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  1. Caution very out spoken

  2. got your attention huh, just in one of those lets see what happens if moods today
  3. Your best off doing it yourself, make a back-up then a copy change the copy to a text and then do a word or string search for programs you know you have removed make the edits and save as a reged.reg
  4. I think i see more than one antivirus program, do you have more than one running at a time Here are a few links to on line scans and diskkeeperlite run these do the suggested fixes from your test when done re-test and post back here. Trend Micro sygate Disk keeper lite
  5. What os Google this: recovering deleted files from an external drive name of os there are a bunch of recovery tools a few are free, the one thing i would not do is reboot until i searched
  6. A friends son need to use power point for a school project, well I was not about to pay between 100-300 dollars so I googled power point Linux and came up with a goody called magic point. After a totally painless install, I am once again impressed, this little goody came with everything needed and I was beyond easy to use. Chalk up yet another one for Linux
  7. Not saying this in a bad way but if your just an average computer user system mechanic can be a very dangerous bit of software, it is very unforgiving.
  8. It will work, um you may want to defrag and set the accel on your vid card if it applys to that card I think what Mr Hoffman below is refering to is LBA or Logical Block Addressing here is pretty simple to the point read on the matter http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/bios/modesLBA-c.html
  9. Sure with an adapter, though I am not sure how well it would work having never tried it curious is there a problem with your laptop keyboard or you just don't like it?
  10. Tried any of these geared toward overclocking? http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=152 http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/browse.php?c=4 my bads I did not see your running a pci card sorry
  11. Have you tried different drivers?
  12. To much grease will act as an insulator and keep the heat in, fan placement is vital as well.
  13. I wonder if it is a fan wire and causing it to over heat.
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