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  1. personally, i stick to the allowed medium when doing projects. could it be that you were not intrested and missed that announcement, LOL you should have said ok, hold on, and printed it out from PP and turned it in.
  2. CC, what are you talking about? the stimulus checks were an advanced tax CREDIT on the 2008 year taxes.... how could that be taxable, LOL. the only reason it has to be noted correctly on the 2008 return is that it is actually a credit that you get. they aren't taxable. secondly, last years return is the ONLY place to pick up your AGI. i would have figured that ADJUSTED would point out the fact that AGI is not your gross wages found on W2 forms, but indeed the total income you are filing with after NUMEROUS deductions are taken out. one such is the moving expenses i encured this season. also other items are added to your gross to get your AGI such as alimony. so it has EVERYTHING to do with matching last years return and the AGI listed. pretty much has nothing to do with your employers W2 forms though. and your last statement about reporting half your income on your 1040, that will get you a jail sentenance for purjury. do you post anything with facts in it? your last few have been seemingly made up. <Eclipse, lol, one silly mistake can throw it out like that. glad you cuaght it this time though!
  3. if you used turbo tax last year, print out the 07 return and use the same numbers. double check ssn and the spelling of your name and address. requesting tech support from TT would be the next step if you have a copy of your 07 return to show it's correct. would also get ahold of the irs as TT isn't rejecting the return, the IRS is rejecting it. ask them why it is rejected as you have last years return showing the agi. double check to make sure no amended returns were filed last year as this would throw off the numbers.
  4. there's no "limit", but there is a couple that are included in the purchase price. filing short, i'm not sure why you would have sprung for the desktop product, lol. usually the desktop version is for people with exstensive investments, houses or stocks and what not, or for small business owners. also provides year round access to your filings and the ability to rool info over from year to year (which i can get the online one to do only once before.) the BIG thing with turbo tax. every version (minus the highest end small business product) includes and can fill out the same forms. from the free file to the premium. the only difference is how much "hand holding" is done, and that is what you pay for. the higher the price, the more "walk through" guidance you get on your taxes. you also pick up phone support either 1 time, or unlimitedfor premium. highest package gets year round phone support, not just tax season. also get audit support (which is not audit protection, just advise) on the paid products beyond basic. if you make less than 30,000agi, you can file using turbo tax freedom for free.
  5. you're more or less buying the update each year, but the desktop version offers features (that i have no use for) that the online setup doesn't. i believe now that 5 federal filings are included with the desktop purchase also.
  6. 10/100baseT use Cat5/5e cable. same thing. TX stands for a crossover Cat5/5e cable that is used when directly connecting two computers, or two older hubs/switches and cable run length is something like 300 feet or what not.... you're well within the range. if you don't feel like crimping your own cables, best buy and what not sell pre made cables up to 100 feet, but it may end up costing the same to buy a wireless setup, lol.
  7. depends on the age of the socket type. if it's older, then you MIGHT, but it'll cost a pretty penny. i'd just pick up a handfull of network cards, or just one, depending on use. as far as ability, that will easily handle print and file serve duties. might want a larger HD though for file serving. could also setup an apache server on it or the likes. as for network security, i believe you'd need two nics and set it up like a router and expand it's firewall and packet inspection capabilities. other than desire, i don't see a reason unless you have very valuable info that a off the shelf router wouldn't protect. using it as a router exposes it though, so i don't think i'd use it then as a file server...
  8. um, most checks are void after 90-180 days. wouldn't that complete the financial transaction? i'm sure though that this isn't a true idea. paying your ticket admits guilt in the crime (speeding) as opposed to apearing in court to fight it.
  9. ya, looks to be the same product, different branding. built on the same Wusb standard as apposed to the old attempt at usb over adhoc wifi.
  10. well, i suppose all first gen items that are the very first out will have qwuirks. if we end up going this route on a blind guess, lol, i will post back my experience oh, and from trying to find reviews, it seems that wireless usb will be poised to take over the bluetooth range, once it gets up to speed. think about 480Meg/s over 30 feet!
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