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  1. I have an old system that's been maxed out, but unfortunately it sports the 7 years obsolete "socket A", and there are no socket A processors which support the SSE2 instruction set. My goal with this thread is to compose a list of modern games that don't require the SSE2 instruction set to run. This is to say, even if a game requires 2GB RAM, an HD Radeon/8000 series GeForce card, or a 3GHz processor; and even if the game initially requires SSE2 but has a known fix which allows it to work on non-SSE2 systems, I'm looking for modern games that simply don't (necessarily) require the SSE2 instruc
  2. My system specs... AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 2GB DDR (@280MHz) Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 256MB ---------- Just copy and paste the following to your Crysis configuration file: sys_spec_Full 1 ;sys_spec_ObjectDetail 2 ;sys_spec_Shading 2 r_width 640 r_height 480 e_cbuffer 2 cl_hitBlur 0 cl_hitShake 0 r_MultiGPU 0 r_GeomInstancing 1 e_particles_thread 0 es_ondemandphysics 1 gpu_particle_physics 1 r_CullGeometryForLights 1 e_vegetation_static_instancing 0 e_recursion_occlusion_culling 1 e_hw_occlusion_culling_objects 1 e_hw_occlusion_culling_water 1
  3. Naturally, it's only using half the pixels. The idea is to have a seperate frame for the additional rendering, and in motion, the grain should disappear.
  4. The idea is that odd or even numbered pixels can be occluded from a rendered frame, and the second frame would compensate by inverting the occlusion. This should, in theory, double your rendering speed by rendering only half of the pixels for each frame, while maintaining full image quality. Here's an example of how a completed frame would appear. Does this seem viable to anyone? Discuss. EDIT: Make sure you view the image at it's full size, as it doesn't present an accurate depiction when scaled down.
  5. I'm puzzled by this comment. What is it about net neutrality you disapprove of?
  6. When you double click the drive, Windows searches for an executable file with which it would normally attempt to install whatever media is contained on the disc. I'm pretty sure Windows 7 is set to do this by default, so what you're experiencing seems normal. Just run the DVD by right clicking, or through whatever media app you use to play DVDs.
  7. Perhaps, but the idea is to start with a clean slate. Any such software can be re-enabled afterward.
  8. Click Start, click Run, and type msconfig to launch the system configuration utility. Click the startup tab, then click the Disable All button. Proceed when it prompts you to restart.
  9. It sounds like your green color gun is overheating. I would try opening the back of the monitor and spraying it inside and out with a can of compressed air (or an air compressor).
  10. The PC2700 RAM seems a bit below par with the rest of the system, but overall, it looks like an excellent deal!
  11. Strange, the Venice is among the coolest running CPUs available. It sounds like you've taken the right steps in keeping the temperature down, but the problem sounds like an inaccurate temperature reading.
  12. So you're about to turn 36 then? My girlfriend is an Aquarius, and a Snake in the chinese zodiac. Snakes and tigers are mortal enemies in the chinese zodiac, but geminis and aquarians work well together. I'm an ambidextrous gemini...so
  13. Very interesting read Drover, thanks!
  14. November 11th, eh? That's another one for the list! You're just passing the peak, so you still have a good bit of life to go before you can stop wondering that.
  15. This place is overrun with scorpios! Am I the only gemini?
  16. Seems like a pretty scary scenario, but unfortunately, this is true.
  17. The man attempted to grab something from the bag, and had there been something explosive inside of it, it would have been too risky to immobilize him by use of a taser. However, the bag could have been apprehended by other means, and I don't believe it was right to shoot prior to the discovery of whether or not the man actually posessed a firearm or explosive. It's a difficult matter to judge, but I don't think I approve. This matter is bound to flare up a good bit of controversy, although the majority seems pretty one-sided (myself being of the minority). Bomb scares are common, and a go
  18. Whoa Moon, I would never have guessed that. You seem wise beyond your years! I'm 19...born June 9th, 1986.
  19. I've never had any particular problems with either nVidia or ATI, and I will continue to support both as they both have a number of excellent cards!
  20. What do you have against nVidia? Every since my first nVidia card, my TNT-2 Vanta LT 8MB graphics card, I've had nothing but satisfactory performance from them, and I've never had a problem! I'm currectly using a 32MB TNT-2 Riva in one system, and a GeForce 6600 in my main system. As far as the Xbox-360 vs. the PS3, I'm in favor of the PS3, mainly because of it's game titles. The Nintendo Revolution may be a consideration also, but the Xbox-360 doesn't appeal to me at all. That's what I have my computer for...
  21. I'm using a standard 6600 through PCI-E, and it's exceeded all of my expectations! I wouldn't spend all that extra money for a GT, especially with AGP. I think a standard will serve your needs just fine!
  22. I love the reunion patch! Now if only they'd make a PS2/PS3 remake...
  23. Download the XP patch and the chocobo patch (you won't be able to get passed Corel Prison as XP crashes at the first chocobo race, so you need the patch). The game has issues with some video cards as well, so if you're running in hardware mode, look for a patch for your card as well.
  24. EDIT: At 16 now...I have no idea what to do. I've collected the passwords and URLs from the previous levels, but nothing makes sense.
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