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  1. Sounds like you escaped the famed Black Screen of Death or KSOD as it's becoming known. Updates aren't the sole cause of the problem. I just went through great pains with corrupted system files all related to a network crash. This particular laptop had no restore points or back ups to restore, so it was quite the challenge. Several different "fixes" are outlined here: http://www.logicitc.com/blog/?p=102. Mesh's "Sticky Keys" solution is inventive and worked for others. It does look suspicious, doesn't it. :)Y
  2. Welcome to the Pit JessiCat555 We do have an Apple/Mac forum with a few helpful hints and helpful posts that may be of assistance here: http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showforum=45 As for a Pit test site for Macs, sorry, it just ain't out there. :)Y
  3. http://www.memoryx.net/el120005w.html :)Y
  4. We just did a head count here. 15 cats 2 dogs and 4 big fish (2 Oscars and 2 Pimelodus Catfish) Probably gonna need a Zoo Keepers license if this keeps up! Enjoy your kitty Dude. Animals make great friends. :)Y
  5. Ozzy loves to sit on my computer desk, so I put a bed up here for him. He's sleeping in it now. SShhhhh!! :)Y
  6. Yes, the food is delicious there, but I believe you will be genuinely taken aback by the kind and thoughtful nature of so many that live in the area. My last trip through Shreveport was a joy just because the people there were genuinely and generously so abundantly kind and thoughtful. Enjoy and welcome to the USA! :)Y
  7. Doggie rickshaw! Sweet. Spoiled little Princess, huh Jacee? :)Y
  8. Curious problem dickster, I looked around and thought you might want to give this solution a go: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...cfm/972194.html Right click the "C" drive choose Explore and see if there's a random autorun file hanging out there. If so, take it out. :)Y
  9. May all of your Birthday Wishes come true, kiddo!! :)Y
  10. I would recommend you moving "My Documents" to the other hard drive as well since you have it available. I've got a short tutorial here: Managing Partitions Use the space to keep things safe. :)Y
  11. death has been visited by the Moderating team and won't be with us for awhile. When he is permitted to return, if he returns, he will be expected to abide by our forum rules just like the rest of us. :)Y
  12. Congratulations!! I wish you both great success with your mission. :)Y
  13. If they want her, then they will pay her. There are lots of "talent" and "modeling" agencies out there that will charge you for their picture services, acting/modeling courses, etc. Many are quite good at playing on the hopes and dreams of the young for profit. Bottom line is the bottom line. If they want you for a part, they will pay you. Not the other way around. If she is in fact marketable, then get an agent. A reputable agent will charge a percentage of the clients income, when there is income. Not before. Been there, done that. Had a small part on a show called Hawaiian Heat, when it was filming in Hawaii years ago. Local commercials, Actor's Television Workshop, etc. Paid my agent after I was paid. A couple of examples: http://www.license.state.tx.us/talent/talfaq.htm#e2 http://www.actorslife.com/article.php?id=122 From what you've posted, for $2,000, your sister will participate in an acting/modelling workshop. :)Y
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