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  1. I have windows xp home with sp2 if that makes any difference
  2. Ok well ive been looking on the net for a few hours now and found a few people with the same problem but never a solution!! http://www.techsupportforum.com/archive/in...hp/t-31485.html That is identical to whats wrong for me. The hard drive is a Hitachi Deskstar 250gb I found this support for it but nothing to download that would seem to help http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/t7k250/t7k250.htm Im pretty much out of ideas now I read that maybe windows or my mother board couldnt handle the drive size so I tried partioning it into as little as 100mb! but still no luck it get
  3. Oh I did try turning off my anti virus btw and I am using windows xp home. I havent tried any of the other things as like I said im not sure about the file system thing? Thanks for any advice
  4. Hi I'm not quick formating I am full, I have tried both though, both without success. I didnt get anything with the drive, just the drive itself so I dont have a dos utility. I did try partioning the drive but again it still failed to format, I found this here, http://linuxactivist.blogspot.com/2005/10/...ft-windows.html But thats for formating a floppy disk but it seems very close to my problem? I havent tried any of that as I need to format it to NTFS? And not just wipe it I guess as at the moment it has no file system? Sorry if this isnt making much sense I havent done this bef
  5. Hi today I installed a new 250gb slave hard disk, bios recognises it fine and windows now recognises it but I cant use it as I cant format it, i've tried three times now it gets to 100% on the format then says windows was unable to complete the format. So it doesnt actually have any file system i.e like my original one is NTFS this one is RAW and then it doesnt show a size in my computer it is 0 bytes. Can anyone help me with what I need to do? This is the first time I have installed a hard drive, so its probebly something dumb. Thanks for any help. Also if I try to double click it in my
  6. lol 5 million! yes you win! And shogun yeah I think yours is slightly better value for money! :-)
  7. Wow, I couldnt get close to that at alienware... I beat it myself at the same site, but it is a bit unrealistic. Like some guy above posted 1000$ for a paint job! lmao. Anyway, im looking for a new system myself and found that stupidly overpriced site while I was doing it. I was just wondering if there were more sites that charge that kind of money!!
  8. Sort of missed the point I feel crow, sure you can build expensive systems at alienware, but good luck beating the one above. If you manage it post a screen shot.
  9. Can anyone beat this? Ok the challenge, using any custom build website you like beat this system... Tower only! No monitors, keyboards, mice, software (except the OS). You can include lights, fans, cooling systems, sound cards though. The highest price wins, but you must include some screenshots as proof!
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