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  1. na i dont do much other than game tbh. i do avi-dvd encoding etc, but i can live with 20 mins instead of 8, as long as i get better fps in games :S lol any idea on a good clocker dualie? alot is going on with the e8500, heard you can get a good stable clock at 4ghz on those?
  2. cheers brandon, ordered the board on your advise, getting the asus maximus formula x38. alot of good reviews on this board. and it wasnt that pricey. just gotta wait for that to arrive before i go putting my 8800 and evga on ebay now! *taps foot* mrgrim, i usually use the bios to overclock, i dont how to overclock with software lol ill be using windows xp64 so that its not a killer on my lol old e6600. MEGA close to putting the cards on the credit card and paying it off with the evga and 8800 sale. but i know ill get burned from the missus lol another question tho... this e6600 is getting pretty dated, been looking at a e8500? good idea or go with a cheap quad? q6600? on the credit card as well ? lol
  3. so really speaking i should be easily ok with 2 4870's on a x38, for good measure. wow, there soo much to take in! lol been reading that the p45 overclocks better than the x38, however i game at 1900x1200, and i may need the dual 16 slots..... however there isnt much of a performance difference between the x8, or x16. maybe 3 fps at most...... lol *overload*
  4. Hey guys! wow its been a while since i been around here. with all the moving etc going on all the time, and the girlfriend *sigh* lol im soo out of the loop now, and there is soo much new thats out. just hoping you could help give me some idea's as to what to choose etc. i bought a evga 780i about 2 month ago. thinking that would be a fab idea of going sli with the 8800's..... however, little did i know that there isnt many 8800's left! lol was trying to find something to link with mine, but, instead ATI have just brought out their new 4870's, and was thinking that they are pretty decent for the price tags! compared to nvidias rediculas pricing scheme!!! maybe i should go back down the ATI road for a while, as they seem to be performing, at a cheaper price. so... couple of questions, x38, or x48 chipset? and what motherboard in that chipset. ive really taken a liking to the asus formula boards. and they make them in both chipsets. im just concerned that my fusion v1 block mightn't fit i do have a swiftech gtx spare lying around here somewhere, and surely that'll fit due to the little overhang on it. ive only got ddr2 at the moment, gskill 4gb pc2-8500. and im still on my core 2 e6600 at the moment, as im looking soon to get that quad ive wanted for a while. price is a concern, ish..... i dont want to pay stupid money, around 200£ for mobo and 2 4870's will set me back about 360£ is about the tag i have. any ideas?
  5. i just spent 2 days flat out trying to get it working.... and finally i got it working... woke up at 9 this morning, and havent stopped, i went up my parents earlier at 5 to get myself away from this desk ..... came back at 7 and its now 11.30..... but anyways, if anyone has any issues with it, the best way ive found, is to follow the suse page... http://en.opensuse.org/Xgl then install opensuse-xgl-settings from yast.... and it will have all the options on there you will need to get all the compiz-fusion, xgl, compiz settings you will ever need. it worked as soon as it was put in, restarted X and voila!!! one happy chap! i went through file permissions, user permissions, editing driver files, using console loads... and i loved it.... lol 2 days... im nearly in tears it was that simple..... cheers for the help anyways brandon, much appreciated
  6. yeah thats what i thought. i got nvidia drivers installed, ive installed compiz etc, but doesnt seem to want to work for me. i might just work on the long way around. but enough for tonight. ive spent the last 8 hours trying to get it working.... lol i live a boring life without my girlfriend! lol
  7. they say its out of the box now adays, but i still find some way of making it harder for myself. im looking to change to linux on a permenant basis, as windows is extremely boring me now... ive broken everything with it, and fixed it.... lol ive played with suse many times before some successful, and some ive failed.... badly. but i thought, i enjoy it that much, the work that goes into learning it, etc, that i would like to play all the time with it, and use it on a permenant basis! yay for me.... lol anyways, to the point. ive used xgl on suse 10.2 with no issues what-so-ever, but with 10.3 i can seem to get the decorations, cube, wobble, or even water effects..... ive searched alot, and to no avail ive got 3d support, in nvidia control panel. and ive installed compiz-fusion, but still no effects. was wondering if anyone could help out?
  8. hey chrome... i found the Apogee GTX to have quite a mellow concave to it, i sanded it off.. and it helped temps about 2°c. i will admit tho. the apogee comes with one hell of a finish tho. good luck with the lapping miggs at the end... let the cpu dry naturally... dont do what i did, and stick it on a mild heated radiator! they get hot... FAST! lol get us some pics if you can.
  9. you will lurve that psu!! i do... its soo big, and shinny.... and powerfull :S lol good luck with the build miggs
  10. how many sticks are you running? also are they double sided memory? what slots have you the ram in? look at section 2-3 "install memory " in the motherboard manual, it will tell you about where to place the memory for best speeds. if you follow that, and its still at 333mhz, read section 3-4 "advanced chipset features" and simply set the clock speed to 200mhz, if you are using ddr400 memory that is if you feel its bad memory, try running a mem test on it? try running the memory in your friends computer, see if its bad or not by testing it on his. edit, one more thing, what psu you running? i found that i had the same issue when i didnt have enough power with mine, i used to be able to overclock my mem all the way up to 460mhz (ddr2) but with the dying powerpack, i couldnt even stretch to the standard speed of 400mhz!
  11. instead of using IE7, try something else like firefox or opera web browsers. and see if that help
  12. i had an old 386 like that, 22mhz to 30mhz with the turbo! wish i had that now..... 3ghz to 4ghz all at the touch of a button
  13. using the standard model as i type this. personally i like it, i agree, bigger is better! i had the xp90c before this, both are good coolers, depending on how you implement them i suppose. i would go for the ultra120 extreme personally.
  14. yeah suppose. hope it helps dezontk either option.
  15. i was thinking that, but was trying to get around the point of spending money..... but defo thats the easiest option!
  16. if your running windows xp, you should be able to run the wizard, that will automatically sort it all out for you. if not, run something like hamachi, it basically creates a lan network over an internet connection, you will be able to play games on lan, etc and even fileshare if you wanted to. only thing tho, it wont be able to access the internet on the machine thats not directly setup to the net.
  17. and there was me thinking i wasnt a nerd i like being a geek, not a nerd!
  18. damn IT!!! i just ordered mine the other day, my parents are going to drop it off "hopefully" in the next 30 mins or so.. and i read something like this downer! never mind, i got the vga cable, that should do me good for the time being! lol cheers for the info tho el kido
  19. a friend had his running with the 1950XTX. all you need to make sure, is that the card has an extra power connector. the slot doesnt have enough power to power most high end cards on its own, and requires a pci-e 6 pin power connector to the graphics card, to give it enough "oommph" good luck either way.
  20. ah... sorry... missed that one!! if he's still running from an AGP card, he should have no issues, until he upgrades... i thought the slot was x4 tho?
  21. dark

    CPU swap

    im not 100% sure about the CPU's there, but i would say the p4 should be slightly faster. but as for the Raid-0, yes it will be a great help to the performance, however they must be identical drives.
  22. its not a high end motherboard, but might pass for a while atleast... the Asrock 775Dual-VSTA supports both, DDR and DDR2 (only 2 sticks of each) supports the latest C2D chips, and most pentiums (775) even supports AGP, and PCI-e. take a look at the link. and its not vastly expensive either
  23. AGP isnt dead as of yet! they are still working on it, im still seeing alot people requesting 7800gs's on the agp etc tbh, it doesnt matter if it is dead or not, its the purpose you use it for that counts. nitrate, if your not a heavy gamer, then AGP is still going to be ok for you. if you wish to get alittle more "futureproof" and higher end componments then yes, i will agree, and change to PCI-e. however, if the computer was advertised as having PCI-e, then i would send it back and query it.
  24. its annoying i did own a brocock, 5 chamber shot, the air cartridge system, but as the law in the uk has changed dramtically, i had to sell it on.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/1779349.stm <---news article on it. i still own a walther CP99. but my dad keeps that for the pesky rodents!, cats etc. if your even as much caught carrying a spoon around here, your liable to be questioned!, its that bad. you guys in the states have it easy, someone picks on you, you pull out the gun. we down here, slug it out hand to hand! thinking about it, with everyone carrying guns on them, i dont really suppose you get into alot of brawl's etc?
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