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  1. Old cs is out, Source is in....
  2. Ok, for one, gigabyte may be a good company, but ya, I have SIS, and i hate them , i should have been more specific there, i wish i had an intel chipset, because i dont think that intel accelerater thing works without an intel chipset... I will send you an email Lord death because you seem to know what types of things could be causing these issues. Yes, i have generic ram, the two sticks being two different companies (one is Apacer, and the other is Advance Modules) but i dont know, cause games arent locking up any more since ive underclocked my pc (currently my fsb is at 166 instead of
  3. Ok i restarted in safe mode, and then ran the trend micro virus scan, and it actually did finished, and reported no viruses, So why is it locking up in normal mode?? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks -Bryan
  4. Ok ill try the safe mode thing, and that online scan... what if it DOES work, then what does that mean is wrong? thanks -Bryan
  5. IF i am to go into safe mode, which online scanner CAN i use? Also i dont exactly know how to restart in safe mode with XP, if i can remember correctly, for windows 95 there was an option when u shut down ur comp to restart in safe mode,but i really dont know for xp...? thanks -Bryan
  6. It definalely has enough watts, its 450W, and i know that i have alot of extra crap but that is definately a good enough power supply, and all the voltages look fine all the time, so i really dont think its that either....i dunno guys... I do notice though, my computer has only one 8 cm fan at the back (not counting the 12 cm one in the PSU, as well as my Arctic VGA cooler) and after talking to a guy at school, telling him that ive just reinstalled windows and all, thinks its more likely a hardware issue (and more specifically a heating one) and thinks i should just add more cooling to fi
  7. Yes they gave me a recovery disk, that has XP on it, but it isnt actually an XP install, As in i couldnt buy a new mobo because my current one is tatooed or whatever so the disk will only work with this model. after the motherboard was fried my dad tested all my parts and everything else was fine so i dont think that is an issue. If it matters at all, it may not have been "fried", i was trying to run HL2 but as usual it was locking up, so one time i tried it, it went to a blue screen with no text, with the sound loop glitch thing, and when i restarted my comp, and from that moment on
  8. Ok, my computer is clean inside, yes i clean it often. IF by the operating cd you mean the OS disk, i bought some custom computer and it only comes with a disk to recover windows (apparently my mobo is "tatooed" so i cant use it to install the OS on another system) and not an OS disk. For one my internet cache only has a max of 80 mb, so where do i find this other 372 mb. I just ran a disk defragment before i did the pitstop test....i dont have very much stuff on my HD's...do i really have to do it twice to completely do it? Anything else???? please im desperate here.... thank
  9. Ok, I have had enough of this piece of crap, i am about ready to take this machine and throw it on the road and run over it many times with my car... Ive had the system for about a year. It worked ok until a few months ago. Games would always crash to desktop or lockup or something, but now that is the least of my worries. I dont even know whats wrong with the stupid thing, Sometimes when i try to boot it up, it sits ther, and doesnt go through now...IT started doing this last night. all the lights turn on, but it just sits there... But sometimes it will turn on, moreso than not.
  10. gord i dont quite know what u mean, my hl2 does install to that directory by default, and ive reinstalled countless times....can you explain what you mean?
  11. Man how the heck did you get it working???????????????????????? i cant figure it out, ive done so much....
  12. Bryan


    Anybody have any ideas? I installed it on the upstairs computer and i can play it for hours on end...
  13. Bryan


    Anybody have any ideas? I installed it on the upstairs computer and i can play it for hours on end...
  14. Bryan


    Ok, I downloaded the steam updates and it still locks up. I have Apacer and an unknown brand for my two ram sticks. I tried putting my dads video card (9700 pro) in my computer and tried it, but it still locked up after about 10-20 min. So we determined that it most likely isnt my vid card. We then updated my chipset drivers and my bios. After this, I tried playing it again and it worked for about an hour, but then still locked up. Yes, before we tried all of this other games would crash too, so im gonna try some other games now too to see if they crash. IF i were t
  15. Bryan


    Thanks But can anyone tell me whether this sounds like a software issue or a hardware one? And if you have any idea of what exactly could be causing it would be great too. Thanks again!
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