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  1. lol, well biggy, you've swayed my opinion on them, im not ordering from them again. ive got my own hassle with them. but rest assured you have/are getting it bad. ive got plenty of people up here looking for small basic computers, and i was going to get it through them.... thats not going to happen. also i was going to upgrade my computer through them, xmas time, when the R600's arrive on the market, thats also not going to happen! i think everyone should take a thought about this, and purchase parts elsewhere, especially if they are treating people like this!
  2. ill let it go another month. see what i can do, i got in contact with OCZ myself, but if had no reply back off them. normally they are pretty decent, and reply in no time. but this time, nothing
  3. ... i tryed everything in the end i tryed them in another rig, and i still couldnt get them to overclock high. even if they dont want to help me out, then fair enough. thus the reason i got my g.skills to test if it were the motherboard being faulty. before i sent the ram off, i tested to make sure i was correct, and they failed memtest, prime etc at 255htt, so i thought i would send them back. they dont make that ram anymore, so i have absolutely no idea whats going to happen now..... bit gutted its taking so long now, im hoping to get another 2 raptors with the money i get from selling them on ebay
  4. funny you should talk about OCUK!!! i sent my OCZ pc4800 plats matched set back.... they recieved them on the 16th june 2006. fault noted was they would hit 250HTT, but no higher, and that ram is designed to run all the way up to 300htt. anyways originally i purchased them on the 25th june 2005. so i was under the year warrenty coverage (just) im still waiting on my RAM to get back to me. contacted them several times, and all i get is, and i quote. look at the dates on them in the quote box... im still without my memory! its now the 20th august! emailed them recently with questions about getting a refund. dont get me wrong.. its a long way to walk to the US from here, and you'll need some swimming trunks, but i could swim over to there, and get it done faster!
  5. i wasnt ready for the first video and had my system left loud from some linkin park. my hair didnt move, i did. lol thats crazy! it was like a sonic wave hitting her to begin with! and the second video, well, tbh, i think if he got a better car, it wouldnt rattle it to death. still amazingly impressive what bass can do celica's are nice, but i think it needed some TLC.... next there going to try knocking someone over with bass!! lol
  6. pembs... i live in carmarthen.... i could pop up the motherboard automatically searches the CD if the bios is corrupt, and runs the CD. (asus CD) there is a stock bios already on the disk and the computer, will automatically search for this if the bios doesnt post.
  7. hey tito, i had exactly the same problem when mine arrived. and boy, i got really frustrated with it! in the end, i found that i was running incompatable ram... but still i might be able to help. place the CD in the drive, with that and one stick of ram connected, and the psu etc for obvious reasons. lol it should boot to a bios flash screen. im not saying the bios is corrupt at all, but i received mine with a bad bios, maybe it could have been a bad batch that we got our hands on give it ago. work from minimum. also i found, that if i left the computer for a long space of time, it would eventually post, but as soon as i restarted, it would fail again (this being down to ill ram ) when you reset the cmos, it takes time to post back, it just gives a black screen for about 1 minute with me, but then boots no problems. give it a try. other than that, i would get in touch with the supplier you bought it off, and send it back *DOA* where abouts in wales do you live? i might be able to help you out a little if your closer to home....
  8. lol its probably normal to have the writing there, but if its flashing. then no its not. then i think it woud be a driver issue then.
  9. have you updated your drivers? possibility of a compatability issue
  10. dont forget about electronic funds, going through systems like paypal etc. yes they have to come to a back somewhere along the line, but still, is that counted for in the "fact book?" also what about people that arent registered?, especially in 3rd world countries.....? are they counted into this "6 trillian" people? give me food anyday, ill be more than happy
  11. ive never surpassed 3 sides of the cube.... have resorted to suduko! never gone back i use windows as well.... coincidence?!
  12. wired/wireless? if they are, are they of the same brand, or frequency, as one might be getting in the way of the other.... also, check for broken/bent pins, AND, also check for anything under the strafe key that you are using, a bit of dirt may have just got lodged. as for it being the same on both keyboards, im out of ideas....
  13. i got a clan that will join in with you guys... theres about 10 of us. we LOVE cs:s, and im VERY supprised bigchrome, and spookywillow aint posted here :hint: :hint: the times this side of the pond are what stop's us most of the time when you guys go on later in the day, it means that we are going into midnight/morning times. but if you let us know, ill let the other guys know, and we'll join in!
  14. im wanting to go back to ati myself.. however ive not seen this card being even mentioned yet!! nice find! im just hoping i can get the crossfire chipset (RD580) to overclock as well as this one!
  15. a friend of mine has that one spooks, hes saids its pretty good, gets pretty warm at the cpu, but its simple to use. its going to take some getting used to on the bios side of things, as i know its rather wierd. im used to DFI and ABIT etc this bios on the A8N32 is the same as the A8N. just found it a little difficult to get used to.. good once you know tho! some really nice clocks, got 4000+ running at 2.8ghz in the end at 1.65vcore is that the winny your running? if so, you should get some really nice clocks from it! just out of curiosity tho, how come your getting a SLI motherboard with your ATI? you going nvidia? or just need a good overclocker?
  16. ive been looking a bit into this, i think "dellienware" are more than likely going to bring down alienware and bring the technology into their own XPS systems. ive heard a couple saying that DELL might just keep alienware brand for its "status" but theres not been many of them. both comments arent official, but ill keep and eye on this. ive always wanted an alienware pc just to say ive had one lol
  17. sho's right, the A8N32 is a real good overclocker, and keeps things pretty cool for the high voltages... im running from 2 7800gtx's and the 7900gtx gets about the same benchmark scores, (if not higher ) and i run all games at max! only 1 graphics card you will need for now also about the DFI's the "expert" and the "rdx200" both simlar boards, one is ATI crossfire, the other SLI. i had the crossfire, didnt OC stable that well, was also pretty warm when it came to the voltages, yet its using the "4phase" power couplings.... meant to mean cleaner delivery of power. i didnt see a clean power delivery with mine to be honest, it would fluctuate badly all the time, and i used to get ALOT of random BSOD's even though everything checked out ok. personally i would stray away from those DFI's and go for the asus, choice is yours however
  18. nice rig bigchrome!!! how's she fairing on games? and thats a sweet overclock. what temps are you getting? and how well is the dual core at playing games, VERY tempted to "need" one
  19. 36 hour prime.. and still running and folding cant be a bad overclock!
  20. 3dmark tests over with.... still running :S prime and folding for tonight now... tell you how it goes 2moz nite...
  21. hopes and dreams... lol i used a multi of 10.5 instead of 10, and allowed an extra 200ma to the cpu... i believe i could get further... but don't dont want to push my luck just yet and it is stable... been folding for hours now, and 3dmark06 ran without any problems... going to run prime over night.. and going to run the other 3dmarks now... just to see some points
  22. oh it kills me when i see something like this, been trying to hit 3000..... and i get 2957 how unfair!!! lol yay!!!! i got it finally lol check the same test above and its at 3011 and im running fx57 speeds...now to test some other progs at this speed, cant imagine it being 100% stable, but its booting, and folding no problems ......
  23. lol could you tell me how they go when you get them, im in dire need of some "working" ram
  24. stable (no artifacts in games, no random crashing, smooth sailing) overclockable (has a good high fsb range, and allows good timings) year (a period of time, consisting either of 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months) lol i love overclocking, as long as i can use the computer, and its not crashing every days or so....
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