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  1. there is a program on the windows site.... if your running xp... windows image resizer
  2. this is my problem.... all works via bios and all that... but.. i cant do anything with the disk's.... i cant format them via dos... anything.. its like they are all bust... and its my computer causeing it i think...
  3. test where can i get drivers from for these... cos i dont think i installed any for them!!!! that could be the problem!!
  4. i got a big problem.. the floppy drive doesnt work on the 2 computers in my house... when i put in a disk it says.. either "No disk inserted" or "disk is not formatted, do you want to reformat now" i say yes... and it doesnt even start.. and says disk is unusable... this disk has been use by another person with a computer that works with it... but these 2 dont wanna work at all..!! whats wrong..? please help cos my little bro has homework to hand in! and its in by 2moz!
  5. again... the NOOB bit comes in... whoa?! what am i looking for? cos i seen one that was cheap.. i dont fancy spending a fortune on the router... cos its my money thats going on it.. i need some money left for the partying at the end of the month... i seen this one... and i thought that was ok.. if there any on that site that look good to you.. please dont hesitate to tell me.. EDIT: right.. so.. to play lan games.. which is one of the main things that i want to do... i need to find.. one with port forwarding??? i thought it could just be normal ... like the schools use... cos we play network games on them most of the time.... and they are using... many of these is that what i need? cos if so.. ill buy that one .. cos its not a bad price....
  6. wow guys!!! loads of help there...!!! im looking in to the router idea.. instead of the crossover, due to the fact.. my younger bro bought a ps2 network adapter... and hes trying to get it running.. so if i can do it through the router! great stuff! he'll love me for it! (im going to need a router with multiple connections, yes no?) what do i need? rj45 cable to the router (from the main computer) and then another super llong one to the to get the other computer downstairs? is that all... and for the ps2.... do i need anything spectacular.. or just the cable that came with and the network adapter? thanks for this guys.. i understand a little more about networking from you lot... :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
  7. well.. when i go for a lan at a mates.. he uses a patch cable... so im guessing it is a rj45... but then again i couldnt be wrong.. we pinched it from our local school gutted they were....... so the cat5e.. is the cable...and rj45 the connection on the end? but i got 2 computers at this house.. and i have the net on my computer.. and was going to buy a cable to network both machines to the net.. through mine.. cos i dont turn it off at all.. i need to go downstairs.. and its at least 15 meters... so it'll cost 10£ for teh cat5e.. or.. something like... 30£ for the rj45.... thats why im wondeing... anyone else know about them? EDIT:right.. im going around in circles here.. i cant even understand what i just wrote.. so this is the cable
  8. right... at networking im a complete newb! noob! however you say it... anyways.. i know what a rj45 cable is... but does a cat5e do the same... or is it slower or faster or something.. and can i connect it to a ethernet port? between 2 computers to make a mini network?
  9. dark

    Ip Change?

    i changed the name and the ip... meaning that they dont know its there anymore.. also iv e told them to gow up... and i think they got the message but its all sorted now! thanks for the help guys!
  10. dark

    Ip Change?

    ill tell you whats going on.. there are 2 people.. who dont get on.. and they both like to use the server.. but only lately.. if i change the password... they will knows its online. and then ask me for the password.. what am i to say then... what i need, is to change my ip so they wont know the name of the server... or my password.... and i can then tell them both that the server isnt running..?! catch my drift?
  11. dark

    Ip Change?

    thanks i thought it would change randomly... but it doesnt.. i keep my computer on too long for it to change.. thanks anyways would changing the opening port stop them tho...? connecting to my ip? and will it allow them to still see me.. but not connect?
  12. i got someone connecting to my teamspeak server... via my ip adress... ive renamed it.. and forgot its done all through ip... so i was wondering.. i changed the port it opens... and i wouldnt mind changing the ip of my computer if that is possible.. the problem is.. cos i know i can change it thorugh the tcp/ip config... but i need to be able to find an ip that is not in use.. or am i going totally off the chart here?? please help.. thanks dark
  13. what else are you running appart from that?
  14. thanks guys.. i was hoping for somewhere to purchase the case!! cos damn!! i love it!! impulse buying! i would happily go into debt for that! while im here... can anyone recommend a cooler?! i got 2 i like... but any others that are silent, and look cool? dp-102 ht-101 cos ive got the aerocool7 and at the mo... it looks c**p to say the least.. and the cooling aint up to much... cos im running 44°C idle and another mental case!!!! just found it! check this out for a touch of spare time
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