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  1. Water ain't that bad, even though I hate it... When my system leaked all over my gfx card mobo, the pc just shut down. i left it a few hours and it started up perfectly fine, no damage done. All I can say is steer clear of Asetek Waterchill parts! My cpu block leaked, the gpu black had a crack in it, the pump was damn loud and the temps were crappy. I RMA'd the system and then they told me they never recieved it. £180 gone and they won't accept responsibility!
  2. The FX60 is an awesome chip. The E6600 is a much better chip. Simple as that! AMD did own for a while, but now it's Intel's turn for a while Oh and a single 8800GTX is a better choice than SLI 7900's, it'll be faster in games.
  3. Looks like an awesome setup! Hope you have fun biulding it :beer:
  4. pgcrooks

    HALO3 Vid

    *drools* I loved Halo2... halo would be the only reason I bought an xbox!
  5. True, but the Wii Console price in the big list is in $, so that should be more accurate!
  6. If anyone is interested, here's some more articles on AMD: K8L in Detail AMD Roadmap AMD Tech Slides
  7. Yip, quick Google search shows 360 is losing $126 per console. However this is an estimate, the exact cost of each component wasn't known. As for the Wii, here in the UK it's on sale for $355 (£180) at the minute (HMV etc.) while it costs $238 to biuld. That's one hell of a profit... Here's a break down of the Retail/Cost for the accessories (in $): WII CONSOLE - 249.99 / 237.50 WII REMOTE CONTROL - 39.99 / 32.00 WII POINTS CARD - 24.99 / 17.00 WII CLASSIC CONTROLLER - 19.99 / 14.50 WII NUNCHUK CONTROLLER - 19.99 / 14.50 WII GPAK ORGANIZER&TRAVEL - 29.99 / 18.95 WII RAYMAN RAVING RABIDS - 49.99 / 41.2 WII THE LEGEND OF ZELDA:TW - 49.99 / 40.00 WII RED STEEL REVOLUTION - 49.99 / 41.22 The PS3 is losing something like $250 per console.. huge loss anyway.
  8. Little bump for me... 2448 That IE cache thing is annoying.. Hope they get it fixed soon Also :crash: at the low ATI score!!
  9. The only thing is Binary that there will be a winner between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, I can't see them both existing. Think of VHS/betamax etc. Of course, we could all end up with players that will play both (thinking of DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM etc...)
  10. Humm, interesting. I'll be waiting for AM2+ (or even AM3) before I upgrade though, only just got another s939 mobo
  11. Just a stock run, might OC this pig later 2325
  12. I'm pro PS3 atm... I think Blu-Ray will probably win over HD, just because it has more support at the minute. Of course, this could be complete crap and in a year it could all be different My friend plans to get one as soon as he can, so I'll be able to give an honest opinion then!
  13. Are you posting this because of the price of the drive?
  14. Argh I know so many people like that... had many arguments. Ok I'd say I know a fair bit about pc's but there's a hell of a lot (esp Ocing) that I don't have a clue about but these people bug me soo much. Last argument I had I believe was about RAID, he said it was slower than single I said it was faster. He then told me the speed of a hard drive is directly proportional to it's size WTH. Normally I just leave them alone and let them destroy the computers themsleves... Damn it was funny to watch Oh yeah funniest thing I was told in a conversation with a girl about Windows etc.. (don't ask, it was random!) and I said that I computer I was working on couldn't install Windows. She then turned round to me and told me I was an idiot and I should have installed Microsoft first!!
  15. HERE'S My current desktop. It's a big picture btw.. gonna change it to jpeg and upload it again asap
  16. Brandon you do realise that chkdsk is the same as the error checking program that you find when you right click on your hard drive in My Computer, right? Just looks different. Sorry btw jackpot, I only know disk defrag programs, not checking ones!
  17. Brandon you've got to realise not everyone thinks the same way you do. Personally I spent about $60 on my keyboard and I'm dead happy for it, much better than my crappy old $20 mouse/keyboard set.
  18. That sounds a hell of a lot like your saying it deletes stuff.. IMBILL he never said you needed the CD to run this patch, he only said that you would need the CD to replace the files that the command removes. IMBILL you should consider reading his posts before you reply to them.
  19. What's your budget? That's probably the most important factor of all lol
  20. It looks awesome... the keyboard has been doing the rounds on sites for at least a year now. If it was less than £100 and had the colour keys I'd buy one straight away, just for bragging rights!
  21. There's an acoustic version Where can I find that? Stereophonics - Devil
  22. Loving the parts I saw >> this << PSU and it looks pretty awesome, especially for the price it's selling at.
  23. Damn that's one hell of an OC IG... what's the highest it will bench at??
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