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  1. Hi...after using Win 7 Home for 10 years now I guess it's time to upgrade both OS and computer.. BUT since Win 10 has been out there for 5 years already, does that mean I"ll loose that support 5 years from now? Or do I wait for the next new OS to arrive? Thanks
  2. thanks TX...tried this method with the two printheads I have, but no go...both heads still do not print out any PGBK ink...is it really possible that both heads are badf?? Should I gamble on another printhead??
  3. Yes I did...three times..........is there a printer reset that might work?? Should I try another new printhead? By the way thanks for responding....could two printheads have the same problem?? I'm just at a lose on whats happening.
  4. Not sure if I'm at the right forum but here goes...my Pixma 4200 printer is not printing the PGBK black ink, at all! The nozzle check shows all colors and the other black ink but not the PGBK ink, which I need for the texts. I tried a new printhead and the same result. What gives?? there is ink on bottom of cartridge and shows ink in its reservoir. Any suggestions would be great.. Thanks!
  5. Thanks!!! I appreciate the response.
  6. Hello...I have been getting a lot of calls from "Appllle tech" advising me that my iCloud might be hacked!/ I've been ignoring it. Would they actually call me??? It's making me and my wife a little nervous. Thanks!
  7. Hey...I'm using Spectrum streaming 100meg internet through a Ubee router. The WPS button ontop, I don't know if its on or off. there are no WPS lights I'm at my desktop trying to connect this extender, but I just don't get it. Online info just repeats whats already in manual..Anybody have this same extender? I must be thicker than I thought Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies..I will check those links out..
  9. Hey everyone...do I absolutely need a fax modem or somehow can I fax with the hardware I have...I'm hooked up with a Time Warner router and modem...my phone line goes into the modem...I tried faxing with the "Windows fax and Scan" program" (I do have a separate scanner) but it said it couldn't connect, no dial tone..Thanks!!
  10. Holy crap!!...didn't mean to start anything, but you know, you are ALL right!......as for the cd, it plays in my Bluray player, but not in my kitchen player..oh well
  11. Simple question...I burned mp3 files to a cd..it plays on the computer, but doesn't play in our kitchen cd player..I downloaded the files from Frostwire (Torrent data?)...what's missing?? Thanks
  12. Thanks for your help it worked like a charm!!

  13. no, I don't think we did reboot...what should I try?
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