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  1. overall - good and go for it. just be patient if you do have trouble at first with it. after dealing with issues (if you even have them) i find vista to be quite beneficial and very nice and smooth. also sp1 will be out soon, it will be twice as good then and it isnt so bad now.
  2. id install an extra fan, if problem still occurs install new power supply. just like these guys said.
  3. ive gotten a few BSOD in vista, but i stilll love it. Im glad third party software is finally realeasing more for the OS, and the leaked pre-sp1 updates were fantastic. And thats just part of Sp1, i think after sp1 vista will be great. I do think it is great now in some aspects.
  4. jep


    thanks i just swtiched to vista ultimate...lite edition. i call it lite because i altered the .iso file and made it much smaller by removing much of what i didnt need. BUT THANKS i am enjoying vista even more now!
  5. i know a program out there that will turn your desktop into something very similiar, not such a far off idea. although i still like this way of using windows.
  6. jep


    I wonder what there going to change look wise...Vista is pretty good looking. But didnt they say Vista back when it was Longgghorn was going to come out a lot sooner then it did...I think they said they were going to release it in late 2003/ early 2004 at first. So dont you think that date is subject to change?
  7. Vista and Gaming didnt workout for me. Not because of my specs of my system which arent even that bad but Quake 4 just didnt show up right graphic wise...not sure why. Looked it up and it said something about Vista not supporting OpenGL graphics...came back to xp just for that game :-p.
  8. mine only took 40 minutes to an hour, nothing more.... any one else take longer?
  9. I am a Windows Vista user as well so if anyone needs help i can try have to admit though i havent quite figured it all out yet though
  10. i have vista ultimate :-) honestly i dont see anything so great over xp im not anti ms or anything but jeez what is going on here? but hey it looks great
  11. I have had this problem with WMP 11, I'm not sure if this is your solution but I installed a codec pack. And I was aware that it didnt say anything about failing to download codecs but i did anyway :-p. And problem was solved
  12. a friend of mine, says that a danger of smoking pot, is what could be laced with the marijuana. I guess it all depends on who you buy it from. But apparently, people could get hurt from the stuff that was laced with it. Im also in a health class and they say it has a lot of bad effects .
  13. I agree with the poster above, get the codces. Theres this great codec pack kalled K-Lite. It gives you pretty much all codecs to play any type of video. hope this helped -jep
  14. Please do. I always like to know if I helped out a little. jep
  15. set the bios to boot up from the cd rom drive restart with windows disc in drive when selecting a partition, delete all partitions (this will delete all files on the computer) select unpartioned space to install windows on, it will then format the drive eliminating all previous data then it will install from there dont forget to back up your data, and good luck. jep
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