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  1. If it is an .exe file and is in your system 32 folder which is where it is located in my system and it appears yours is also, it is a system file If it is a .dll file, which your above post seems to rule out, you are in trouble So run a couple of searches of your system, one looking for ctfmon.exe and another looking for ctfmon.dll. Make sure to put a check mark in the Search System folders, Search Hidden Files and Folders, and Search Subfolders boxes in the More Advanced Options section of the search box. I have XP Pro and Office XP but a search shows that the ctfmon.ex
  2. Have you tried installing and running the MaxBlast software that should have come with your new drive? If you haven't you may download the latest version here: http://www.maxtor.com/portal/site/Maxtor/m...s&downloadID=57 When you run it the first time it should recognize that your system is not configured right and correct it for you. If this does not work then we can worry about partitions or bios updates.
  3. Do you have a lot of music or picture folders on your computer? Do you set custom thumbnails to aid in identifying what is in your folders and are you tired of going into the folders properties and setting a customized thumbnail view for your folders whenever you reformat or change computers? I do, I am and I learned a simple little trick that gets rid of this hassle once and for all. It works with Windows XP for sure and maybe other versions of Windows as well (I never used an earlier version of Windows so I do not know for sure). The simple little trick I learned is that Windows looks fo
  4. Hi Stormy, Having used Nero 6 for quite some time and being quite happy with it, I shelled out a small fortune for Nero 7 when it first came out last fall and I have been one unhappy camper ever since. The software was flawed right out the box, it had a bug which caused nero burning rom to not open again after you opened nero express. You actually had to change a registry entry to get it to open again. They released an update after about a month which fixed that problem but I never was able to get the update function to work properly and have since given up on it and reinstalled Nero 6 in
  5. Hi cnmon, you don't have to create shortcuts to get IE to open maximized. The way kd5 explained should work. The only things I can think of that is preventing this from working for you is that you may have had other IE windows open when you pressed the close button or you used the maximize button when you resized the window. For this trick to work you must resize the window manually and the resized window must be the last IE window you close. Try this: Open IE then open a second window from a favorite. Close the original window so that only the IE window you opened from a favorite is o
  6. Open IE then open a second window from a favorite or a link. Close the original window so that only the IE window you opened from a favorite is open. Now resize that window by dragging it to the size you want, do not use the maximize button in the upper right-hand corner of the window. You must resize this window manually. Now go to the File menu in the upper left-hand corner, open it, go the the bottom of the list and choose Close. Now your IE windows should open in the new size you have chosen.
  7. If you ever doubt that SpywareGuard is working, just try changing your homepage in IE. It will pop up and ask you if you want to allow the change. SpywareGaurd is watching for things that try to take over certain parts of your computer and if you don't see it doing anything it means you are not being infected with the stuff it is protecting you from. The things Ad-aware is finding on your system are probably just MRU's (Most Recently Used) lists that Windows recreates every time you use the program that they relate to. These are not bugs, they are just index files Windows uses to keep
  8. This is my favorite phrase in a discussion, you don't like it my way, then leave your own country. I sat through this statement three or four times during this discussion and remained silent; no longer, this is America and the last time I looked it was still supposed to be the land of the free with liberty and justice for all. Statements like this are out of line. If someone doesn't like someone else's opinion then counter it with fact (or your own opinion) but do it respectfully or bite your tongue and bear with it because we are all entitled to our own opinion, this what freedom is all abo
  9. Just so we can stop beating this irrelevant "In God We Trust" issue to death, it was not placed on our money until 1864. The founding fathers did not put this on our money either, it was self serving individuals nearly a century after the country's founding that did this. http://www.treas.gov/education/fact-sheets...-we-trust.shtml As to the pledge and allowing children to make up their own minds, there is an old saying, "if you say something enough, people will start to believe it." By subjecting children to the "fact" that our nation is "under god" you are influencing their beliefs.
  10. Hi bo992000, Have your tried creating a folder of the same name in a different location, say in My Documents and then moving the new folder to the desktop to see if it will overwrite the damaged folder. Maybe it will repair the folder and allow you to delete it.
  11. I don't believe jackpot has a paid MSN account, that is where the trouble is coming from. The browser will not finish installing because jackpot does not have an account with MSN. Hotmail is a different deal. On your old computer, was the MSN software pre-installed?
  12. I belive you need to have an MSN account to use the browser, this is why it keeps asking for a credit card number.
  13. Open NIS then click on Personal Firewall --> Configure --> Programs tab. Now scroll down the list until you find Spybot S&D then highlight it and click remove, then yes. Then try running the update again, maybe Norton still you thinks you have version 1.3 installed and this is causing the problem.
  14. When you updated to 1.4, did you remove 1.3 first or did you install it over the top? Maybe you just have a corrupted file somewhere. Try re-downloading spybot, then uninstall spybot from your computer and then reinstall it using the new download. You said you had Norton's, do you have Norton Windoctor? If you do, run that and allow it to remove any bad registry entries it finds before you reinstall. If that doesn't clear up the problem, then it just may be that something has gotten under your security radar and is causing your problem.
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