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  1. I got my [email protected] and my [email protected] goin for right now. Couldnt get the 2400M goin though. It just restarts and the log says it cannot create a work dir. Ill scrap the OS on it tonight and try again. I got a 46 pointer and a 186 pointer goin for now..... Sure, let me know bout that P3 WS. EDIT: LOL I posted under my boss's user name. Ha! OOOPS!!
  2. I am looking for drivers for a calcomp pacesetter for winxp it is a 2036 series, I looked on drivers guide no go any help would be great . :help:
  3. Go into the add and remove programs and remove quicktime .Check and make sure they are not in the start up in msconfig if so shut off.
  4. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...4CKAWAJQHUSXZ8X
  5. I am looking for drivers for my ethernet card a taimga , The card is on aopen motherboard and I am running 2000 pro :help:
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