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  1. I can bench about 175 lbs, but I've never been much for lifting weights. I already have an eight pack, (Yes, an eight pack...) and I take a 6 mile walk every day, so I don't really need to worry about getting into shape. I do need to improve my diet though...potato chips and ice cream just isn't doing my health any good!
  2. I saw an episode of The X-Files where the recovered a hard drive from a lap top. they said it contained 10 gigs of text information, and they searched through it overnight and found nothing useful. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it would take more than a night to manually search through 10 gigs of words and letters for something specific. What's more, the hard drive had no operating system.
  3. Erase a Hard Drive with a degauser? I think that would probably damage it. I had a hard drive fry on me becaue I had a giant speaker next to my computer. Not that I've ever damaged a computer!
  4. So they'll destroy a poor man's $2000 piece of equippment for taking a few cents from the rich? That's politics for you, damn #%^*!s. Now that I think about it, it's not even stealing if you weren't gonna pay for the CD in the first place. If I want a CD, I'll buy it, but if there comes a time that I want to listen to a song that I haven't heard in a long time, it saves time, money, and trouble to type and click then to go out and look for a CD that you don't even want, spend $15 for it, and not even listen to it but one time. The artists that aren't getting that extra few dollars from the guy who can't afford it are getting furious, but that guy has it alot worse. I don't see why that guy has any respect for those artists to begin with.
  5. Take the word of a satisfied Road Runner customer of three years, Road Runner is awesome! You pay about as much as you would pay for DSL, (Around the area of $40/month) and it's twice as fast with more bandwidth and better ping times. I've witnessed things unfathomable to DSL using Road Runner, such as downloading a 3MB mp3 in half a second! You've got to get it, it's awesome! Oh, and in the three years I've used Road Runner, they've never cheated me, and they haven't raised the price a single penny!
  6. I don't have a website. I'm too poor and lazy!
  7. That's hilarious! That's better than the time I saw a guy selling himself on e-bay!
  8. Now let's not give him any more dirty thoughts than he already has!
  9. The best thing that's happened to me is being born. Life within itself is the key aspect to happiness!
  10. First off, I like your new avatar! But on to the issue... I've lived in really trashy homes my whole life, but who's to say the parents should be blamed for that? That's my evil doing! If social services wanted to take me away (this is strictly hypothetical. Being 18 now, this wouldn't apply to me...) then I'd put up a fight. I've lived in trashy homes, I've been spanked and disciplined, and God forbid if my mom didn't smack me once or twice for putting my foot out of line when I was growing up, but if you met me, you'd see me to be a very friendly person who gets along with everyone who's willing to get along with me. And as for the unsanitary living environment, I'm a perfectly healthy person who hasn't gotten sick in eight years! Social services can cram it!
  11. I'm 5'2 or 5'3... tiny? If I'm not mistaken, you're 12 years old? That make's you about 3 inches taller then I was at that age, so that's not too short.
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