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  1. I ran another Ad-Aware scan after reading the how to's and after I selected Remove I clicked on the Status tab and it showed that the entries were removed. I am now running Spybot to double check my system.
  2. Hi again Brandon! Thank you for remembering my husbands computer! Yes, we ended up doing a reinstall of his operating system. All is fine now, thank you! On my issue with the Ad-Aware, it says I have 45 threats, but none appear in the box itself where you would normally check off the entries then hit a delete button. So I am confused on how to rid my system of these entries. I did go back to read Pc's how to's and may give the directions another try.
  3. Recently installed Ad-Aware 2007 Free because the other version would not update any longer. Ran a scan today and it has found 45 entries. When I click on the REMOVE button it appears nothing is happening and also none of the entries are removed. How do I remove what Ad-Aware has found? This new Ad-Aware does not seem to be as user friendly as the old version. Can you please help me out here. Thank you again.
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