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  1. The other day I was using Firefox browsing a news website when suddenly AVG free popped up and said click here to start update. This was very strange because normally AVG would not ask for me to approve the update. After doing some research online it seemed that there is a trojan that had infected my system to cause this. I searched several websites on how to get rid of this, and they all suggested using Malwarebytes anti virus to get rid of it. So I downloaded it, ran the scan, sure enough it found it. Clicked heal, it said it had been removed. I did another scan just to be sure, unforunately it was back again. It says that svchost.exe registry file is infected, it claims to heal it but everytime after i run a scan again, its back there infected. Anyone know anything about this?
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXzWWKt3gOk thres the vid, i suggest making it full screen to view. let me know if that helped, since my words arent very clear. hope i helped a little
  3. i made a vid of how to do it so as soon as youtube is done processing it i will post it on here
  4. Right click on My Computer, in the right Task panel you will see System Protection, click that. Now it will open the System Protection tab. Now just uncheck all of the selected restore point on the HD and it will delete all the old restore points! -jep
  5. what are your system specs bruce?
  6. i like ultimate a lot so far, but i am running it with a bare 1 gb of ram...it does alrigth. im trying to tweak ready boost into using some of my external hd as ram, it can be done i just have to figure out how. Whats up with Windows 98 being so common hha :-) acctually though i did recently get an old pc i found in a basement in my aunts old house, has 96 mb of ram and 320 mhz processor. Oddly though after uninstalling useless stuff everything runs perfect and using firefox it runs great can browse the web and email and all that great stuff. Not a performance PC but hey sweet went vista goes crazy on here :-p. Yea anyway got off topic there, Im assuming the Windows 98 low resources is why it runs so great. Things brings up another question (Sorry im asking and posting so much). Has anyone ever put an older operating system on a new PC (Older then XP). loving all the response on here by the way, i thought this place was dead!!
  7. well...thats nothing to out of the ordinary, it just happens. i guess you could say it takes skill! haha jk , im sure over time you will get the hang of it. And i would say that there isnt a problem with the mouse or your system.
  8. why are you running that, is your system old??
  9. so whats the difference between the NT core and the other cores?
  10. Alright well i was just wondering about this one for several reasons. Vista had an amazing hype about it then it came out, mostly negative things have been said about it ( i can argue both ways ). XP is what I grew up on and used most and became custom too. But Windows 2000, theres something about that OS. Many of the computer Guru's I know STILL use that as there primary OS, thats not to say they dont use others. But when asked most of them praise it as Microsofts first and LAST fully stable and functional OS. Now...after pondering that thought and not going any deeper into conversation, I just nodded and said ok. But, now Im wondering, which was Microsofts best released in your opinion. Oh, and if we have any loyal 2000 users on here, whats so great about it ? thanks!
  11. does it annoy anyone who uses that beta's have been available for a long time before release and tons of software have still not upgraded to be compatible? I mean i can understand the ones without a lot of money but big ones like Apple? I would hope they started trying to make it compatible long ago...but if its not now, then whats going on :-p?
  12. hey thanks for the helps guys but i am still having some issues :-/ Is there any other solutions? my main problem is that i am still being kicked off AIM constantly with the wireless router, when i am plugged into the linksys, i do not have this problem. I thought maybe the router was faulty?, but i took it to my friends house, hooked it up there for a week and it worked perfectly, not interuptions... anyone please help :-) ? thanks in advanced, jep
  13. I have a D-Link Wireless router and a normal non wireless Linksys router. The cable modem is plugged directly into the Linksys, and a cable is connecting the D-Link to the Linksys from one of Linksys ports. Thats my setup. And here is my problem: The wireless network which has my desktop pc plugged in and I use its wireless for my laptop is continuously going out and coming back in. I know because I use an instant messenger program and I am constantly kicked off then back on again. So one thing I tried to do was unplug it then plug it back in, and now I have no connection from the landline or wireless from it. Any Ideas? Help please...haha thanks for your time and thanks in advanced for the help
  14. im on a home network with other computers, i understand that kind of sharing. I was wondering more like if i was in a different place off my home network, is there some way to setup this computer so i can access some files if needed by using IE to log in. Or is that for jsut servers?
  15. I was wondering if on an XP Pro system, thats still your main system, if i could make it so i could acess files from anywhere by using IE and logging into the system to view and download the files. Kind of like a server, but i dont want to make it so this comptuer can only be used as a server. hope i made that clear enoug hlol thanks - jep
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