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  1. Review?, Review? Whats this review and whats this Tweaker stuff? Wha' happen to Free? Whats Free? Don't tell me, show me!! June??? what's June? I'll have lost interest by then or maybe even died, so show me something Free, anything, I'm not picky, just make an old man Happy. Gilbo,
  2. OK ASTUDER, enough talking, I'm sold,.......Show Me the Free stuff!!!.......review it if you like.......just show me free........Ilove free......crack on with it ..........free, show me free........now, I want free now........ Gilbo, Mmmmmm Free......Mmmm.....
  3. Sorry to interrupt the thread Lola me darling but is there a System Restore for 98se anywhere like XP and ME Restore? Gilbo,
  4. My Gramps had Chippies in the 30s/40s before Harry R had a hole in his Ar...... (ear).LOL Gilbo,
  5. Hi Mr Fred, Do I remember Cleethorpes? I was born there mate, my Grandparents had several Fish and Chip restaurants there. I've only moved about 10 miles outside Cleethorpes where I'm living now. If you went to Cleethorpes before the War you must be somewhere near my age. Gilbo,
  6. As it appears that Iam the Elder upto now because the ladies of the Pit have opted out of the age race. I feel it is my duty to offer you children this piece of advice that will serve you well. IF I'D KNOWN I WAS GOING TO LIVE THIS LONG IWOULD HAVE TAKEN BETTER CARE OF MYSELF. Shakespeare. Gilbo, (Good Old England). Oh! and my Computer and Me are 1 year old to-day, HURRAH!!
  7. Well thats amazing! Yonks ago I asked why all you Pitsters didn't put your Locations where it says "Location" and some folk seemed to think it might be an invasion of privacy????? I mean you don't have to put your Home add. and Social Security No., but at the time I just thought it would be nice to know from which part of the World you all hail from. And here you all are in all your Glory, I'm a happy man. LURV this site. My Location has always been on my Posts for all to see, my Email add. is there for all too. Gilbo (Good Old England)
  8. Tch! Tch! Guess it looks like me!!! Michael John, Age : 69 on the 29th April this year. Weight : 170 lbs. Height : 5. 8. Hair : Blondish and still got it. Eyes : Blue. the perpetrator of this thread deserves a medal because now I can see you lovely people in my minds eye. How wonderful is that eh? Good Luck and Good Health to you all. PITSTOP FOREVER. Gilbo (Good Old England)
  9. Nah! Hutchy, Zone Alarms not bad but it's too Bolschy for most peeps, it seems to think it knows whats best for you!! Outpost is like an old faithful dog, but will defend you to the Death. Try 'em both, you'll see what I mean. Gilbo,
  10. Hi Hutchy, Welcome to the Pit. Don't bother with Norton, Go to Google - type in Agnitum Outpost Firewall, d/l it and your in business with the best. Gilbo,
  11. I haven't had such a good laugh since the Titanic went down. Oh! Oh! I feel a thread coming on. Don't take things too seriously Chaps and Chapesses it's only a bit of friendly banter as we used to say to the ME 109 pilots as we shot the :filtered: out of 'em in the Battle of Britain. It's nothing serious franglais, honest. Gilbo,
  12. It's all gone very quiet all of a sudden!!! Anybody seen Jander and Star Rider lately????? Gilbo,
  13. Don't know if it's just the way I see things but can't say I've ever seen two people back-pedal so fast over a simple statement before. As Shakespeare once said "Methinks Thou protest TOO much". Gilbo, PS. When are these rooms gonna be available then???
  14. used your Link gwhiz1time205??? It takes you in a round about route back to Exec. Software site and the Inquisition. Information required by them to much to pay for a supposed freebie. But many thanks for your input mate. Gilbo Good Old England)
  15. Sorry to jump in on this thread Fans but I cannot find for the life of me Diskeeper Lite?? on any of the above stated sites??? Diskkeeper 7.0 for el casho and D/Keeper 30 day Try Me, Yes, but no Freebie lite!!!!! And even if you want to give the 30 dayer a go the Questionnaire is on a par with the Income Tax Office (IRS) is it me or do these people wish to know too much?? Icalled it a day when they wanted to know were my Uncle Harry was buried and had my Grandmother ever owned a Harley. Shed some light on us po' boys. Gilbo (Good Old England)
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