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  1. I've been away, so this is the forst time I've been back. Sorry for the delay, but -- thanks for the wishes!
  2. Would depend on how frightened you are....
  3. On "Dirty Jobs", Mike Rowe worked at a mere 300 feet, helping assembel a tower. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DX4d833zCE
  4. She's certainly attractive, in a generic, "Real Housewives of ****" sort of way. My preference is for a little more, hmmm, well, heft. You know, " Ho, HO! Da, has fine, beeg heeps; will bear many strongk, healthy boychicks". Marilyn Monroe is a great template.
  5. Eh... I'll just wait. I did find a pretty decent translator - QuickTranslate - that does the job. For underline. I'll stick with "Ctrl+F". Not all THAT big a deal. Some FF5 users are so frustrated that they are rewinding to FF4; a REALLY bad idea, since Mozilla has shut down all support for FF4, I guess "Pour l'encouragement d'les autres". Which means stepping back to 3.6, and thereby fouling up your currently compatible add-ons.
  6. Thanks, Chas! A nice one. Google Searchbar is fine; no probs at all. It's the TOOLbar that is incompatible. It contains a number of utilities that are available right at hand with one click. I particularly use "translate" and "highlight"
  7. Unfortunately, FF5 is not compatible with a number of add-ons, particularly third-party extensions, and MOST especially Google Toolbar. I jumped the gun twice, once by downloading FF5 in haste, then by removing GT before thinking to try forced compatibility. Google and Mozilla, of course, are pointing fingers at each other; not helpful, especially if Mozilla is planning to trot our two more "versions" by summer's end. All this has been in the works for a while; why does it always seem to come as a huge surprise to the code writers? In the meantime, I'm making do with piecemeal add-ons. I've found a decent "translation" prog, but I am still looking for, of all things, a utility to simply highlight searched words and terms on web pages and PDF files. "CTRL+F" is clumsy, and only allows one search at a time. Otherwise, FF5 is really nice, a noticeable increase in speed.
  8. Apparently, you can set up Windows Mail/Outlook Express within W7. Worth a try, anyway. If worse comes to worst, you CAN downgrade W7 to Vista.. Needless to say, back up all data before trying this. Returning to W7 might involve a clean install; I understand that installing one OS upgrade over another can slow down your system.
  9. According to an article in today's NY Times, A Hong Kong company is offering 1000 mbs download speed for less than 26$US/month. When contacted, Verizon says it doesn't offer such speed because it doesn't have to(!). The phone company and the largest cable company, Cox, are for sure not interested because of the infrastructure investment, and because people settle for what's offered. Google is timidly setting up a test program at Stanford, but that's about it. It's bothersome that we in the US seem happy to accept second or third best these days. In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott has refused 2.4 billion fed funds to help develop a high-speed rail system. China last month operated a bullet train at speeds up to 302 mph -- that's NY to Boston in less than an hour. Short-sighted selfishness seems to have become institutionalized in America. Our parents went to the moon. Our grandparents built the interstate highway system; THEIR grandparents dug the Panama Canal; and THEIR grandparents built the trans-continental railroad and laid the transatlantic cable. And our offering to posterity? 3-D TV -- maybe. Oh,well, maybe next generation....
  10. Good enough. What I needed to know. Thanks, duanester!
  11. I have been getting a false positive from Secunia PSI for MSXML6.dll. After repeated attempts to update on my C: drive, I finally thought to check my D: (Recovery) drive (sorry, I'm running Vista Basic, should have said); there was the little bugger, older'n the hills. What is the procedure for updating a file in the D: drive? I know its got to be humiliatingly simple, but that's me.... Right now, the only solution I've found is to simply exempt the whole D: drive from PSI, on the theory that the baddies aren't likely to break into the Recovery drive. It works, but it sure ain't elegant. Thanks for any suggestions!
  12. My system got pretty badly stunned after I tried to run an alleged "critical" update from Windows (250+ megs). A number of intractible problems ensued, and I tried to do a system restore, as per several other occasions. This time, however, it failed. I did a system repair, and spent many happy hours updating stuff ( I now have a flash-drive backup, so I AM capable of learning). So, finally, is there any way of checking whether system restore is working, without actually running it? I know this is basic stuff, but hey, I can write BASIC! Thanks!
  13. Thanks, muttonhunter -- at least I know I'm not alone!
  14. The latest yellow shield from Windows Update urges me to download what appears to be a two-in-one: an upgrade to .NET Framework 3.5, and Service pack for same. Well, I'm easy, but a 248 meg download is stretching it a bit; with my dial-up, I estimate about 11 hours on a none-too-stable connection. Googling has been unhelpful. All I can find are some references about improved compatibility for certain applications. If I really need this, I'll try to nurse it along, but what happens if I don't? A midnight visit from the Microsoft Militia? Bursts of bone-melting plasma from my monitor? I am the perfect Microsoft customer: half ignorant, and totally paranoid. Someone talk me down, please....
  15. Bingo! The sweetest words in the language: "verifying the download". Calling up the Windows firewall and making sure that my av was disabled seemed to do the trick. In fact, it went so smoothly that I was tempted to delete it and try the other suggested routes. But, nah.... I really appreciate all the assistance and info. For me and my system, this was a toughy. Now for IE7....
  16. Drat, that was quick! I hadn't even finished editing my misspellings! Yeah, I did finally remember to turn off my av and firewall (esp. since my av Panda in an earlier incarnation had a nasty habit of blocking Windows dl's. Actually, I'm getting good and tired of Panda, and am looking around for a new av). I will check out the link (where DO you find these things?). And, again, thanks!
  17. Well, thanks to some hand-holding from several members, I was able to get a "repair" install of Xp up and running. Speed was enhanced very nicely, and some strange behavior was curtailed. Since my system is obsolete ( Dell Dimension 2400, shipped 6/5/05), the re-install disk I got from Dell is likewise obsolete. It brought me up only as far as IE6 and SP2. Win Update called up a slew of KB*'s, but said that I first needed to install SP3. No go. I tried sneaking up on it from "express", "custom", auto-update; they all idled along for a spell, then quit, telling me that I was suffering from "error 0x80072F78". Googling has not been much help. The error seems to involve a proxy mis-match. Maybe. Windows trouble-shooting suggested clicking a few property changes. OK. They also recommended running three .dll's; one came up o.k., the other two asked for a program, and offered an online search, which I haven't gotten too far into, frankly. So, should I try a custom update of all the other critical updates (about 19, groan), and hope that this will bring me within striking distance of SP3? Or should I try for IE7 first? I did use a flashdrive to back up my C volume and desktop, but it's my first go at this, and I nervous about possible problems in the off-load. And if I DID run the backup would it have SP3 on it? Lord, this has gone on for too long; if anyone has stuck it out this far, maybe they can offer (once again) some help. Thanks in advance!
  18. Caintry Boy: Nice detective work! I'll give it a try. Thanks!
  19. During the last week, I have been getting an "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem...etc." with a reference to a 0x0000005 error code. The only new installations have been this month's MS security downloads (uh, oh....). A Pit scan showed some out-of-date drivers, but that's about it. All other scans came up clean. I'm running IE7 SP3 (two month old install, no problems). I can run FireFox with no problem, but I understand that IE is always lurking about somewhere in the background, not to mention that I don't like loose ends. Google and MS Support is no help; workarounds and fixes are aimed at AMD machines, applying them to Intel could stop me from booting forever and ever. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  20. As John 44 said in the Political Discussion on this topic, how you gonna unexecute someone if we get the wrong guy (or gal)? Getting it wrong is way too easy. Testimony from kids is notoriously difficult to verify, and the results can ruin lives. The classic case is the McMartin Daycare Center affair.
  21. On Afghanistan: "I must say, I'm a little envious.... If I were slightly younger and not employed here, I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on the front lines of helping this young democracy succeed.... It must be exciting for you... in some way romantic, you know, confronting danger." I am in no way a fan of John McCain, but at least he does not fantasize: "War is wretched beyond description, and only a fool or a fraud could sentimentalize its cruel reality."
  22. I do love the ol' boy -- as seriously non-PC as the Dixie Chicks....
  23. Only thing that works for me is to shut down my AV while immunizing.
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