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  1. thank you for the reply. I found that myself and the boxes indicated are already checked :/
  2. Hi all, i'm hoping someone here can help. My wife has a Toshiba P200 laptop running Windows 7 (32bit home) She uses voice-chat within some games she plays, but, the microphone (be it the built in mic, a USB headset or a 'jack' headset) will activate on any noise. She wants to have the mic only work when a 'push to talk' key (configured from within the game) is used. I have searched through the settings and cannot seem to find anything to change this. Does anyone have any idea how this is accomplished? Many thanks for any assistance you can give.
  3. I hope someone here can shed some light on the problems I am having. About a month ago we purchased a new laptop for my wife. It came with Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed, this is my first experience with Vista. About 10 days ago a problem arose, if you opened windows on the desktop , such as the documents, pictures, music or any other folders from the start menu, when you tried to close the window, nothing would happen, eventually (or if i tried to open the task manager) i would get a message that 'windows explorer is not responding'. After a little web research I found a solution that cleared the problem (creating a new admin account and deleting the existing one). All was fine for a while but the problem has now re-emerged. It may be coincidence, but the first time the problem occured was after installing some Sony, disk-to-phone software. This time was shortly after installing Mavis Beacon typing software.
  4. I have not changed the clock settings on the card, so i am assuming they should be on default, will check this when I get home from work. The card was working fine previous to re-installing windows, is there much chance of the card developing a fault between installs? I did install a game to test settings (Everquest 2) and it does seem to be running much better than it was after the initial re-install (although not quite as good as it was prior). The pittest still show low performance though.
  5. i ran everest,and here are the details of the chipset and pci (hope these are the right details, let me know if any other details would help) Chipset North Bridge: nVIDIA nForce4-4X (CK8-04) North Bridge: AMD Hammer IMC South Bridge: nVIDIA MCP04 North Bridge Properties North Bridge nVIDIA nForce4-4X (CK8-04) Revision A3 Process Technology 0.13 um PCI Express Controller PCI-E x16 port #0 In Use @ x16 (nVIDIA G72 Video Adapter) PCI-E x1 port #1 Empty PCI-E x1 port #2 Empty PCI-E x2 port #3 Empty PCI/AGP nVIDIA G72 - Video Adapter nVIDIA G72 - 3D Accelerator this is really confusing me, as I have re-installed several times in the past onthis computer, and never had this problem before
  6. Ok Now done a complete re-install of Windows Xp with Sp2 installed directx 9.0c installed nforce 6.86 chipset drivers installed nvidia forceware 162.18 video drivers installed avast anti-virus installed spybot search and destroy still getting video quality lower than I used to latest test link > latest test is there something I am missing? is there software I can get to test my graphics card? As a recap, my system is Windows XP pro +SP2 Motherboard A8NE-FM Bios - Phoenix- AwardBios v6.00PG AMD Athlon 64 3200+, MMX, 3DNow, ~2.0GHz 1536 RAM Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS 512MB DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
  7. i've used the link and nothing out of the ordinary showed up. Also done a search on the RUNDLL32.exe and full virus and spyware scans and everything seems fine there. Was thinking of doing another complete re-install (there is currently only a very few programs installed, so if im going to do it, now is the time ) just incase something did go wrong during the install of drivers. If I do go down this road. i was going to just install Windows XP, then the SP2 upgrade, then the 6.86 Nforce drivers. Then DirectX 9.0c, and then the 162.18 forceware drivers for the video. Would this be the correct order to install, and is there anything else I should be installing before testing again?
  8. completely removed all the nvidia drivers, using the driver cleaner software. re-installed and still getting low performance from my card here is link to my latest test > latest test anyone have any more ideas please?
  9. tried re-installing all drivers etc.. still getting the same problem anyone have any idea's of other things to try?
  10. re-installed in that order (pretty sure i did it that way first time round, but wanted to be sure) still getting same performance
  11. I installed the latest Nforce drivers. wuld i need any others?
  12. just checked and cleartype is already off
  13. I checked the nvidia site, and the drivers i have (forceware 162.18) seem to be the latest ones. I also notice, that the pitstop test reports me running directx 5. dxdiags reports 9.0c (and im sure thats the one i have installed). could it be the directx is not installed correctly?
  14. I have just completed a complete re-install on my wife's system after some earlier problems with connecting to network. I have solved the connection problems and can get ont the network fine now. I don't seem to be getting the same quality of graphics when playing games as I was before the re-install. I have run a test > test results All seems fine except for the low graphics quality. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
  15. Ok,just to update Spent most of the night fighting with this thing! turns out there was a problem with the motherboard. replaced it this morning and everything is now fine thanks again for all the help
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