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  1. as for the bad pool header, from what i can see, is something to do with the windows indexing service in SP2 if you google BAD_POOL_HEADER it comes up with some solutions. as for the graphics mishaping/artifacting, what temps is the graphics card hitting after hours of gaming? looks like it could be overheating?
  2. na, gave it a shot, and it didnt work at all. ill just wait till i get my hands on a core2 and some nice ram before i bring it out again, otherwise im going to break it.... cheers for the help stormy anyways EDIT: lolage! a pentium 4 520, and pc2 3200, a full 200mhz of ddr2! omg i got ddr around here somewhere that runs better than this crap i think these are going to be the main issues!! lol, ima start saving to get something worth working with!
  3. yeah saw that, gave it a shot, but didnt read the whole section, with regards to trying different dimm slots. will give that a go. trying it now. i just had the cpu out, and got error 88. so it might be fixable. however, having just the cpu in give a memory c1 error, so maybe the cpu isnt compatible with the board. it works in a dell board, its running at the moment, and im installing the 4890 into it. so the ram, and the cpu work, just maybe not to the motherboards specs.
  4. pulled it out of the computer, to check of no shortages to case, and i still get the error code, however it reboots, and runs in a continious loop, of error code c1, restart, error code c1.....? it doesnt beep on the speaker... at all only cpu, and ram installed. swapping ram around in slots to see if it works (bad sticks)
  5. Hi guys, long time since i been online :S i bought myself a new motherboard, dfi dk x48 t2rs. also running it from a ocz game extreme 850w. p4 2.8, 2 raptors, 4890, etc only thing is, i cannot get it passed the c1 code error, ive hunted the web for a solution, and theres nothing that seems to fix the problem...... i will admit the ram is pretty crap tbh, its something i had in a dell box, 4x256mb pc2 3200 sticks. i have an old 512 from a compaq as well, but i know they are pretty funny when it comes to what machine they are put into, so thus i stuck with the dell (samsung s
  6. the supra from fast and the furious, i bought on the online auction house on forza2, cost me something like 313,000CR. a really nice job if you ask me. which inspired me to make the skyline out of 2 fast 2 furious. for a first job custom paint jobs, i think the result is pretty good... happy with it, i need to get better angles, and be able to upload to the forza pages, but i cba at the moment. you guys done anything like that? its inspired me to make soo many more for the fun of it. 2 days getting to line them stripes and get them at the right angles etc. soo wort
  7. i got mine from ebay... if i can find the link.... i got 400 x 8 half sheets 800 x 8 half sheets 1200 x 9 half sheets = 25 all for £8.40 inc delivery, and the guy also does up to 2000 grit now, so might be a good idea to ask if he can sort you out http://stores.ebay.co.uk/CHASE-SUPPLIES sorry if ebay links are prohibited..... but if you look at his main page, he does have some up to 2000grit. tbh. i didnt find any use going above 1200... but you do get a slightly better mirror finish. but no temp imporvements
  8. i got the 1kw.... no problems here... like all the cable tiding you can do with this psu... however be warned, it isnt small, i didnt know what to expect, but this took the breath out of me lol
  9. and who'd think those phones are more fashionable than wireless phones!!!
  10. i run vista.... and im afraid to say, i agree with everyone here.... stick with xp. today i planned on reformatting back to windows xp due to performance loss, and the fact that ALOT of my devices arent supported.... im unsure about the raptor issue, about being slow in a raid.... i've had nothing but good speeds with mine, and iver compared to alot, yes sata-II is faster than sata-I, but i dunno, its still a privilage to say that ive got 4 raptors, instead of 4 sata-II's. ill get a bench of these raptors now, ill see what they can do on vista.
  11. by the look on teh airflow on those babies, i would say they would be more than capable! lol
  12. i woudlnt have said the xp90c is outdated! im sure onecool still is using it on his e6600 overclocked to 3.6! it must be doing pretty well under those extremes. but i like the size on that coolermaster! if nothing else works, DROWN it in fans!
  13. the gtx can be overclocked a fair bit, but temps are a BIG BIG worry, right now, at standard fan speed, my cards at 50°c. and im only browsing the web. (air cooling) i dont think you could push it to the SC extremes without watercooling tbh. and i cant see the SC being able to push much higher. depending on your budget, i would get the GTX with a waterblock, and introduce it to your water kit edit : spelling edit2 : just a thought tho, get your hands on the ATI series of cards, x2900's they are cheaper and perform on par with the gtx.
  14. a serious contender with the iphone is the latest nokia N95... got it myself not soo long ago, and im seriously impressed with it. tft screen with 16million colours, 5mp camera, that acutally looks and feels like a proper camera. sat nav, GPS, 3dimension games. (not those flash ones that make it look 3d) cheap expandable storage, only problem i didnt like about it, was it wasnt touch screen, however, im soo used to the buttons from all the other phones ive had, i dont really mind. and the battery life is rather poor. look up some reviews of it, you'll be pleasantly supprised!
  15. best bet then, go with a nice quality 19 tft. something with good response, good contrast ratio, and good branding.
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