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  1. thanks for hte ideas and helpful info
  2. i want to beable to play movies and songs from my computer from any computer or tv is the house. how can i do this and what is needed to do it? Could i make something using a spare computer, set it up to serve out the songs and movies to the other comps. im unsure on how to get it to play on the tvs. thanks :beer: PS: im sorry if its kinda of repeatitive or confusing
  3. is there anyway i can change the letter assigned to the hard drive or the dvd/cd drives?
  4. how is my computer doing? http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CXGE0WKA4PQSX3TR thanks :beer:
  5. thanks for the feedback on my test. the score for the drives used to be all above or about 95MB/s but now that all of them are filled more than 50% things have gotten slower, i dont notice the differnce so it is fine for now. as for the raid, the maxtor is sata and the wd is ata with a adapter to make it connect using a sata connection. in my opinion they work like a charm for being two different brands and (s)ata's. sorry about posting this in the wrong section, i guess i wasnt thinking when i did it, thanks for moving it.
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