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  1. Jaycee, Ran Dr Web and it returned with .......No Viruses Found....
  2. Thank you Jacee, will do.... I also sent DH to the neighbors to change out all of his passwords. Yes we have Sygate Firewall.
  3. I just finished scanning with Rootkit Hook Analyser and these entries are in RED Nt Allocate Virtual Memory OxED1D2B30 Module wpsdrvnt.sys Product wpsdrvnt Nt Map View Of Section,ZwMap View OfS OxED1E2470 Product as above NTCreate Thread, ZWCreate Thread OXED1D26FO Product as above Nt Protect Virtual Memorey, ZwProtect Virt OxED1D2C50 Product as above Nt Shutdown System, ZW /Shutdown System OxED1D2990 Nt Terminate Process, ZW Terminate Proc OxED1D28DO Product as above Nt Write Virtual Memory ZwWrite Virtual
  4. Thank you Jacee, husband called the bank this morning and explained the infection. They did not tell us to change our passwords, but if you think we absolutely should we will. Thank you for your help. We are going to run the Rootkit scan now and hopefully we will be able to run a HJT scan and post here for you to check out.
  5. Brandon, Thank you for that explanation... I have found these and would like to know if you think they are safe to use to scan for the Rootkits. Rootkit Hook Analyser Blacklight from S-Secure Rootkit Revealer from Sysinternals Malicious Software Removal from Microsoft Thank you
  6. Brandon, I took a look at the link you gave me and I don't understand what it is saying? Can you tell me more? I don't know about Rootkits? Wish I could get a HJT posted for someone to look at.
  7. Does this repair require a Win2000 Setup CD? We do not have one for this laptop........
  8. Husbands computer coming up with a box at startup saying....NTOSKRNL.exe, what is this please? Any way to get an HJT of his computer and posted on here? Tried yesterday with no luck. Did not mention earlier on, husbands computer is running win2000.
  9. We have been running scans all day today and everything seems to be okay as far as finding anything else on his computer. But, tried to run HJT on his computer and not sure even if the test ran....should I be seing losts of weird flashing symbols as the test is running? After I think the test ran, I tried to send it off to PcPitstop and after a slow crawl the page came up "page Cannot be displayed" so I guess it did not go. I tried to sign in to my user account to PCPitstop using his computer and was not able to, so this is still an issue. What is causing this to happen? How can we get a test
  10. Thank you, husband just tried to access bank accounts by phone and was again denied access due to "incorrect passwords"...???? Something definetely is not right here.
  11. 8210Guy, Oh boy, you are scarring me! We will try as you have suggested and get back to you with our results. Thank you for the prompt reply.
  12. My husband is having a weird problem with his laptop and the internet. He is unable to access any accounts such as his Yahoo email, Aim mail or any of his bank accounts. It seems that anything requiring a user name and password is denied access to. He was able to access all accounts yesterday, but now nothing. Also earlier today when I tried to access his accounts for him on his laptop, as soon as I opened IE6 his home page, Yahoo came up fine but then started multiplying itself over and over till there were so many of them. I immediately ran AVG antivirus Scan, it found nothing, then I
  13. Jacee, Is there a Antiviris Program on the web that will get this virus off of my computer for me?
  14. My AVG has found the NYB Virus? It does not give me the option of healing or removal of it. Can someone please tell me how to remove this virus from my computer and please instruct in simple to understand as I don't understand all of this. Thank you.
  15. Dave???? What do I do next please............. Carline
  16. Dave, Sorry could not get link to copy so here it is...... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NDVXNWXXXGUSMG4U
  17. Dave, I cleaned out my computer using the canned air...... It took a few tries to get Scandisk to scan my computer in Safe Mode, I received the blue screen, Fatal Exception 0028:c00078c0 in VXD VMM (01) +000068c0 error in the first 2 tries, then with the 3rd try I received Illegal Operation (Explorer) Fault Module KRNL386.EXE at 0001:000014f0, then on the fourth it ran right through. Also ran Defrag. My Panda Active Scan is below, I am going to run the PCPitstop test and post the link. Thank you. Carline Incident
  18. Dave, I certainly will give your suggestion of the canned air a try and wil get back with you by Monday. Thank you. Carline
  19. Dave, Am receiving Illegal Operations with Firefox. Error detail Cpgeadm, Module at 0000:00472 eld.
  20. Dave, This evening I was browsing on one of my favorite sites and started getting the IE error box again. It happened 4 times in a row so I just shut down IE and went to Firefox. I thought things were cleared up, but I guess not. Will wait to hear from you. Thank you again Carline
  21. Hi Dave, Ok I ran the regsvr32 shdoc401.dll and got the succeeded message. I rebotted and browsed with IE for more than an hour and then got the IE error report (send/don't send) box. I clicked on don't send and IE restarted itself and now have been browsing for a good hour waiting to see if the same error box comes up. So far it has not. Do you think it might be ok now or should something else be checked to make sure? Thanks so much again Dave. Carline
  22. Dave, All the above succeeded except for....received this message box, Shell32.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. DllRegisterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version of Shell32.dll may be in memory. Consider using PView to detect and remove it. Thank you. Carline
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