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  1. I have been sitting here for over 2 hours trying to do the Win xp reinstall on my computer (using hubbies laptop at the moment) The setup is at 4% but I keep getting messages saying that setup cannot copy.....so far 18 .ttf files and now some files ending in .pif,.exe and inf are not being copied. I have pressed enter to try again and escape to get out of this window and to contnue. Also a .dll file just showed up as cannot copy. Am I doing something wrong here? Carline
  2. Oops! Sorry Jaycee....I missed this post of yours with the above link. I am going to read it now. I may be back with more questions...TY
  3. I guess that these numbers could be the ones as they are a set of 5 numbers with a dash inbetween the sets. Great!! So now am I to try the CD and am i going to be following a set of instructions on the cd or do I need to know more before I try this next step? TY
  4. I just checked some papers that about a year ago when I was cleaning my computer up (dusting it in and out) and at this time I did write down a slew of numbers found in and on the outside of the case and I have a set of numbers and letters that I labeled as Product Key # V33F8- blah blah, quite a long set of numbers and letters. Is this it?
  5. Where will I find the Original Key? I originally purchased this computer as a floor model and many things that were supposed to come with it did not.
  6. I have a HP 640 WinXP Pavillion Pentium 4 Media Center 2005 Edition a1340n. Hubby said he bought the disk, Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 from Craig's List online. There is a sticky label on the outer wrap with many letters(in caps) and in combination with some numbers. What do you think?
  7. I do have an External CD/DVD burner that is connected by USB to my computer....do I need to scan it? Also, the Win XP SP2 Disk that I have is not the original that came with my desktop (my system did not come with one), it is one hubby bought to have in case we ever needed to do a re-install. Will this work ok for my computer? Is there anything I should know about this "new installation" as I am really bad when it comes to computers. When you say let it format the entire drive in NTFS (whatever that means), is this a choice I will have when the re-installation starts? OMG!! I hope I d
  8. Well it did not work, I cannot get on my computer. I probably lost everything on it from what has happened so would you recommend I use the Win XP SP2 disk and just do a re-install? If I do this re-install will my computer still have these nasties hidden somewhere and will they come back and destroy the new re-install? Geesh I wish I knew how this happened!!!
  9. Thank caintry_boy and Jaycee.....I just downloaded the programs to disks and will be giving them a try. I will disconnect from the modem first. Hope these work!
  10. Tried again to boot my system in safe mode, but cannot get past the welcome, administrator log in ....when I click to log in under administrator, system saves my settings then says it is closing down, I am not allowed to log in. The 2 programs you told me to download to my computer to remove these nasties, would it be possible for me to download these onto a disk from my hubbies laptop and then install and run on my infected computer? Thank you Carline
  11. I have WinXP....I have scanned with Avast Antivirus, Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy, and these nasties are still on my system. Now I can no longer get my computer to boot up in any mode.....it is frozen in the welcome, Administrator mode and the only option it gives me is to shut down the computer. I am using hubbies laptop at the moment. Any help would be appreciated and can I mention up front here that I will need step by step instructions as me and the puter are not real close buddies. Thank you! Carline
  12. To say the least, this has been a nightmare for us, especially since we are not very computer literate. You have always been so helpful to me when a problem occurs with our computers and I do thank you so much and appreciate your knowledge in this field. I feel that our hands are tied at this point and my husband has decided to take his computer in for repair as he feels that we may do more harm than good to it and I couldn't agree more. So as it stands right now he will bring it in and see if it can be repaired. I (we) thank you people here at the PC Pitstop for all of your help and tim
  13. I am not able to get into his computer as it won't boot as I posted above so how can I get a log from it? Thank you all again.
  14. Brandon, The only way I could get the scan from Dr Web off of his computer was to take a digital picture of the computer screen of which then I posted on Webshots and posted a link to it above in my reply. As of right now his computer will not boot up and I have been reading the link that Jacee posted from MS. It's going from bad to worst!!
  15. Jacee, Hope your eyes are sharp or you have a magnifying glass. Here is the scan done by Dr Web I believe. Used my digital camera to try and capture it. http://community.webshots.com/album/561962038TWKsZh
  16. I ran out of steam last night and went to bed leaving DH up. He ran another Spybot and it found Doubleclick and Mediaplex. He got rid of them and then shut down. When I got up this morning he said now his computer will not boot up! He is getting this message, Windows 2000 could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt.... WINNT\System32|CONFIG\Systemced What is this all about now...... Thank you.
  17. I didn't think so! LOL. This is really strange as I did manage to login to Pc Pitstop from his computer, but when I tried to send the copy and paste to you the bar went about half way then I got the "Page cannot be displayed" page. ugh!!! Well a Happy New Year to you all over here! Daughter gave us a set of Restore CD's Vers.1.3 she found at a yard sale. They are for an emachine dated 1999/2000....DH laptop is a Dell 2000 Professional. Would these work? He is also on Verizon wireless if that helps anything....???
  18. If Jacee would like to email me I can send her the digital photos of the scan. i don't know what else to do.
  19. Law, He has no printer attached to his laptop and what do you mean by photo copy it to my computer. I have the scan on my computer taken with my digital camera, but I can't get them copied and pasted here I'm guessing because they are an attachment, jpg files????
  20. Tried to copy and paste from his IM to mine but won't go, I tried to send him a message and I get that he is not available when in fact he is signed on and showing up on my buddy list as being on...???
  21. Jacee, Did the scan but could not send so used my digital camera to take pictures of the scan, but can't copy and paste it on to here. How else can I get it to you? Boy this is frustrating!
  22. Jacee, Will do, but don't know if I will be able to copy and paste to here from DH computer. I am on my computer replying back and forth to you. I tried logging in to here from his computer but it wont let me.
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