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  1. Two words; one game. Supreme Commander. AI will actually act smarter when you upgrade to dual/quad core. In fact, if you want to play more than 1v1 with no lag, you pretty much have to have atleast a dual-core. It's a successor to a game I used to play back in the day, maybe 10 years ago, came out last month. Go check it out! Enough advertising...
  2. Doing it by percentages would convert it. In fact kind of like the "22% of similar systems" You'd just have categories for each piece of hardware, and the person would enter and whoever scored the highest in their similar systems would win the competition. Say if the pit actually told you a percentage when you broke 100%, instead of just saying "no similar systems", maybe say like 132%. Then you'd just compare, if a PII somehow scored 132% of similar, and the new Quadcore scored 113%, the PII would win . Since they'd be rated in their own categories, you wouldn't have to worry about
  3. OK, the jumper thing was a nogo. But, I did find out I was hitting tab at the wrong time. When I hit tab when it displays the drives, it brings me to a create array screen. I can't do anything there, i'm guessing because I only have one drive hooked up. But it clearly shows that there is a drive connected in the first SATA port. I couldn't figure out how to do the other thing, the boot order. I put the HDD first, but then it just doesn't do anything when I boot. I don't exactly know what he's talking about. I also tried hooking up my old HDD with windows on it, and then installing th
  4. Ok, sorry I was at work all day. The plugs on my mobo are Black. I can't hit + when the drives come up, it's part of the boot screen when it's telling me the drives it recognizes. When I hit tab, it just brings up a screen that I can only look at and gives me details of the drives and other things. It has a counter at the bottom left that restarts after that. Am I going to have to get another mobo? I knew I wasn't going crazy...I just have bad luck with things like this ALLEN-I read the forum you posted, going to try the jumper thing and the boot priority. Hopefully
  5. The only reason I was getting worried is because I've went through the BIOS screen several times, I open each category, then check each subcategory. I've spent a total of 14 hours searching through the net/trying to fix this thing in the last 2 days. I'm calm, just a little stretched out. I never figured installing a HDD would be this hard (of course it's easy now that I know somewhat what I'm doing...) Thanks for all of your help. I'm still lookin' for it, I've read the manual section "Configuring the Bios" but I still can't seem to find it. If anything pops up, let me know. Than
  6. I've got EVERYTHING else working. I've got the right SCSI drivers, the 378SATA. I'm trying to turn the thing on in my bios. You see the onboard promise controller with operating mode? I don't have that. It's not in my advanced settings. I'm so close... These are the only settings I have under advanced>>Onboard Configuration Onboard AC'97 Audio Enabled Onchip SATA Boot rom Enabled Onboard Lan Enabled Onboard lan Boot rom Disabled Serial Port1 address 3F8/IRQ4 Parallel Port address 378 Parallel Port
  7. You dload the file, unzip it, it brings up a program that unzips the files I listed to the floppy. I thin brought the floppy to my house, tried to use it, and tells me i'm missing the relevant files. Do I need to move the files around and put them in the winxp folder? Check my previous post to see what files came with it.
  8. OK So what does that mean? I can't use the drive?
  9. Ugh. I'm bout ready to just bring the HDD back, not sure if this is worth any of the trouble. I get the drivers, unzip them into A:/ on a floppy, put the floppy in my computer, f6, S, Tells me it can't find the textsetup.oem. I'm really just down about the whole thing. I've never had this much trouble with installing anything on a computer... Does anyone know whats wrong? I've got a unzipped file on the floppy disk. I checked it. I don't have a textsetup.oem, it didn't come with the unzipped files...
  10. I said Asus A8V in the topic, sorry didn't mention it again in the body. I think I found the driver I need, is this it?-- http://support.asus.com/download/download....SLanguage=en-us EDIT: Won't let me link directly to the page, it brings me to the "select your item" page, Select Motherboard, Socket 939, then A8V. Then click the + on raid and dload the "Make Promise RAID driver floppy for Windows 2000/XP/2003" Correct?
  11. Ugh I'm looking at the WD website but I can't find the drivers I need >.<
  12. I can't find SATA Rom, but there are several SATA things in the BIOS and all of them are on :/. If you can tell me what page of the manual it's on or how to do it, It'd be much appreciated.
  13. Finally got a Raptor for Christmas. IT's the SATA one, where it doesn't come with a ribbon cable but instead only holds the SATA cord. I unplugged my old HDD and took out the old IDE Ribbon, and hooked up my Raptor to SATA slot 1 and plugged the molex connector and SATA cable in. My computer says something like this Serial ATA 1: WDR(random numbers) Serial ATA 2: No HDD Detected So it's picking up the Raptor, but when I try to install windows, I come to the "hit enter to install windows" screen, and when I hit enter, it tells me it can't find a HDD. I've tried plugging into t
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