratches going outward don't mess it up like a circular type scratch will. i didn't believe it untill i tried it and it saved a few playstation games! just buffing a plastic surface.
  4. well, ya got it from somewhere. dealing w/ a similar situation myself, lol. that aside, glad ur feeling better. hope you don't suffer any relapses. they seem to get worse each time.
  5. i've refilled for about 10-11 years and never had a runny or gooey problem... there are a LOAD of different quality and brands of inks you can buy. but even if you use the highest dollar ink, your cartridge will still fail as the all in one printhead and tank solution is meant to be disposable. also depends on how you refill it. wait too long and you'll dry the sponge and it's junk. or it'll dry in the jets and then it's junk. i would recomend staying away from the kits that look like a refill stand that you snap the tank into and flip it for 5 minutes. thoose are usually the cheap stuff.
  6. ink refills work, aslong as you get some good quality ink. you can also do it only a handfull of times. the disposable cartridges don't have the best print heads on them and they WILL jam over time. also, some companies like canon have started putting chips in their ink tanks that when they are empty or expire, they lock that cartridge from printing, so no refills on them.
  7. wdeydwondrer

    Case Stickers

    would be really intrested if you had instructions how to make the dome stickers!!!
  8. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/18/shot_server/
  9. the ways in which i'd love to see a belt driven fan on a rad for a pc....
  10. sure wish people came to me offering jobs.... usually i have to hunt for a couple weeks....
  11. actually, with windows 7, MS updated their EULA. the OEM version now can only be used legally if you are selling the computer you put it on as a new build, and you have to provide support for the operating system. previous versions allowed you to buy OEM for custom built pcs that you use, but now you can't. on the other hand, not sure how many people that will stop... http://blogs.zdnet.com/Bott/?p=1514&page=2 explained better towards the bottom of the first page.
  12. if it doesn't work, it's obviously the wrong coupler, nothing much you can do but return it... possible problems could be that the pin out isn't reveresed correctly... could be that it isn't made to par with ethernet standards.... could be the line is too long also... rule of thumb i follow, if the line needs extended or "coupled", buy a cheap switch or line extender. or the best solution is to run a new line if it's not to long. i know it's silly, but double check that you do have the correct lines mated and pluged on both ends. real quick way to figure out if it'll work or not is to leave the ps3 on, and look at your router. if the port light is out, no connection.
  13. your local connection runs at 100 Mbps and your internet is only 3Mbps, so the most you'll ever see on that graph when downloading is 2.5% or so, which would be around 250Kbps. so you're getting close to your bandwidth there. if you're on dsl, that'll be just about as fast as you'll ever see. now with that in mind, your internet connection is primarily at the mercy of the ISP. everything on your side the of the modem will run a load faster. if the ISP has an overloaded network, then you can run into these problems. i would like you to visit www.speedtest.net and www.pingtest.net and post your results please. also, please post what type of internet connection you have, if you are using a router (and which kind and model number), and if you can post your connection information from your modem diagnostics page.
  14. i hardly clear that much in a year, and you paid cash. in these times, you sir are a shining star of hope, lol, especially to young fools like me,,,, a fool and his money....
  15. university i went to didn't have this. instead it made each connection to the internet only and you could see no other machines or printers, nothing. of course if you had the right account, like i did w/ the IT team, you could see any thing you wanted, but normal student/teacher/wifi connections were isolated from each other. couldn't even do file sharing (which was probably one of the big intentions behind this) but we also had 3 people that were the "filter team" which basically was a couple servers on the in/out bound connection to the internet writing custom firewall software.
  16. film is still used by the old school "best". sure you have 99megapixels, but it's still not film and the quality it can bring to the table. to get it developed.... you may have to go to a camera store. i believe the walmart and walgreens in town no longer does film prints.
  17. if you don't wake up first, yes
  18. your bios might have changed the level of standby. s5 i think is near total power off and have to use button to wake up, s3 is partial power and can wake with mouse.
  19. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/06/ne...xploit_in_wild/ heads up
  20. i'm looking at the cable company here pricing the "ultra fast" 5 meg tier w/ 512 up at 78.xx per month, LMAO same town, dsl is offering 10 megs for 50 and 3 megs for 40. i'll NEVER understand marketing and price schemes.
  21. NO modem speeds are in Megabits, network speeds are in MegaBytes. counting the overhead and all, you have roughly 10 Megabits per 1 MegaByte. so your 10Mb cable connection is not close to maxing your 10/100MB network. EDIT>>> oh ya, if you're on the 15 meg package, shouldn't you be getting 1 meg up, or is this different regionally? what i had before i moved, lol
  22. knowing if the disc drive works while in windows (with a music/movie/program install) is important. if it DOES, then i'd think a bios issue
  23. there is no doubt that human mind and behavior is molded, but we are ALL born as animals are, with basic instincts to survive. so naturally, we are tuaght against greed and agression, some people it just doesn't take in.
  24. we have numerous sections that aren't all based on support. game and gear is just that general discusion political desc.
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