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  1. Works for me. Hey, I changed my flag to something more appropriate See here
  2. Spoken in a steady monotone voice with glazed, glassy eyes; "Join us, it is inevitable,you can not resist"
  3. My Country I just applied for UN membership also, hope I can get in in time to vote against the environmental bill currently on the floor.
  4. I could give a lengthy long winded speech on this, but all boils down to a simple NO.
  5. If your items list is that full, it wouldn't hurt to clear it out like I showed you, other wise you are likely to have the same thing happen again soon. It will empty that whole list and it will refill as you open more programs.
  6. Hi Julie, I think you are talking about the programs on the lower left hand side of the start menu. You can clear them out by opening your start menu then right click on the border of the start menu just above the start button, select properties, then customize, then click clear list. I wouldn't worry about the files and transfer wizard, you probablyopened that program once a long time ago and the icon was still on the list. This will allow you clear all the old icons off of that list and start anew. you can also customize your start menu from this window, so have fun with it.
  7. Thats odd, I guess thats why some people use their startup mangers. I guess you should use one the programs Hawk or bluescout posted then. I wonder, what is the version you have, mine is 6.5.1 maybe the problem is in older versions?
  8. You need a steering wheel puller, its like a gear puller, you could probably rent one at an autoparts store. No you shouldn't worry about springs popping out like in the cartoons.
  9. qttask is the quick time icon in the startup tray. I can't understand why it doesn't shut off, if you call up your task manager and toggle the system tray icon on and off on the screen I told you too, you can see it go on and off in the taskmanager. I don't understand why people have to disable qttask with their startup managers because all I have done is uncheck the box that says quick time system tray icon and I never have that process show up in my taskmanager.
  10. Spookywillow, one thing you may want to do is go to edit/preferences/quicktime preferences and on the browser plugin screen disable quick time in system tray icon. Otherwise this icon comes on at startup and uses some system resources.
  11. I have had QT for quite a while and have never had problems with it. Apple computer puts it out and I would think they would be concerned enough with their public relations that they wouldn't put garbage in it.
  12. Moon, you definitely have a way with headlines. I think that this is a great thing for the Iraqis, it certainly is a far cry from when Saddam's kid was in charge of the team.
  13. You never could trust a lawyer. My apologies to any lawyers among us.
  14. Better than Chiltons is see if your library has Chevy service manuals, I know our library system does. that way you know exactly how to do it.
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