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  1. I will have a good look over the preventative tips, I have no idea where this thing came from. Thanks again
  2. Heres the log Fix result of Farbar Recovery Tool (FRST written by Farbar) (x86) Version: 01-12-2013Ran by snowman at 2013-12-02 21:18:21 Run:3Running from C:UserssnowmanDownloadsBoot Mode: Normal==============================================Content of fixlist:*****************startDeleteQuarantine:end*****************C:FRSTQuarantine => Removed successfully.==== End of Fixlog ==== Thankyou so much for your help
  3. Yay I've finally managed to download itunes
  4. Hi, heres the log Fix result of Farbar Recovery Tool (FRST written by Farbar) (x86) Version: 01-12-2013Ran by snowman at 2013-12-02 20:49:34 Run:2Running from C:UserssnowmanDownloadsBoot Mode: Normal==============================================Content of fixlist:*****************C:#GDATA.Trash.Store#{1C4CECF8-F146-4F9F-B4CD-9B02244D4E1A}C:UserssnowmanAppDataRoamingAVGRescuePC Tuneup 2011111111111706908.rscC:UserssnowmanAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsTemplatesFreeAppsSetup.exeC:UserssnowmanDownloadssd-setup(1).exeC:UserssnowmanDownloadssd-setup.exeC:UserssnowmanDownloadsspeedupmypc.exe*****
  5. Heres the results. C:#GDATA.Trash.Store#{1C4CECF8-F146-4F9F-B4CD-9B02244D4E1A} probably a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Widgi applicationC:AdwCleanerQuarantineCProgram FilesCommon FilesSpigotSearch SettingsSearchSettings.exe.vir a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Widgi applicationC:AdwCleanerQuarantineCProgram FilesCommon FilesSpigotSearch SettingsSearchSettings64.exe.vir a variant of Win64/Toolbar.Widgi.A applicationC:AdwCleanerQuarantineCProgram FilesCommon FilesSpigotSearch Settingswth160.dll.vir Win32/Toolbar.Widgi applicationC:AdwCleanerQuarantineCProgram FilesIObit Apps ToolbarFFcomponen
  6. Still having a prob with jrt so I'm doing the eset scan now, results soon
  7. Hi, Haven't been on the laptop since Friday as haven't had a moment. Going to run jrt now. I always disconnect my laptop from the net when I'm not using it. I'm jsut a bit worried about using it now Thanks again, will post results soon.
  8. Hi, I have run ccleaner, will do the rest tomorrow as it's late here. When I've completed all the scans do I need to rerun any scans? Thanks
  9. Hi, I've been able to download the programs you've asked me to so thats good I'm running jrt at the moment but it seems stuck on checking processes, so far it says: creating a registry backup checking start up checking modules Error: server execution failed checking processes It's been here for at least 10 mins, the little underscore is still flashing so I guess it's still running. Thanks again for your help Will pots the other results as soon as there done, it's getting late here now so hopefully they won't take too long. I'm using my sons computer at the moment to let y
  10. Hi, heres the adwcleaner log: # AdwCleaner v3.013 - Report created 29/11/2013 at 21:25:06# Updated 24/11/2013 by Xplode# Operating System : Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2 (32 bits)# Username : snowman - SNOWMAN-PC# Running from : C:UserssnowmanDownloadsAdwCleaner.exe# Option : Clean***** [ Services ] ********** [ Files / Folders ] *****Folder Deleted : C:UserssnowmanAppDataLocalLowAVG Security ToolbarFolder Deleted : C:UserssnowmanAppDataLocalLowSearch SettingsFolder Deleted : C:UserssnowmanAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsBrowser ManagerFolder Deleted : C:Userssno
  11. Heres the addition one: Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x86) Version: 28-11-2013Ran by snowman at 2013-11-29 19:22:13Running from C:UserssnowmanDownloadsBoot Mode: Normal============================================================================== Security Center ============================================ Installed Programs ======================2007 Microsoft Office system (Version: 12.0.4518.1014)ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Sprint (Version: 9.01.513.58212)Activation Assistant for the 2007 Microsoft Office suitesActivation Assistant for the 2007 Microsoft Office suites (V
  12. Hi, heres the results. Fix result of Farbar Recovery Tool (FRST written by Farbar) (x86) Version: 28-11-2013Ran by snowman at 2013-11-29 21:00:11 Run:1Running from C:UserssnowmanDownloadsBoot Mode: Normal==============================================Content of fixlist:*****************startHKLM...Run: [] - [x]HKLM...D6A79037F57FInprocServer32: [Default-fastprox] fastprox.dll ATTENTION! ====> ZeroAccess?HKCU...Run: [Google Update*] - [x] <===== ATTENTION (ZeroAccess rootkit hidden path)HKCU...409d6c4515e9InprocServer32: [Default-shell32] C:$Recycle.BinS-1-5-21-3096348332-898261059-261
  13. Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x86) Version: 28-11-2013Ran by snowman (administrator) on SNOWMAN-PC on 29-11-2013 19:21:09Running from C:UserssnowmanDownloadsWindows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 2 (X86) OS Language: English(US)Internet Explorer Version 8Boot Mode: Normal==================== Could not list processes =================================== Registry (Whitelisted) ==================HKLM...Run: [] - [x]HKLM...Run: [AVG_UI] - C:Program FilesAVGAVG2014avgui.exe [4956176 2013-11-07] (AVG Technologies CZ, s.r.o.)HKLM...Run: [APSDaemon] - C:Program FilesCommon FilesApple
  14. Just got the results for my scan but I can't paste it, any ideas? Thanks
  15. Thanks for that, the laptop is only 6 months old so is under warranty, just thought it might be something simple I could have done before it went back. I searched on the net and a few acer laptops seem to have this problem. Guess it's going back, Thanks again
  16. Hi all, My sons acer aspire 5333 laptop was working fine earlier today when it suddenly froze, since then when he switches it on, it has the main screen which says Acer, and in the bottom left corner it says something like "press f2 to enter set up" it then makes a clicking noise and turns itself off and then it will start again and go off again, the only way to turn it off is to remove the battery. (it doesn't do anything when you press f2) Anyone got any ideas? I thought about putting the boot up disk in but thought I'd ask here first. It has windows 7. Many thanks
  17. Hi, Thanks, I have done what it says and cannot find it, there is no autorun inf and all the folders are folders and not applications He did show me the folder which was named recycler, but I can't remember where it was. I'll ask him when he gets home. Thanks Julie
  18. Hi all, my son has the recycler virus on his comp. It's running win xp. He is unable to get on the net, when he opens firefox it says it's already running. He has a folder called recycler and some shortcuts on his drive. Can someone please tell me if I can download anything on my comp (put onto memory stick) and transfer it to his comp and run it? I'm guessing it would need to be done in safe mode. Many thanks Julie
  19. Hi all, my sons asus x581 (windows vista) laptop has a black screen he was using fine and the battery was flat so he put the charger in and the screen is now black. He had it sitting on the floor in its laptop bag, so I have taken it out of the bag and turned it off incase anything has overheated. It can be shutdown and started ok until the password is put in and you press enter, then just the black screen. Any ideas please. Thanks Julie I have just started it again and it asked if we wanted to update our spyware which we did and we have now managed to get firefox running but there
  20. Hi all, I have an asus x581 laptop. I went to put it down on the floor when the lead unplugged from the back of the laptop (connected to the electric) and it just cut dead. There was no lights on at all. It wouldn't start unless it was plugged back in. Battery is showing 100% charge. Anyone advise? Thanks
  21. Thanks all, I've decided its not worth it, I'm getting another pc later today so I'm going to give my kids this one, much better I guess the other 1s just too old now Thanks again all
  22. Hi, sorry haven't been about! Yes the cd rom works fine, it opens up the disk if the comp is already running, but if I boot with the disk in its like it ignores the cd rom and takes ages (I mean ages!) to boot. I have turned the comp off before because it seems to be doing nothing, so I take the disk out and reboot. Its getting on a bit now so not sure if its trying to tell me something! Thanks Julie
  23. Thanx for your help I might give emachines tech a try, I'll give it a couple more goes first I have just cleared loads of stuff off it which isn't used so hopefully it will load things quicker, took a good 10 mins to boot up earlier I've tried every top key and esc and del, but still nothing. I'll give them another go now a few things have been removed. Thanks guys
  24. no, if I put the disk in and open it and click on autorun all I get is a notebook message.
  25. Hi, model is a emachines 140dvd. I thought I'd let my kids have this comp and wish I hadn't said anything to them now LA8490 I have done a cd boot 2 times before. I have both disks in their original case, but the front sleeve from the case is missing, this is the bit that had the instructions on it. Can't believe I've lost it Thanks
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