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  1. the vista 64 intergrated "windows complete pc backup" you can create an entire image of your system and put it on a storage drive. if i lose my array i can just pop the vista disk in,run the setup like a clean install, only you choose "repair this computer" load,raid drivers and select complete restore from image.
  2. i was wondering if this is capable of a complete restore onto a raid 0 array if i change the cluter size of the array.
  3. i'm trying to recover a bunch of pictures & music for my friend at work who's laptop was smashed . the hard drive is fully intact and working perfectly under vista. however i can't access the user folders where all the media is stored . i tried playing around and taking full control over the permissions so i can recover the files but vista will not let me is there an easy way to take full control over the drive and objects contained in it ?
  4. http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2822 the article is focused on Asus and the P5B-D w/965P chipset but plans to release it also for the 975X
  5. i would think it's irrelevant how long it takes to run memtest as long as it passes. unless your getting errors or having instability issues, then there isn't even a need to run it.
  6. do you mean 285 x 10 ? if so, maybe your memory can't handle 570mhz at cas 2.5. try setting it to 3 and what do you mean by wall time ? are your saying that the pc crashes after 51sec ?
  7. once you try artic silver 5 or ceramique you'll never use anything else. i think someone should edit the oc guide for newbies
  8. very good ram considering the price and timings. i'd say it's one of those best bang for the buck items
  9. every monitoring program at idle will read lower than the bios because the cpu loads everytime you enter the bios........ if you sit in the bios for 5 minutes and then load windows.as soon as you get to the desktop, open any monitoring utility and you'll see the cpu cooling down.
  10. if this was your old internal hard drive from your laptop you will have to go into disk management and reformat it first as the drive is not optimized for quick removal i tried this 3 times on 3 different drives,1 laptop and 2 ide's. all had to be reformatted and optimized for quick removal. now i can move them to any pc via their usb cables.
  11. if possible,build the system and then take it out as one unit.that way you can fill it and bleed it w/o the worry of no coolant being in the pump. i always add a fill tube to the inlet hose of the pump,but where you want yours upside down it could pose a problem..if there is no coolant in the inlet hose it wont suck and will burn out.
  12. try doing a search on futuremark orb on both all those cards that should give a pretty good idea about
  13. i just got a 9800pro for $74. i'd have to assume the X800PRO would be alot better no ?
  14. start buying intel shares while they are low.........
  15. it's actually not a bad case,though the side panels aren't as rugged as i had hoped but still not bad. pretty solid when it's fully assembled and the the door is pretty solid as well.great ventilation with a top blow hole and 2 80mm blue led fans were included but i would have preferred the 3pin connector type newegg link to case it's a sweet sixteen gift so i don't mind but now my 12yr old is jealous of it and wants one also
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