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  1. Also, if these are rear ports, you could have possibly shorted them. (My son did that.) I got him a PCI usb card for $10 at CompUSA and he was good-to-go!
  2. The problem I see is: 1. Celeron CPU 2. 396 mb ram 3. on-board video (at least for any gaming) Make sure you have ample disk space and defrag. Eliminate any programs you don't need and don't run any programs which aren't required while you're using computer.
  3. I did it for my son's computer, but I removed video card and memory, and had a special cutter. Covered everything below and verified everything was clean before reinstall. I don't recommend it, but it can be done.
  4. You could put one or two fans in the side panel (requires cutting an appropriate size hole) to blow air in and maybe one in the top to "pull" air out. Youmust be very careful with the top hole (if you decide to add that one) to keep metal shavings from falling into your case. Personally, I would try a 120 mm fancentered near your cpu and see if tht does the trick. When you have your case in it's tucked away area, put it as far right as possible. Also, leave some room in the back and have at least one "exhaust" fan there.
  5. While working on your build, you might want to find some inexpensive RAM to add to the system you currently have.
  6. Also, make sure your cpu fan is working properly and that no wires, etc. are nearby to slow or catch it. I had a friends computer have a wire which somehow dangled down and inteferred with his cpu fan. Not likely in your case, but............
  7. Can you borrow a memory stick from someone you know? Boot with just the memory stick and without your new video card. That would determine whether you have memory issues or more serious. :crash:
  8. Run a test and post your results so we can have a better understanding of your system. Hopefully, then we can knockout this issue.
  9. I'm not sure if you just have the basic X1600 or one of the other four versions. However, here is an article for you to read and determine yourself if your card is up to par: http://reviews.cnet.com/ATI_Radeon_X1600_P...-2.html?tag=nav
  10. Use this temporarily until the problem is corrected: http://sso.verizon.net/ssowebapp/VOLPortal...email/index.jsp
  11. Have never had an overheating problem with AMD processors. They have higher design limits!
  12. What type file did you download? (.zip, .rar, .exe, etc.) You may have to unzip/unpackage the file prior to installation, otherwise, windows will not recognize the drivers. I think that is what Stormy was alluding to.
  13. Also, verify the power and IDE cables are securely attched to the cd drive.
  14. You missed the part about "not" typing in CAPS..... YES, I LOG IN AS "ADMINISTRATOR" Good luck in getting anymore replies, you just don't seem to get it!
  15. Are YOU logging in as "administrator?"
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