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  1. I think we've all noticed a big bump in points, which is nice. The COVID Moonshot Sprint 4 is coming to an end, I wonder if that was less complex resulting in more points ?
  2. @JustinP526 There is definatley something a miss at the moment. I think a combination of a Windows update or new client will be the remedy. In the menting I feel your ffrustration ! I can fold with 1 GPU, my problems arise when I add the second. If you are you folding with your CPU and GPU? Maybe worth trying just GPU and see if that settles anything down.
  3. @Tx Redneck Played around with several drivers and GPU scheduling - no joy. It seems previously a 1080 and 970 in the same system was able to fold on full power without any problems. The client picked up and resulted WU's with little delay. Now the 1080 only performs aruond 50% and I can go ages without any work units, even sending WU's isnt't going smoothly anymore - check my stats, 3 WU's for a total of 1574 points ! I think these were 204k WU's at the time of completion. If it doesn't sort iself out over the next few days, I think I might pause whilst the issues are fixed
  4. Something's changed following the latest Windows update. One of my GPU's, the 1080 now only performs at about 50%, the 970 seems fine. Changed them around but still the same. I'm also spending a lot of time waiting for WU's. This has resulted in my PPD dropping to about half what it used to be despite running 24/7
  5. @Tx Redneck Looks like he's on his way back..
  6. Feel like there is a story to be told there.....
  7. @dickster The reason I asked, it was as a result of your post back in June 2004 that I started Folding for PC pitstop in the name of your late friend Jill. It was a while later I switched to my username.
  8. Some nice hardware there. I tried two R9 Nano's together but the heat was too much. Currently have a GTX1080 and GTX970 together and heatwise their fine. Three 1080's in one rig - great power to perfromance. What do you think that would give? must be nearly 3M PPD?
  9. @Guns Thanks pal ! Just fired my main rig up and added the flag. It's picked up a WU with an estimated creidt of 275k with an ETA 2hr 47m
  10. I feel your pain @dickster However, since upgrading to the client Tx linked, I've found it slightly better. I try and check when I can and often find I've been waiting for a long period to get a WU. A few minutes spent Pausing/Fold seem to force a WU through, by this is not something you can do overnight obviously. Out of interest how long have you been folding? I remember you were pushing out good number back in 2000's How do you do that @Tx Redneck
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