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  1. Glad you've gotten up to speed. In my experience, cool and quiet is just a processor fan control system. Dependent on sensors located on or around the processor, it slows or speeds the fan for proper temperature control. All the while quieting the system. Walker
  2. Go to screen saver settings and then power. Use the drop down window to set power scheme. Either use desktop or always on........
  3. I would try a defrag of all drives to see if that would help some.......
  4. I'd check to see if the right drivers are installed. You should score a lot higher than 37. Here's what your tech express shows in case you haven't seen it...... According to Windows, the devices and/or drivers listed below are not enabled: VisionTek Radeon X1300 Secondary [problem code 22] Intel® 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller [problem code 22] Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller [problem code 22]
  5. I couldn't agree more that you shouldn't have any video problems, but you do. I wonder if the card itself isn't operating properly.
  6. I'd first get the latest video drivers from nvidia. http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_91.47.html If you've built the system yourself, I'd check the power supply that has to be plugged in. You should have way more video power than what you're experiencing...Good luck.
  7. You might opt to turn the display settings down a tad, but all it's going to do is up your score some. You're running 32 bit, maybe that's the reason for the results you're seeing. If not, I wouldn't worry about it if the video is fast enough for what you need........Walker
  8. Go to screensaver settings......click on power and set power scheme always on or desktop........You're running at half power........
  9. Hope this helps......from the web....=) The frontside bus is the circuitry between the microprocessor and the main memory. The faster the frontside bus, the more data is delivered to the microprocessor. Intel and Advanced Micro Devices have worked to increase bus speeds as their chips have grown faster and faster. ("Bus" is believed to derive from the electrical engineering term "bus bar." A bus bar is used to distribute electrical current.) To further confuse things, the frontside bus doesn't actually run at 800 megahertz. It runs at 200 megahertz. But it has four channels, whi
  10. The shutting down problem could be several different things. You've got a decent processor but it runs on 533 bus and that's all your capable of doing with that motherboard. I'd get some sort of registy cleaner and see if that helps with your shutdown problems. If you can get it to start without all those programs running it may help you to decipher what all is happening when you try to shut down. All computers have problems at different times. Good luck........
  11. You've got way too many things running at one time. Click start/run....type msconfig.......uncheck loadup start up items. or click on the startup tab and uncheck what you don't want running on start up. Either way you really need to turn some of what you've got going off. Defrag you hard drive........
  12. I'd turn that nvidia driver helper off......it really does you no good. Nice rig.
  13. That's too funny Chris......I suppose if you want to profess your admiration for old processors, you're certainly free to do that. You asked a question and got some replies. Makes me wonder how you would handle the demise of your celeron if it ever plays out. Would you need counseling?
  14. Hey Chris......I do believe it was you who asked the question. So you've gotten your responses so take what you want and leave the rest. Ya know, sorta like AMD did to intel. =) And why on earth are you concerned about p3 processors and 100 mhz buses. It's 2006 dude... I like what badwish had to say........straight and to the point. This subject can be debated and debated. No end in sight. I simply prefer AMD.
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