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  1. hi, my friend has a maxtor external hard drive and she plugged in the wrong electric lead and now it doesn't work, is there anyway she can retrieve the info she has on it? Many thanks
  2. Hi, yes I have office. It saved fine before so don't know whats happened. Just tried works word processor and its fine, so I'll use that for now. Thanks
  3. Hi, its saving as rich text format. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have been doing some work in wordpad and saving it, when I go back to it, its in microsoft word viewer I can't change anything so I copy and paste it into word and save again only to have the same problem Can anyone tell me whats wrong? I have win xp. Cheers Julie
  5. Hi, I have the list of folders on the left. It showed I had some emails in my deleted folder but when I went to open the deleted items folder the emails went I have had some emails sent to me since the others disappeared and they are fine. Thanks
  6. Hi thanks, where do I find OE waste bin?
  7. I have mailwasher and processed an email earlier and thought I'd read it later, so I shut down OE. I've just gone back onto OE and all my emails have gone I have no idea where they are. I still have all my contacts but not 1 email. Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers Julie
  8. Hi, any idea what the name of the virus is? so I can look it up on symantec. Thanks
  9. Hi, my friend has gone to start his computer and is getting a message which says " system 32 .dll missing or corrupt" computer will not restore. He is running win xp home edition. Its just a black screen with this message. Can anyone help please. Computer was really slow and was shut down normally and then restarted when this message appeared. Thanks
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