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  1. Happy Birthday, old friend, new friend, old friend, new friend, who are you?? Y
  2. At the top right of the forums, click on the Envelope icon to access your messages: Or check your e-mail as it should be sent to you there as well. Y
  3. Okay, thanks. I'll send you a PM and let's see if we can get you back up and logged in. Y
  4. What do you mean by checking your "online program"? Do you see a PC Matic icon on your desktop? Not the tray icon by the clock, but an icon on your desktop. Double click it to open PC Matic. Are you logged in there with your credentials and License key at the top center? Y
  5. Here Bob, Give this a try: To reset your password click the link below: http://www.pcpitstop.com/support/#/kb/login-issue If you do not receive the link to reset the password in just a few minutes, be sure to check your junk mail folders both on the local email client and also at the online email program. Y
  6. Hi Bob, Are you able to currently log into your PC Matic program? If so, then you can change your e-mail address and/or password right there in the program. Open PC Matic and on the first screen click on (Edit) near the top, below the license key. You can change your information from there. If you have scheduled scans you will need to reset the scheduler to include your new e-mail address. You've got 2 computers on your account, so if you are unable to do this on one, then try it on the other. Once you change your passwo
  7. Hi pinhead! Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information, as the e-mail that you registered with here at the forums doesn't register with PC Matic. You can open a ticket from here: PC Matic Help Desk Just let them know your registered e-mail address with PC Matic, or your license key and they'll be able to get you the info that you are after. To reveal this information, just open PC Matic and the ifo will be top center of the user interface of PC Matic. Thanks Y
  8. Hey music man cutloop Hope that you are having a rocking birthday! Y
  9. Please try the following: 1. Download the zip file at http://files.pcpitstop.com/cab/cab_scheduler_cleanup.zip and unzip the files and place them on your "C" drive. 2. Right click on the "cab_scheduler_cleanup.bat" file and choose: Run as Administrator. 3. Press any key when prompted at the conclusion of the script 4. Reboot the machine. 5. Try the test again. Please keep us posted on your results. Thanks Y
  10. Happy Birthday ye ol' soldier of Dogs! Y
  11. Please insure that any other anti-virus program has been uninstalled from the computer to eliminate the possibility of conflicts. Next, please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information and see what is going on. You can open a ticket from here: PC Matic Help Desk Thank you Y
  12. Hi s cal, Check your PM's for a reply to your inquiry. Thanks Y
  13. Microsoft pulled the update to version 1809 because of all the bugs and multiple people getting their personal Documents and photos deleted after updating. https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/10/6/17944966/microsoft-windows-10-october-2018-update-documents-deleted-issues-windows-update-paused I rolled mine back to version 1803 and recommend anyone else running 1809 to do the same. Y
  14. Hi again Cajunkid663, Optimize is PC Matic without any anti-virus protection. Here's the run-down on what it does: http://www.pcpitstop.com/optimize/default.asp Exterminate has been discontinued. Y
  15. LOL! No, I'm enjoying this current adventure while I'm allowed to be in human form. I have no doubts that the physical is finite. Great movie, by the way........... Bill was the perfect actor for that part. Y
  16. Please open a ticket at our help desk so that we can get some more information and see what is going on. You can open a ticket from here: PC Matic Help Desk Uploading a log file will be most helpful as well. 1) Open PC Matic and click the 'Options' icon, then select 'Technical Support' and click the 'Create a log' button to put a zipped file on your desktop. 2) After a minute or so you should see a message that the log file was successfully uploaded and the log file should disappear from the desktop. Thank you Y
  17. Yep........ on the money! If Super Shield is "paused" using the tray app, then Edge opens and performs properly. Even if Super Shield becomes active again when Edge is open, there is no problem. The issue is at Edge's launch. Edge is opening, but getting the web page to display is where on initial start up is where there is conflict. Our team is working on it and is in contact with Microsoft about this issue. One thing that Tex found that I hadn't seen previously is that some are reporting a loss of data and files from their Document
  18. Thanks, yep, I was able to recreate this myself on one of my lappys. Our chief Super Shield developer is aware of the issue and is in contact with his M$ contacts. Hopefully this will get resolved quickly. Thanks for the help and the head's up. Y
  19. Are you a part of the WIP (Windows Insider Preview) program? In Cortana, type: winver Press Enter What exact version number is showing there? Is it 1809 (OS Build 17763.1) Thanks Y
  20. Avast wrote us back and stated that we have been cleared.
  21. Frederick, when you say that "PC HAS DISAPPEARED", what do you mean? A 'PC' is a Personal Computer. Do you mean that your installation of PC Matic is not present? If so, then you can easily get it reinstalled. To reinstall PC Matic or install the program on an additional computer, download and install the program by clicking the link below: http://pcmatic.com/download Once the program is installed, launch the application, and login to run the scan. For PC Matic, you only need to login with the same registered email address , and password as was
  22. Hi Bruce The links below are for our User Guide for the PC Matic Home program as well as a video to walk you through the cleaning process when running a scan. User Guide: https://www.pcpitstop.com/userguides/PCMatic_ref.pdf Video ~ How to run a scan and clean: https://player.vimeo.com/video/273386896 Other PC Matic Video Tutorials: http://www.pcpitstop.com/pcpitstop_new/howto.asp Y
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