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  1. So was it Stockholm or Göteborg that your wife and kid went to? You and your family will probably love the 19th European Athletics Championships Göteborg 2006 http://www.goteborg.com/default.aspx?id=5576 The European Athletics Championships take place every four years between the Summer Olympics. I personally don't care for sport events. And ppl come here from all over the world for this event so the city will be PACKED. I hate crowds. Needless to say I will be hanging out on the islands for the most part, when this is going on. At the same time that is going on this year, they are holding their Annual City Festival, with some awardwinning fireworks! I look forward to those! I guess sometimes they have world firework competitons here in Göteborg. I don't know when or the exact details or if they still do it, but I hear that it is nothing like you have ever seen before. They put the fireworks to music! On New Years Eve here in Sweden is a HUGE day for fireworks. We lived in a pretty high area of the city and looked out our balcony and you could see fireworks miles away and just feet away....they were everywhere and lit up the entire waterway. ( I think that is the right word. hehehe we live on a very large island and everyone was shooting off fireworks on the edge of the water, you could see the whole borders of the island. As you can see, I LOVE it here in Sweden! hehehe Thanks for the info on the LCD. So you are saying that when they speak of analog flat screen it IS LCD? Correct?
  2. Well they have two listed....LCD flat and analog flat. And sometimes when you look they call them Digital flat and Analog flat. So I haven't a clue which is LCD or what is what! lol I don't have flat screen anything, so I don't know what is LCD and what is not.
  3. Yeah that is what I tried to get my sister to do the first time, and the computer store she went to, was horribly overpriced, worse then this Dell is! lol I too agree with the dislike of Dell altho IF someone had to go with a package I would say Dell over HP anyday! Can't stand either, but HP I think is far worse! Since I am sooo far away from my sister now, I thought it might just be better for her to go with a Dell, since the custom build was getting to be sooo confusing for her. I guess we know where "thought " went! lol
  4. Okay now she got a quote from Dell. Even tho they didn't get that she wanted a LCD monitor and did not want AOL. Here are the specs. Item 1 Dimension E510 Pentium® D Processor 820 with Dual Core Technology (2.80GHz, 800FSB) Qty: 1 Unit Price: $1,262.04 [CZ820H] - [222-2014] Pentium® D Processor 820 with Dual Core Technology (2.80GHz, 800FSB) [1GB5] - [311-5519] 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz (2x512M) [EK] - [310-5324] Dell USB Keyboard [E19650] - [465-0615] 19 inch E196FP Analog Flat Panel [X300SE] - [320-4309] 128MB PCI Express™ x16 (DVI/VGA/TV-out) ATI Radeon X300 SE HyperMemory [160S] - [341-3292] 160GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/ 8MB cache [MCR13FD] - [341-2301] [MCR13FD] - [341-2773] 13 in 1 Media Card Reader and External USB 1.44MB Floppy Drive [WMCE] - [420-5924] [WMCE] - [463-2282] [WMCE] - [420-5460] [WMCE] - [420-5476] [WMCE] - [420-5646] [WMCE] - [412-0688] [WMCE] - [412-0721] [WMCE] - [420-4927] Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 [sM] - [310-6264] Dell® 2-button USB mouse [iN] - [430-0412] Integrated Intel® PRO 10/100 Ethernet [DFAX] - [313-3840] 56K PCI Data Fax Modem [AAREAD] - [412-0705] Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 6.0 [DV16DVR] - [313-4129] [DV16DVR] - [420-5781] [DV16DVR] - [420-5790] Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + 16x DVD+/-RW w/dbl layer write capability [iS] - [313-2758] Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio [N] - [313-2198] No speakers (Speakers are required to hear audio from your system) [XPSB] - [412-0485] Microsoft Office Small Business Ed.-Basic plus PowerPoint and Publisher [NS2] - [412-0850] No Security Subscription [QPRO4OS] - [983-1958] [QPRO4OS] - [983-2207] [QPRO4OS] - [983-2217] [QPRO4OS] - [950-7447] [QPRO4OS] - [960-6160] [QPRO4OS] - [960-6380] [QPRO4OS] - [412-0359] [QPRO4OS] - [900-3963] [QPRO4OS] - [900-9773] SAVE $30 (after rebate) 4Yr Ltd Warranty, At-Home Svc, and HW Warranty Supt [AOLDHS] - [420-5256] [AOLDHS] - [412-0687] [AOLDHS] - [412-0787] [AOLDHS] - [420-3224] 6 Months of America Online Membership Included [D51SAP] - [464-2044] Award Winning Service and Support [PCR] - [464-5503] PC Restore recovery system by Symantec [sEP] - [412-0865] Starter Entertainment Pack -Basic digital Music, Photo, and Casual Gaming Subtotal: $1,262.04 Shipping and Handling: $0.00 Tax: $82.06 Total Price w/Discounts: $1,344.10 ************************************************ Now first of all I am probably going to recommend she get her monitor somewhere such as Best Buy or Sam's? What do you think? I don't know how much more they will want for the LCD at Dell, since they put in Analog flat. PC Restore recovery system by Symantec [sEP] - [412-0865] Isn't that Norton? I don't want her having Norton, she is going to have AVG and all of our other things to protect her pc, that we recommend. Starter Entertainment Pack -Basic digital Music, Photo, and Casual Gaming this is not needed to do camera type things, correct? To add photos to her pc to print. What is it exactly? Integrated Intel® PRO 10/100 Ethernet [DFAX] - [313-3840] Is this a Network card for broadband/cable connection? 56K PCI Data Fax Modem [AAREAD] - [412-0705] Isn't this for dialup? She will not have dialup. She has broadband cable. Does she need this? I think the fact that it says fax on it, is why she chose it. She worries her printer will not fax items she pulls off of her computer, without it. From the way I understand the HP All-In-One (which she is set on buying, grrr), it has an onboard modem, for the faxes to be sent out correct? Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005 [sM] - [310-6264] Is that WinXP home or pro? Can you tell? I still think this might be overkill. I don't want her to get such a monster computer that she won't even be using to its fullest. Keep in mind, she hopes to put Vista on this system in a year or two. Oh and I am also going to recommend an Optical or wireless mouse. Much better then having those serial mouses going bad all the time, and the ball always needing cleaned. From what I understand, the one quoted above is a serial mouse? Don't they have an AMD dual core processor? Pentium is soooo expensive! Sorry for any dumb questions I have, remember, I don't know much about hardware! lol Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks guys! I appreciate your imput. As for it being in Swedish currency, NO it's in US dollars. I just moved to Sweden. She lives in the US. Florida to be more precise. So can some of you guys give me some specs as to what you think she should be looking for? So she can go in there informed, telling the computer stores what she wants, and what she is looking to have priced. As for OpenOffice, I thought open office has programs that were simular to Word and Excel, but I was not aware of it being like publisher. How well will it be compatible with programs that were created on publisher? I know when I had open office years ago, when my kids would do some reports at school on Word, they could come home to finish on Open Office but the fonts were not the same and it didn't always have the same formatting, so it was a total mess. I wouldn't want to have her come into problems like that, so anyones advice with experience with that would be great.
  6. I checked that Dell, and when you add the MS Office with publisher, it comes up to about the same price. My hope is to find out what she really needs to ackomplish what she wants, and lower that price. Way more then they want to spend.
  7. More info that might be helpful. She wanted the 64 bit processor so it could be updated to the Vista next year or whenever she wants to do it. That means she needs a bit bigger system them normal since Vista is big. She needs a scanner and printer which usually comes with a fax also. She needs a CD burner and the guy at the computer store suggested to get a DVD burner since that's what Vista will be using. She also wants a flat screen monitor he priced this for a 17 inch. She needs Microsoft Publisher to do her newsletter. She needs a database to do their church roster and she needs a wordprocessor.
  8. Okay as I freely admit I don't know much about hardware! lol My sister is needing to get a new computer. She wants it mainly to be able to create newsletters for her church. And do graphics. I recommended she get a custom build, not a package such as Dell or HP. I hate those packages. Anyway, she want to a computer store and got this price and info. It seems a bit overpriced. What do you think of this system? It included MS Office with Publisher 17 inch LCD HP 6210 All in One printer, photo printer, scanner and fax DVD/CD burner Web Cam Logitech 961419 Computer motherboard MSI with 120G and 1G memory AMD3400. with a 64 bit. XP Pro Software 64 bit Delivered, installed and my old files transferred. Total including tax is $1800. Her husband is having a fit, cuz of how much it costs. Altho I know the main costs are probably coming from the Windows Office with publisher, the monitor, and the printer...correct? I think this is probably an okay price for what she is getting, but do you think she would need that much? While it is true she will be making newsletters and doing graphics I don't think she will be doing too much fancy stuff. Maybe a low to mid-scale graphics program. What do you all think? And please, don't start telling me all of your "dream computer, or wish computer" specs! ROFL She is an older lady that doesn't know much about computers, so she won't need a POWER pc! hehehe
  9. another Invision forum was hacked a couple days ago, and infected. We had been working the past weekend cleaning users pc's up after it. It was not a security or computer help forum either. Cloud8 is what it was. The stupid site owner didn't feel it was her problem to close the forum. So it was left open for ppl to be reinfected all the time. The hacker put themselves in as an admin, and sent out emails to all users as well. A total mess.
  10. Oh but I did forget to add....... Volt.... I am really glad that you got to see ME twice tho! hehehe
  11. I already WAS married to a native Swede! For almost 6 years now. Now we are safe and sound in Sweden...hehehe. Altho I am still undergoing therapy for the TWO visits with you!
  12. Why do you think I left the country??? I left running and screaming for my sanity! Once was more then enough..twice?...well, it was almost the end of me!
  13. Well it's been awhile since I have been here, so I don't know alot of ppl here, very well. But I would have to say JackeL LittleEagle Jazzy Moon Bonzai Dough (now Doug, I believe) I have already met Volt, twice.
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