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  1. Thanks everyone, It was the + disks that were the problem, my player only plays - disks. All sorted now. Thanks again Julie
  2. Problem sorted My dvd player only plays dvd- not + I spoke to the man in the store and he told me 90% of dvd players in the uk will only play minus dvds. I've done it and it works great Thankfully they took the + disks back and exchanged them for me. I still think I'll look for better software. Thanks for all your help. Julie
  3. I have been on the nero website and tried to download and view the tutorials for this but it just comes up cannot find server, so I have emailed them and asked them to send it to me (if I haven't thrown my computer through the window by then) Thanks Julie
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm in the UK so we use pal not ntsc. I have nero express 6 which is for cd and dvd. I have a dvd with video in one, it is a region 2 pal. I was using clone cd for my cds which is fantastic and so easy to use, nero is an absolute nightmare I sat up half the night trying to work it out. There are no instructions with nero and help was a waste of time. I'm going into the store I bought my writer from when I've finished work and see what they suggest. Thankfully my disks are rw so I haven't wasted any. This is the first time I have tried a dvd writer and I thought it would be like my cd writer nice and easy to use. I'm getting annoyed with it now Thanks Julie
  5. Hi All, I have had a dvd writer installed today and nero express software came with it. I have copied a dvd using the copy disk option, and it will work on my comp but not on my dvd player I can't understand it. The disks are packard bell dvd+rw disks, 2.4xspeed,4.7gb. What should you have nero configured as? sorry I don't know much about this at all :help: I get a message which says "please check disk", and the dvd clock says "err" Any help please. Julie sorry for the other post about this but I put the wrong title in
  6. Hi All, I have just had a dvd writer installed in my comp. I copied a dvd which plays fine on my comp but won't play in my dvd player all I get is an error message and please check disk. I am using packard bell dvd+rw discs, 2.4x speed, 4.7gb. I got nero software with it, and I used the option copy complete disc. Where have I gone wrong? Any help please. Thanks Julie :help:
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