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  1. Congratulations!!! In just 5 posts, you've managed to make a complete fool of yourself. Guiness will be call ing.... b/t/w...the Rainbow Coalition called...your application for employment has been denied.
  2. You're right Donna...can't say that I blame you. Good Luck. You're also right star rider....I am entitled to my opinion and here it is: they look like freaks, it's not a sport, they don't look good, and the ones I've seen on TV sound like they have an IQ of about 6. And, if you reread your question to Bruce, it sounds like an insult. But remember, that's just my opinion Damn lotta garbage on this board by some peeps lately....spammers paradise...but, that's just my opinion.
  3. Bullshirt Go ahead, get personal with Bruce....I'll get the popcorn. Personally, I think people that look like that look rediculous.
  4. LOL...what a joke...some people just have nothing better to do than crap a good forum and an excellent mod. Some of you people need to get a life, some others need to quit stooping to the levels of others. I'll leave it you folks to decide in which category you belong. If I were an owner of this site and this type of baloney was available for anyone to see that was a new visitor to a COMPUTER HELP FORUM, I think I'd lose the general discussion part of this deal real quick. This is really embarassing....see you people somewhere else in cyberspace sometime...
  5. Man, this is really sad. Not too long ago, there was a thread about there being too many mods here...then people said the mods were too tough, then not tough enough, then there were too many rules, then not enough rules, and on and on and on. And it seems to me folks have it out for Ax Slinger becuase he's trying to enforce POSTED rules than some people have a problem with. No admin or mod donating his or her time and efforts to a board should be subject to that...IMHO it's just not worth it. I think the guy deserves a break. No matter what board, these types of things are going to happen. Some boards are moderated well, some boards should be shut down because of lack of moderation. This board has some good mods, and the principle of being a computer help site seems to be headed for the back burner. With all that has transpired here the past couple of weeks, maybe elimating the discussion forum isn't such a bad idea.
  6. Okay by me if Canada sits this one out....I can't picture a mountie fighting in the desert anyway
  7. With the state of world affairs being what they are right now, this whole matter is quite silly, and frankly is getting to be an embarassment to this forum.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but that post by "Legend" seems strangely familiar. Some people take these boards way too seriously, IMHO.
  9. Looks like brownie points are hard to come by... http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail.php3?...?fid=1043765886 I agree with most of the ppl's reviews, it's kind of a lame proggy as AV's go
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