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  1. Hmm, depends If she can keep america safe, better then her opponet, tyut.
  2. No, you didnt. But you said "high in public". Just like anything, if your high/drunk, and hit somebody, cause harm, or even if your sober, you should get penalized. Im not disagreeing with that.
  3. You guys are talking about being high in public, not being high and doing stupid stuff in public. I dont see anything there about "doing stupid stuff". And even if your doing stupid stuff, get in trouble for that, not for being high too. Most people cant tell if your high anyway, so it shouldnt matter. Ok, so if I smoke a dub in my house, and walk to subway to get a sandwich, I should get 20 years?
  4. Wow. I guess we're lucky Bush isnt THAT much of a Nazi.
  5. Ok, so say I lose all my hair by age 25. Well worth the nights I had fun, while your at home too scared, because you might lose some hair.
  6. Hahahahaha, dont make me laugh. Lilbill, smoking makes you have no hair? Can I remind you of some people? Willie Nelson, Jerry Garcia?
  7. Lmao, you remind me of my friend Justin, thats deff. something he would say But anyway, unless you clambake a room/car, no one is gunna get high without smoking. Legalize it.
  8. I sent that picture (the bigger version) to one of my friends and he said the helmet is photoshopped, he's seen it without the helmet...but helmet makes it 100% better I'd like to see the one without tho
  9. Using IE, in the browser in the right bottom corner, just drag that down and when you exit that window it should remember that setting for the future.. Hope that helps :beer:
  10. I guess, even a thing of towels if he gets dirty Nice av KD, switchin it up bro 8/10 Edit: Damn, sorry AMD, replied right before I did, oh well
  11. Pretty tight av I suppose Jander, 7/10...BTW welcome back bro How bout my av?
  12. Oh ok, 0/10 By the way, the houstians suck (damnit cant think of any cool bashing names like spankees)
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