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    Pentium 4 1.6 Ghz 40 gig h/d 352 ram win.XP home. IE 6 oe6

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  1. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the " Set Up Windows Internet Explorer 8 ."pesky popup.I have installed IE8 but still get this unsolicited popup. The usual options for popups have no effect and IE8 is most certainly installed. XP home sp3
  2. This dosent seem to be a permanent fix. Does it work for you?
  3. Can anyone tell me how to change the "Window Search" back to the older version of jusst the smaller face with the little dog helper?It seems to be the result of an automatic download .Maybe I could remove the download if I knew which one it was. Thanks
  4. Hi, Would anyone know of a schedular or timer to start internet explorer. What I'm looking for is a program (preferablly FREE) by which I can leave the computer idling and start the internet at a selected time.I need this to gainfully use off- peak download time offered by my ISP.Thanks. Xp home Sp3 ie7
  5. I can type in everthing except Email messages. Even the blinking curser thing is absent.As well no messages display in preview.Not even forwards display . Please tell me you can fix this.
  6. Sorry but the word accounts is missing
  7. Hi Guys, Can you tell me how to fix this fault? In outlook express when I click tools the dropdown has accounts missing. Wally.
  8. HI, If you are allowed to will someone tell me which free antispam is the best to use.
  9. Hi, This is a little off beat. .Has anyone got a full screen analogue clock? Maybe as a screen saver.Ive been looking for ages but cant find an uncluttered one.
  10. washton


    We have a BSOD definately .Cannot access the computer as it is, tried Safe mode but it doesnt quite get there , It gets part way through the sequence ...then blue screen.Is there any way out of this other than XP repair or a format?
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