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  1. my friend has them both anyway to get rid of them? easily?
  2. the WHOLE PICTURE OF WHAT? these are two seperate issues. and i thank you for trying to KNOW whats going on my puter but you don't when i tell you what is goind on, you ignore me and put me off to the side. so frankly sir i feel you've done nothing but hassle me.....
  3. i was afriad to hear that...... maybe ill just deal...=\ i've got it on netscape.... new main browser
  4. the settings were the current settings i had...
  5. alright well, im up to do anything:blink:
  6. its not various, its just one, and me not having a clue about it =\
  7. ok, in the past i got the security warning. i think i clicked, "always accept" im not sure and don't remember, if i did, how do i change that
  8. yes, i scrolled down, set everything to the medium level, yes i searched it and got a clean page and the code box was an error i got when i clicked your link...
  9. it dosen't help if i don't fully understand it..
  10. ok, what should i have the settings at?? right now they're at medium..
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