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  1. Looks like a good idea to pull it and just be safe anyways. Could be why pressure is affecting it.
  2. Spring pressure is definitely the issue. I backed the screws off about an 1/8" I'll go some more as long as it doesn't affect CPU temps. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. I'll definitely have to check the spring tension out. Very interesting, though I'm sure there are sleeves that prevent over tightening . The second article I don't foresee being the issue as an I7 doesn't have pins,but more like buttons.
  4. Also GPU memory is showing as being only 896 vs 1536 (GTX295)
  5. CPUZ shows 9GB (9216) Memory is Triple Channel A1-1GB B1-2GB A2-1GB B2-2GB A3-1GB B3-2GB
  6. I7 920 P6T MB 9GB Corsair XMS DDR3 3x2GB 3x1GB (all identical timings) GTX295 4x32GB SSD raid 0 (OS array) Seagate Barracuda 1TB data drive Corsair HX1000 Watercooled etc... Window 7 Pro 64bit Nothing OC'd atm Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. As the title states,I have 9GB of ram yet windows 7 pro 64 only sees 6GB(6144) Anyone have any insight as to why ?
  8. that was my comment a week ago on you tube..... nah,actually i said it would take only 12-13 drives because both controllers were already saturated at 2GB's if they had capable controllers they would have actually hit around 4.3GBs. probably would get burst speeds around 30K GB's the ICH10R saturates around 775MB's, which makes it pointless to have more than 4 SSD's on that controller in terms of speed.
  9. nice oc what hd's are you running ? i wish the pit would see my real i/o speeds
  10. defragging your raid 0 array will increase your read speeds
  11. i know huh? actually no,it's quite average priming 8 threads. out of the box at stock settings it runs 51c idle/65c load with the stock air cooler.
  12. this club hasn't been bumped in a while. 17,385
  13. i went with the DD TDX,but i'm trying to get them to make a custom block for me. wondering if i may have a low voltage chip. i read these had a default 1.2Vcore over on xbitlabs,this true ? the default vcore on mine is 0.99v and i'm getting(so far)a stable 900mhz oc atm at 1.104 vcore i hope this chip can get up there....
  14. i might as well put it here too 16,699 hoping to squeak some more out
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