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  1. Got CB & Y also? Well damn. I only seem to stumble in here about once/twice a year now. Not a lot of activity anymore. Miss the good days w/ Forum Wars.
  2. no, i don't use that service on any norton install i do. it only takes up space and keeps things you don't want kept. there's a reason you put stuff in the trash, to get rid of it, not just save it for later.
  3. ok, after about 4 hours a day for 3 days, i think i may haev killed it all. we'll hafta see if i keep control of my pc/browser for a day, lol. solution, long hours of editing registry, well, deleteing folders of badness lol
  4. sounds sorta like ur card is just producing artifacts from attempting to draw faster than what it can?
  5. oooo, also, if you surf the AVG forums, there is only like A post about this virus. and it does seem to target users of avg so far...... no help though from them, or from norton. best part is that norton doesn't even offer support for that virus, though it's software picks it up. ain't that some #%^*!?
  6. yes, after the uninstall and a adaware/spybot sweep, my computer was clean. though for some reason, i keep getting hijacked from seemingly NO WHERE while i'm at work. can't figure out what's causing it either. all i know is that all this started when i installed AVG. my hp gets set to "about:blank" no matter what i use, even shredder and hjt. it comes back. my registry KEEPS getting modified though i have near all registry services disabled and sys restore off. and i keep getting pop ups saying that i have adware on my pc and to dl something. that and the damn bugs having sex in a pop up. couple other people i know are having this exact same problem, only to worser extents. i'm just gonna do a re-format joby, but i'd LOVE, absolutely LOVE, to figure out what in the world it is. itchy>> you may be right. every virus scanner i have tried has detected this virus, but doesn't do anything 'bout it. norton at least 'said' it did. but the file that the scaner targets does not even exist on my system. period. nor does the file and service that "pestpatrol" relates to this virus. anyone have a clue?
  7. did ya miss the part where i have a hardware firewall?
  8. the minus is it's not wireless. then again it'd prolly chew through batteries in a couple of days tops
  9. you have to connect to his router IP (external) and prolly through a different port that is open to HIS inbound traffic. normal port 80 is usually closed. on his end, he must set up all requests being sent on that specific port to be forwarded to his nntp (his computer i'm assuming?) that feature is in the router and pretty straight foreward. g'luck
  10. http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?ac...ST&f=25&t=55737 i'm not totally sure on how to read it, but i can't find this file manually, in any form, yet virus scanners can, and my pc is still getting wack'd, not to mention various programs have ceased to exist on my pc, like wmp, and notepad.
  11. the program it can't get rid of is trojan > BackDoorAgentB so i use norton to kill it, and it does, it's no longer there. so i gave AVG another chance, ITS BACK. and i didn't surf the net or anything. wat is this about? EDIT>> oh yes, i click move to vault, AVG pops up an error c:win/sys32/comcjd.dll can't be removed so ya click ok and it leaves it there. so virus software....
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