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  1. Chopping wood? No, no, thats ignorant, that ignorant... "I got you nose blanket, I got you nose!" ::Blanket rips off MJ's nose:: I GOT YOUR NOSE Blanket, your being ignorant, stop being ignorant...
  2. Do a "anime" search on Google....that'll answer it
  3. This thread is so wrong in so many ways
  4. Sublimer


    It is most likely your monitor, but run it threw a pit test would ya?
  5. Try AVG. I don't use it, but from people on the pit, it's recommended as a AV. Also, get SpywareBlaster...oh, it's your 10th post or around there, but still..
  6. That reminds me, what is Macaulay Culkin's favorite chip dip? Neverland Ranch
  7. Real potataas as us mainers call em, eating instant here would be a shame to us potata pickas
  8. Maybe my eye skipped over it, but AIM Instant Messenger 5.5 has WildTangent...
  9. N64 deff. rules PS2 is great and all, but theres just something about N64 that just takes the cake...maybe because there are no guns
  10. A long time ago I bought N64 with my own money that I saved up, felt really proud and all.. Well, soon enough, we all know, it was in the closet...well just about 5 hours ago, I hooked it back up...works perfectly... Forget all you great looking graphics, Mario is all I need Thought i'd share that with you guys...and raises the question...what kind of system do you guys have?
  11. If you got a wife of a gf, spend maybe a day with her, the next day or that night you'll get rewarded.... by being on the computer...what? She'll most likely say no to...um yeah....
  12. Right click your taskbar go to task manager, check it and make sure nothing fishy is in there
  13. Jake-This has got to be atleast the 3rd time I've seen mods speak to you... Chill out man, take a breather, then proceed to posting.
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